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antibiotics pharmacology||Sulfonamides mnemonics

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gastrointestinal drugs mnemonics

Hello guys today we will be discussing about sulfonamides give you some mnemonics how to remember sulfonamides so this is mc q questions from sulfonamides which have been often arcs in any competitive examination from mds so most of the questions in need are repeated the person of the questions you’ll find it it is repeated some way in a twisted mineral whatsoever

But most of the questions are repeated indeed so let us discuss about cellphone and mines like what kind of questions may come or in which type of pattern so that you can get an idea anyways so so lived in sulfonamides so lived in sulfonamide is sulfadiazine how are you going to remember this in examiner’s and because you have many things to remember there are

23 subjects or you might get mixed up so let’s see here you need to focus on the word dia dia which i have written in red color so all your tricks are to be playing with to be played with the words so here you can see this is a dia dia so di is something which to note which we do not have english word exactly this is originated from india so it is very english what

Specific in this world so dia you can see that the fire is very small when we lead a tr the fires are so small it looks very cute small fire so you can remember this as small short so sorry acting sulfonamides sulfadiazine whenever you see dia just remember okay it is sort of thing sulfonamides now we have intermediate acting sulfonamide how are you going to remember

This sulfur mid auxes ole what do you mean by mid mid sounds like middle so middle we say as mit you know shortcut way we used to say middle s mit so from this you can know that it is a medium acting track the drunk neither too fast little too long so from this you can remember this now in the long evenings are philomath you can since alpha mito i resign here also

Do is meet but remember that here comes what pyrrha so pyrrha sounds like para so you can remember this as paragraph so whenever in exams the house you do write a paragraph once pacific top topic you have to write a full paragraph you’re gonna write it the resort so paragraph is something long written in sentences okay now sulfasalazine what is the use of self as

Horizon this question is very often this is asked in need or any kind of examinations for him secures sulfasalazine here focus in the one a world first so fast fast good fast so whenever you are fasting or remember you are restraining from eating fruit what happened there is high chance of getting answered when you don’t need food when you skip your food time and

Again and you do not take your food on time specially for yeah visiting 4pg residents obviously if you’re working too much day and night you don’t need time to eat food on time because we have emergency duties on anything so there is a high chance of getting ulcer so for sulfasalazine just focus on the word fast then fast will come there is a chance of getting

Ulcer so when you fast obviously there’s no food in your body so how is the absorbs i’m going to take place obviously no food poor absorption so sulfasalazine drunk is the most poorly absorbed drunk and from this fast you can remember that this is also a useful alpharetta colitis okay here you need to remember one thing that sulfasalazine fast you cannot fast for

A long period of time obviously we humans you’ll either friend or you’re either going to die if you will fast for a very long period of time so in terms of chronic ulcer remember this listen to it very carefully sulfasalazine cannot be used for chronic answer for that will come to any more mnemonics in the next slide so for self fast alexander’s high chance of

Getting cancer alternative colitis and when you are not taking any food in the body how is the absorption going to place that press strongly so most poorly adsorbed resin in this way you can remember now for silver sulfadiazine here again you can see the dia d i already told you that small fire that idea which the indians we are indians during diwali will it so

Dr from deer you can remember something bond surfaces deer fire small fire from fire you can remember burnt surfaces so now what happened is what happens here is that remember did whenever there is something burned the color of ashes when it gets born ultimately this gray in color so silver is grain color dia you can remember burn and from silver the bone surfaces

Become grace the color of s is when you search in google you can see this green color so sinful syllable sulfadiazine then chronic ulcer will come in silver sulfadiazine we all know that silver it is a very it is a strong it does not get it does not get reacted with oxygen fast so silver it lasts for a very long period of time so it will be chrony for a long period

So chronicles we will come in terms of silver sulfadiazine that will come to sulfa at a might so what is the use of sulfides at mit here’s this kind of questions will come and you need examiner’s and see for example we use for ocular infections which among the following drug is used for a cooler infections and they may give you the option so always the answer is

Near you the only thing is that you might get confused so sulfur is termite how are you going to remember here focus on the word face i am highlighted in red in color so focus on the word face what what is the minimum peculiar infections obviously ocular it is related to eyes so where is the ice present in our body obviously face so sulfus termite is useful or

Cooler infections then we have sulfadiazine what are the uses of sulfadiazine so this is a little bit tricky and so i’ll just narrate you a story along with this so that you can remember this during examine is given in a free cup seconds so for this we have meningitis and toxoplasmosis here in meningitis just remembered meningitis what does it mean it is there

This was that are surrounding the brain in the spinal cord is inflammation of the tissues so meningitis when inflammation of the meninges so here removed what it is it is as inflammation obviously so let’s be positive let’s remove the inflammation out of the present so we are left with my name g so men in g let’s make it as men in girl okay so men in girl focus on

This so since the fall is quite near let me give you an example dear why would the d oscillate this dia was a way it was a way to welcome back rama and laxman since when raman looks when were in exile for fourteen years of exile it is a mythological metallurgical story this resides back today so when raman laxman and sita when they were in exile after 14 years of

Exile they were welcomed back home by the villagers at that time diaz will lead and they were fireworks and celebration with sweets and lights they were welcome back to my idea so men in curse what happens here is that rama and laxman were back to home and india was split so sulfadiazine diya men in girth and moses how can you remember obviously in olden times in

Those times deepavali was celebrated with lights and it was a festival of lights and sweets unlike this this during the power li this diya instead of licking deer just instead of just letting deer what people do there causing toxicity and plastics with crackers with any kinds of bombs causing pollutions so from the also plasmosis you can remember it in the modern

Diwali people are misusing diya causing too much of toxicity and plastic so sulfadiazine you can remember this from a small story you can see the deer being late and last method i this is a topical sulfonamides because us porpoise and pseudomonas usually sulfonamides are not a strong drug to be used for person pseudomonas but this never mind which is a topical

Agent they are useful persons you reminisce thank you guys for watching my video

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