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Anticoagulant Users Warfarin Apixaban Rivaroxaban Dabigatran Emergency Medical ID Alert Card Service

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If you take prescribed anticoagulants such as Warfarin, Apixaban, Rivaroxaban or Dabigatran (to name just a few) then you should definitely consider carrying one of our anticoagulant user’s emergency medical ID spotlight cards.

Hello thanks very much for joining me it’s lee cunningham here from uid me the uk’s number one emergency id and alert service so we’re here in the uid me workshop and we’re just going through some orders and quite a number of people recently i’ve ordered one of our 2018 hybrid id cards this one is we see that anticoagulant users it’s really important for anticoagulant

Users to carry some kind of emergency id to let a first responder or a paramedic or a member of a medical team know that that you know that they are taking anticoagulants whether that’s rivaroxaban dabigatran apixaban of a warfarin to let them know that you know they’re on my existing medication so that they can treat them effectively and efficiently in the best

Way and i wanted to mention our hybrid cards this new 2018 card for two reasons first thing is it’s really clear and simple it’s it’s a condition specific or medication specific you can see there on the front it’s got anticoagulants and we also do a warfarin version apixaban version and riverrock some rivaroxaban so whatever medication you’re taking but this one’s

More of a generic one it’s also guys but just hold that nearer to the camry you’ll see it’s got an actual id code on there now that’s your 12 digit uid me code which you register all your information against and it’s that cold that’s punched into the uid me portal in an emergency it’s really quick to do and all your information is presented on it any mobile device

So that smartphone tablet pc you know whatever and he comes up within seconds and that works everywhere in the world anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection it’s also that numbers also on the back of the card right at the top and also on the back is space for you to write in permanent pen you know your brief details so you name your address an

Emergency contact number medications and allergies and what-have-you there’s all that space there on the back so the reason why this is really cool is because it does three things at a glance it tells a first responder that you know you’re taking some kind of medication secondly you’ve got that written concise information on the back and then thirdly by entering

The uid you’re unique you are dme number into the you are dme portal all you medic all your medication allergies and extended information can come up in addition to that if you’re a platinum user on our system the system can also trigger emergency alerts that go immediately straight to your emergency contact phone so your loved ones your nearest and dearest you

Can get a message straight away to say that you are in trouble of some kind in addition to that the emergency sms text can also carry the contact details of the first responder that’s looking after you that’s treating you that’s taking care of you if of course they choose to share that information it’s really simple for them to do and they’re prompted as soon as

They put your 12 digit unique id into the ui dme system so it’s just a thought good idea if you’re carrying i’m sorry if you use anticoagulants on a regular basis to carry a you enemy card and as i said this one’s more generic he just says anticoagulants but equally if you visit the you a dme store we do the the other ones and more specific ones with a rock spun

Warfarin apixaban that kind of thing so thank you very much for tuning in i’ll see you next time and have a great day

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Anticoagulant Users Warfarin Apixaban Rivaroxaban Dabigatran Emergency Medical ID Alert Card Service By You ID Me