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Antidepressant Part 2

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This is the continuation of the first video. Watch the first video here at

Hey guys so welcome back so this is the second part of the video also power final part of the video for antidepressants so let’s move on to a monomania antidepressant another type of antidepressant known as the moment i cook oxidase inhibitor okay so one of my oxidase is basically mitochondrial and basically we have two types of monoamine oxidase that is a as

Well as a d so one of my oxidized eevee please they preferentially the motor metabolize zero tuning whereas a minus b they are preferentially met applies dopamine so the function of this monoamine oxidase is basically the activity of the mormon oxidase from degrading this monoamine neurotransmitters so examples i so car boxes i sorry else i succour boxes i yeah

Phenelzine try news travel cheaper mean less saline so as for the azĂșcar boxes i as well as a final time they are irreversible inhibitors after both monoamine oxidase ii as well as b and the effective for depression so another example is this silly see riesling is miami another example is this legend and silicon is basically selective inhibitor of monoamine

Oxidase b so it is has it has been shown introducing symptoms of the parkinson’s disease which resolves from the depression of the dopamine okay but then they are usually the last choice of treatment this is due to the high incidence of the dropped raucous also talk to food interaction so the side effects okay generally the side effects of the monoamine oxidase

Inhibitors okay basically monoamine oxidase are present in the car and they plays an important role in the breaking down of the moon of minds that that are ingested so problem arises when inhibited one of my oxidase can’t metabolize tyramine which is contained in food that is fermented so now the build up timing is taken up into the synaptic nerve terminals where

He like a selected column and releasing 18 so the release of large amount of catecholamines will eventually lead to hypertensive crisis and this hypertensive crisis will eventually need to stroke so patient must be educated to avoid this art i mean rich food whenever we are taking this amount of mine oxidase inhibitor so the final and it isn’t that i am going to

Talk about is nt atp antidepressant and we have a few tests but we are just going to talk about the three main types in this video so the first one that i’m going to talk about is okay but first of all i’m just going to talk about what is a typical antidepressants are the agents that act at several different sites and this doesn’t exactly fit into other classes that

I’ve mentioned like ssris and awry or anything else that i have mentioned in the previous slides and all so the first one that i’m going to talk about the simulator is appearance this is very important a typical 90% so milton’s applying is an effective receptor antagonist so by blocking that pre synaptic alpha 2 receptor milton spine increases no i pin fin as well

As zero turn in release they can also block the post and in pick 0 to 9 as well as he also has this anti semi activity so this explains why this edta effect and all then the next article anti-depression that we’re going to talk about is a treasured on a sort of concern on so an episode on the uptick of the serotonin they also block the postsynaptic serotonin 2a

Okay zero tune in to a receptor so this is a bad subtype of serotonin receptor as activation of this receptor can lead to the depression so the next function of this chosen and fs rose is they also antagonize this is a mean one and also one receptor which eventually icons for in sedative effects and final one that we’re going to talk about for this idea because 80%

Is de la serda so it is a partial co tuning agonist reuptake inhibitor so meaning it partially stimulates serotonin receptor and inhibit the reuptake of serotonin so that’s all for this video i think i have talked about all the important antidepressants so if you think i have missed or anything just comment and i’ll just put into the annotation of this video hey you guys

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Antidepressant Part 2 By Knight Lectures