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Antifungal use in Dentistry|Drugs use in Denture stomatitis|Denture stomatitis treatment|Nystatin

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This is the second video of antifungal drugs use in Dentistry part 2 Drugs use in Denture stomatitis

Assalamualaikum respected doctors welcome to my youtube channel in bbs and bds lectures uh today is the video number on our youtube channel is 446. and today our subject is the dental therapeutics which is very important for nle step 1 2 and also for every dental student and for every dentist and today our topic is anti-fungal drugs part 2 part 1 is already

Part 1 video is present on our youtube channel this is part two now uh today uh topic outline is uh denture stomatase like in first video in first part we study pseudo membranous and and our particular oral candida system now today is a denture stomata in digestive tract we will study first local wire second drug treatment now now today question is when

We use local mayor only and when we use both local and drugs now the answer of this question is that dentures dermatitis can be treated effectively by local mayor but we use drugs with local mild to reduce palatal inflammation before taking impression for new denture uh if we are taking impression for new denture then we use local mayor plus drugs now first

Local mass like already we studied in antibiotic series and part one in every disease first we go for local mayor then if not treated by local amer then go for truck now there are three local mayors number one brush pellet daily to treat the condition second local meyer in digital stomatase clean denture thoroughly by soaking in uh chlorhexidine mouthwash or

Sodium hypochlorite for 15 minutes twice daily i mean two times a day the third the third a local admirer is leave denture out of patient mouth differing treatment period to relax the mucosa to relax the tissue these are the local man now next important point is if denture themselves are identified as a contributing factor in digestives adjust the old denture

Are make new denture to avoid the problem now come to the drug treatment a patient is not treated uh do not show response to local matter then go for a drug treatment in drug treatment we give three types of prac number one is the fluconazole capsule 50 mg one capsule daily for seven days and uh second drug is the meconazole gel 24 mg per ml apply a pea size amount

To fitting surface of denture after meal or after foods four times daily now third efficient is contraindicated to fluconazole and micronutrient then we go for niacetine suspension and we give niceteen oral suspension 100 000 units uh per ml uh one ml after foods four time daily per seven days mainly we give drug treatment for 7 days now today part 2 is end

In anti-fungal drugs only one video is remaining mean part three then our anti-fungal series is complete now if you find this video helpful i like like the video and share this video with your friends if you new to my channel subscribe my channel by pressing the red subscribe button and also press the bell icon in order to receive my each new video notification

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Antifungal use in Dentistry|Drugs use in Denture stomatitis|Denture stomatitis treatment|Nystatin By MBBS and BDS lectures by Dr Alamdin