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Antihypertensive Pharmacology for high blood pressure hypertension

So peripherally acting alpha and energy blocker so this groups of drugs we used in the treatment of high blood pressure or bph bpa stand for binance prosthetic hypoplastia so most common drugs we use doxazosin processing or terrazin another drugs is called temple thermo losing the pitifully acting alpha adrenergic blocker like producing digestion how they work

This medication decreases sympathetic basal constriction by reducing the effect of nor epinephrine it peripheral nerve ending and resulting in basal dilation and decrease the blood pressure and this medication are used to maintain renal blood flow and also this medication are used to treat health attention and the common side and adverse effect they can cause

Hypotension or orthostatic hypertension they can cause palpitations which lead to the reflex stroke idea sodium and water retention edema weight gain and gastrointestinal upset means nausea diarrhea and vomiting also they can cause dizziness or dryness and dry mouth so easy way to remember them can cause hypo tension or they can cause palpitation which lead

To the tracheocardium and sodium and water retention when water retention edema developed when water retention and edema developed automatically body gain weight gastrointestinal upset is common like nausea vomiting and diarrhea patients have a drowsiness or dizziness and dry mouth and also nasal congestion so if our patients have this kind of side effect it

Is important to monitor so nursing implication particularly administer that those it is good to tell your patient admin the dose at the bedtime also monitor the blood pressure or assess for edema and educate to avoid operating heavy machineries or driving a car let me read it monitor the metal sign because it is can cause hypotension can cause tracheocardium

Publication monitor food and retention and edema instruct the client to change the position slowly because of postural and also instruct the client how to monitor blood pressure so they can manage by themselves and also instruct the client decrease the salt intake and instruct the client to avoid over-the-counter medication if they take doctor josem rajosin

Terajustin or temelo leucine what next next group of drugs is called centrally acting sympathetic or adrenergic blocker particularly we called alpha agonist so these groups of drugs decrease the effect of dopamine on the blood pressure the most common drugs we use clonidine or methyl dopa most commonly used they are alpha one blocker but alpha two blockers

Or alpha two receptor blockers are bulk certain low certain so these groups of drugs centrally acting sympathetic and stimulate alpha receptor in central nervous system to inhibit vasoconstriction thus reducing peripheral resistance and used to treat hypertension or contra indicated in impaired liver function so what are the side effects or adverse effects

The plunidine or methyl dopa have a common side effect postural hypotension impotency drowsiness and dry mouth so clonidine the drugs name here is clonidine other drugs we use and it is called close-up pin so close up in anti-psychotic but clonidine alpha agonist anti-hypertensive and next here is common side effect sodium and water retention as lycase alpha

One receptor blocker they also can sodium water retention if water retention lead to edema an easy way to remember these groups of drugs by d darwiness dizziness dry mouth right and hypotension as like as alpha receptor blocker they also cause high potential postural hypotension or bradycardia but alpha one receptor blocker toxodosin producing they can cause

Tracking idea and these groups of drugs as a adverse effect they can cause importance so if the patient is young adult it is good not to give and also depression so it is good to admit that dose at the bedtime and monitor the blood pressure and assess the edema but next it is important to monitor vital sign instruct the client not to discontinue medication

Because abrupt woodrow can cause severe rebound hypertension so it is good to stop slowly also important to monitor liver function and it is also important educate your patient to avoid driving avoid operating machineries after taking these groups of drugs

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