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Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) are a class of drugs indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and many other autoimmune disorders including systemic sclerosis, vasculitis, spondyloarthritis, inflammatory myositis, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and some types of ..

Hi friend my name is mohr deshmukh i’m from katy perry college of b pharmacy third year today in this video i will discuss about the anteromatite drug let’s start with the index of the chapter first is the introduction second is the rheumatoid arthritis third one is the anti-rheumatoid drug fourth is the classification of drug and last one is the role of the

Drugs first of all though discuss about the basic part that what is rudimentary arthritis rheumatoid arthritis it is an autoimmune disease it causes the destruction of joint it produces pgs responsible for the impla analgesia inflammation it is characterized by joint inflammation and destruction of articular cartilage next is the anti-rheumatoid drug these

Are the drugs which can suppress the rheumatoid process bring about a remission and disease progression but do not have non-specific anti-inflammatory or analgesic action they are usually in rheumatoid arthritis drug dmh dma rds or slow-acting anti-rheumatoid drug the oneness to benefit with the dmards takes a few months of regular treatment and replaced

The aquiba a few months after suggestion of therapy recently some biological agents have been added for resistant cases now let’s see the classification of anti-romantic drug first main class is disease modifier and telometric drug in which subclass is non-biological drug in which humans present for the example methotrexate second subclass is biological agent

In which t and f alpha inhibitor for the example it intercept second is the il one antagonist for the example and kinara second main class is adjuvant drug in which carticulates for the example of paid insulin and other let’s start with the seeds one by one class of the drug first is dma rds these are the agents that modify the progression of disease these

Are also known as slow acting anteromatic drug in this subclass is non-biological drug these are the small molecules drug these are also known as conventional synthetic dmrds these are classified in immunosuppression for the example methotrexate dihydrofluoridate reductase inhibitor has prominent immunosuppressant and inflammatory property act by inhibiting

Dihydrofluoride reductase leading to inhibition of cytokinin production second drug is sulphasalazine it is a compound of self papyridina and five amino salicylic acid exact anti-inflammatory activity it they bowl and in useful to ultra qualities and it suppressed the disease in significant number degree method arthritis patient mechanism it split off in colon

By bacterial action and get absorber inflammatory cell function and suppressor uses used with the methotrexate it rheumatoid arthritis used as second life drug usually in secondary bowel disease adverse effect neutrophilia hepatitis next drug is a chloroquine and hydrochlorokine these are anti-malaria drug found to induce the remission in up to 50 percent

Patient of rheumatoid arthritis but take three to six months their advantages is related to low toxicity but efficient is also low and bone erosion are preventing uses rheumatoid arthritis drugs have to be given for long period used in milder non hero disease uterine malaria etc adverse effect retentional damage coronary opacity last drug of non biological class

Is lifelinomide this immunomodulator eliminates the proliferation of stimulated lymphocytes in patient with the activity of rheumatoid arthritis luminomide is rapidly converted in the body to an activated metabolism which inhibits the dihydrotech dehydration pyrimidine synthetic inactivity divides cells adverse effect thrombocytopenia leukopenia the headache

Diarrhea not used in children and also pregnant women another subclass is biological agent these are recombinated protein or monocollector antibodies derived from living organism hence it called as biological ended agent these are classified into two class dnf alpha end inhibitor and other biologicals in this first is a tnf alpha inhibitor tnf alpha play important

Role in inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis by activating membrane bound receptor bond the form of t cells macrophage example is eternal sept following diagram shows the example of tnh alpha inhibitor first example is intraocift it is a recombinant fusion protein of dna preceptor and fc protein of human administered by 15 mg weekly ad two at injection site pain

Itching redeems swelling is occurs and just in from infection may be increased body immunologist in not clinical problem next class is il1 antagonist in the example anakinra it is a recombinant human il1 receptor antagonist clinically less effective than tnf inhibitor it has been used in cases we have failed one or more dmrds those 100 mg daily local reaction

And chest infection are the main adverse effect of the drug next is a corticosteroid drug it is the class of adjuvant drugs first it has a potent inflam and anti-inflammatory activity it can be inducted almost at any stage in rheumatoid arthritis along with first or second line drug it potent anti-inflammatory reaction required high dose for support of period

They are also used in intra-articular injection example is perennial peridone these all are the class of drug which are usually in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis i hope you understand that now we will stop here thank you

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