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Apps I Use For My Fibromyalgia | Lilia Fuller

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Hi! In this video I list all the apps I use to help me cope with my Fibromyalgia. Hope you enjoy!

Hi it’s a physics video i’m going we’re talking about apps that i use for my fibromyalgia um i use a lot of apps i mean because i’m very i’m someone it’s very organized and that’s very i don’t know just some things about me that i was developed to be organized so i’m going to tell you about a bunch of apps when i used it maybe you could help you and i’ll put the

All the names of the downbar so if you want to check those out i’ll be down there but um okay the first one is style book that’s one will basically i took picture of all my clothes and i have them all on my ipod and i go and everybody i plan on my outfit um cuz i dont in the morning i’m so rushed but yeah i find a nice cuz i go to look at the weather and then i see

Um like what the way i was going to be like holly how i’m going to feel because the weather and then i plan on my outfit yeah i find that app really really nice for that another app i use is called medi safe it’s a reminder take your meds so basically i have all of my meds i’d take in one place and they all have like a certain time that goes off of what of what

I’m just taking win and so it’s really nice to have that because then i don’t forget or i don’t really want to just take win and also want to go to the doctor like i’m just like pull open that up and just go though these are all the meds i’m taking this is a mouth this you know it’s really nice you can also share with your doctor it’s like when you took it and like

How much and all that and so i find that really cool um the next step that i use is called mind shift it’s more of an anxiety one because i really really bad anxiety but it’s really cool item and they have several features it has it basically a bunch of facts out anxiety like what it is it has a place where you can like um avoid like just stuff it talks you through

Calming down like has breathing exercises and that it’s like my like like this want this visualization all right visualization um was the thing sorry i just had a brain part a personalization i said that work oh ok give yourself up how many times invisible visible of whatever that word is but um yeah that and like i hoped you liked magic you’re somewhere else and

It really helps my anxiety so yeah if you have an anxiety i really recommend it another app i use is fitbit i have a fitbit my visit flex and i find it really really motivates me um i have a sighted my goal for the day to take six thousand steps and every time look i’ve once i’ve hit that a week in a row i up at another 500 and it really helps me stay motivated

And it helps me see um how like how much i’m active and it encouraged you to be more active um and also i’m up against my mom my sister and so that also motivates me to get moving which is something with fire rods that you really need to do also it tracks your sleep i find that really cool like it didn’t like tracks your sleep eye movement so if you sleep is it on

Um and then it like told you like when you’re removing a lot when you weren’t and so it’s really an eye-opener for like how much i sleep and like i got them today i can move i feel well i’m so exhausted i only got an hour of sleep last night but yeah um another app i use is pacifica that app is another kind of motivation app but it’s also kind of like a diary as

Well it um i asked like a certain time of the day how are you feeling and then let it go and i write down like kind of my symptoms like how i’m feeling i finally cool also it has a little um icon it was like a heart and you like fill it up it’s like a little hard and cute me fill it up was like so i i have like did i take my medication die shower then i go outside

Did i do hobbies where i was smooth out with friends how long did i sleep like like stuff like that and then like if you get like overall you’re supposed to do it fills the heart up all the way and i mean don’t only got a prize or anything but i just think it’s cool i see the heart all filled up and yeah um brother app i use is the calendar app um once again i’m

Someone is so so so just like planning person that made no sense but um yeah i have a planner like a book planner and i also have it on my ipod and so that i share it with my mom my sister and then i’m see like one appointments are and like stuff like that but yeah another app i use is through mind app on ipod um i use it for like reminders so if i need to remember

To do something like my mom would have lost me my nature to this and so i put it in my ipod and then it reminds me of a certain time and a reminder um sorry this is a very long video hi

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