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Are Niacin and Crestor a Bad Combination

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Good to see you brendan crestor insert advises not to use with nicotinic acid as it can cause serious side effects what effects my a1c has gone from five two to five six since using both niacin 500 and crest store five milligrams alternate days great question brendan and here’s the issue both of those nicotinic acid by the way for those of you that don’t know

Is nice and crestor most of you should know that that’s a statin so both statins and niacins have a side effect of increasing insulin resistance and that’s typical what you’ve just described there brendan now a lot of people say well therefore i don’t want to take a statin or i don’t want to take niacin i don’t recommend people take statin or niacin unless they

Really need it now when do i recommend a statin if you have plaque if your body has already formed plaque in the artery wall at that point it’s really clear your body’s struggling it’s making plaque and it’s now at risk for heart attack and stroke when do i recommend niacin i’ve got over a dozen videos on niacin niacin’s a big debate there’s several issues with

It i remember taking my first trials of niacin back in my 40s and i was in church one day and i had taken the niacin a couple hours beforehand i felt like somebody was scalping me just taking my whole scalp and that’s what happens niacin has a reputation for causing flushing it does that due to a thing called a prostaglandin here’s what happened at that point in

Time and it still does niacin has a great reputation for doing several very positive things we’ve talked about the insulin resistance we’ve talked about the flushing but here’s what we didn’t talk about niacin is the only thing that increases hdl decreases ldl decreases triglycerides decrease lp little a there’s very positive things that come out of it now other

Folks would say and a lot of docs feel like oh no that was disproven here’s how and why that was disproven there was a trial called the hps2 thrive trial i think that was the one that may have been another one but they put laproprion i think it was pfizer that did this put lapropriant in niacin now why would they do that the proprion stops that flushing that you

Get with niacin what they found was niacin didn’t work at that point in that trial so they threw the baby out with the bathwater if you know what i mean if you’re from the deep south like i am the phrase throwing the baby out with the bathwater means basically you know you made some changes you maybe got rid of some bad stuff but you got rid of the good stuff as

Well and that’s exactly what happens with laproprion the chemical additives to quote non-flush niacin tend to also make nice and where it doesn’t work so there are some ways to get niacin there are a couple of supplements that i’ve used rugby brand niacin and enduracin my patients have tolerated endurance and far better now again the final thing that we haven’t

Talked about with niacin is it can also cause liver damage so you get a lot of good things from it there’s a lot of stuff on the internet about it but just like anything else don’t take it if you don’t need it you

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Are Niacin and Crestor a Bad Combination By Ford Brewer MD MPH