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What’s good right fam retailing one to one here back at it again with another video uh but today i have some unfortunate news so as you guys seen i posted a review of these ori menthol tens i’m super excited because i used to own these shoes and i finally got a pair and found a seller and uh everything was just a little sketchy because the seller didn’t have

A site or instagram we just had a whatsapp account and i was gonna let everyone know the word of cop links um because cal got banned so i was waiting um but before you could even do that um i still have an airbag from the seller number one but um i put out some videos with the reviews and showing these sneakers off and on tick tock it went really um a lot of

Views basically and then the next thing you know the video is gone and i get a ban on the tick tock um i didn’t know why and then the next day i look at my email and i got an email and uh basically there was someone i believe it might be the person who made these shoes or their team um i believe they were contacting me to tell me basically to not promote

These shoes um because of all the history behind them and uh like i said in the review the snides sb channel he put out um a video and he never gave anyone the word of cop links um he said because it was reps of reps and just didn’t want to do it but uh i think we have a bigger problem here is because there’s the lawsuit going around or what’s going around

And still is that already um you know people aren’t supposed to have these pairs of shoes and uh he can’t legally own them and he’s supposed to get rid of and burn every single pair so now that there’s reps coming out no one knows what’s the reps or the old ones and um yeah just i think it would just cause him a lot of problems and morally i cannot get out that

Word coupling and i don’t have one anything because the cylinder never got back to me so um because of the situation and everything i just have to be super careful you know he said it was all right you know you got the pair ready i wanna enjoy it but um i’m sorry i can’t share that with you guys um i was definitely very excited and you guys were very excited um

Things were going crazy on reddit asking for for these but uh yeah i’m really sorry this is the one sneaker that i just can’t do that on um anymore i gotta respect you know ari and him and don’t don’t want getting don’t want to get him in any more trolls you know um i’m surprised that the video did what it did because it just shot up so quick quicker than any

Other of my videos on tech talk um i guess that got their attention um got a lot of people’s attention because i was getting even more emails and more dms and stuff but um yeah so i i don’t want to get banned for anything i don’t know anyone getting in any legal troubles so just hold on to these do my thing sorry i can’t share it with you guys but i’ll be

Back with some new video sneakers so definitely stay tuned thank you guys for supporting everything peace

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ARI MENTHOL 10's – I WAS BANNED!!!!! 🙁 By REPtilian121