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Arlene Kato Frees Herself from Grave’s Disease, Heart Palpitations, Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety…

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Arlene Kato is now free from:

My name is arlene kaat oh i am 54 years old and i live in san francisco and today is my one year anniversary of seeing dr. elia skolnick ah it has been a year of huge change for me because i was diagnosed with graves disease two years ago and i had been through some severe emotional challenges with anxiety heart palpitations that would come so many times during

The day i was freezing cold or i was burning hot i couldn’t sleep at night i was having panic attacks i was crying i could not tolerate any strong smells perfume smells chemical smells and actually sometimes they weren’t even strong they were just a little bit more obvious to me than most people but that little bit of obvious meant that i was running out of the

Room crying because i felt like i couldn’t breathe so during before i came to see dr. aleeah i was seeing my western doctor and they they said well you just have to be on some western medication to level out your thyroid so they prescribed me methimazole which was so harsh i was throwing up and i was nauseous for the first week and a half and falling asleep i was

Prescribed pannalal which is a beta blocker to to quiet down my nervous system unfortunately that also had severe side effects because it messed with my mind my mental health some of those side effects included suicidal thoughts which let me tell you when they put that on the prescription it does happen and so i wanted to get off of that and getting off of it was you

Know even though i was on such a small dose for the average person i am such a tiny tiny sensitive in terms of body mass that even getting off of it after a few weeks was was extremely taxing on my body i was also prescribed progesterone too without my hormones which actually caused my body to react even more adversely so all of those things were happening when

I came to see dr. illya and through his consultation because we did homeopathy natural medicine nutrition kinesiology chiropractic work he was able to assess everything that was happening on a deeper level with my body one of which was a candida problem which meant that i was eating the wrong types of food to balance my system i was eating healthy i was eating all

Organic free-range everything was was pretty much cooked at home but i was eating too much of the wrong foods which put my body my body’s immune system at high alert i was not able to walk up hills i mean there was a day when i couldn’t walk half a block up a hill i thought i was having a heart attack so i had to call my boyfriend to pick me up and this was just

On the other side of our house i was crying at work i was having heart palpitations at work whenever something stressful would happen i’d have an anxiety attack i was so fatigued that i couldn’t actually execute my job because i was meant to be on my feet at public events so i’d have to go hide in a coat-check room or the bathroom are down the hallway to lay down

To have peace and quiet to actually be able to function i was actually seriously considering going on disability because i could not be around all the the noise and the smells of people and the excitement and the stimulation because my body was under such duress i hated going out because it meant that i was going to be around more of that more of that stimulation

And i you know couldn’t couldn’t go jogging i definitely couldn’t go bike riding i couldn’t go hiking and i couldn’t go surfing so those are all the things that i love to do i couldn’t even do yoga because i got too hot and then i got so basically i was not functioning at all so now here we are a year later after massively overhauled overhauling what i eat drinking

The right kind of water avoiding all sorts of not chemicals but perfume additives even even though they would be natural oil essences in my hair care products and my beauty products changing the environment that i work in all of those things now are natural to me like i don’t have to think about them i know what’s good for my body and so now i can go walking i can

Walk up hills i can go on a bike ride i can go surfing i’m still doing incremental steps to to extend my activity times but i can tolerate heat and cold much better than i used to i can go to work i can function i can have a meeting and talk about stressful situations and not run out of the room like freaking out everything is so much better and it’s all because

Of dr. elia and you know even on an emotional level the the holistic type of healing modalities that he has here helped me kind of jump through or work through all of those challenges that i had from family to relationships to social situations things that were stuck in my body that were causing my body stress on a deeper level hidden hidden beneath everything

That all came out as part of the healing so all i can say is that this has been the best experience ever and i am so thankful for dr. elia i recommend you know all of my friends and people that i work with i can’t say enough about dr. illya so thank you dr. illya and happy anniversary

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Arlene Kato Frees Herself from Grave's Disease, Heart Palpitations, Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety… By Triad Of Health Family Healing Center