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As nuclea. threat grows, Kyiv starts handing out Potassium Iodi..

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Matthew 24 vs 6-7

Good afternoon family you might hear a little noise in the background i’m at my daughter’s today’s her birthday and we’re getting ready um after a little puppy wakes up from his nap um we’re getting ready to go out for her birthday lunch john 3 16 says for god so loved the world that he gives only begotten son here’s the key word for he who believeth in him that

We were dead yet shall he live that is the key word believe perfect example is the thief on the cross jesus remember me when you enter your kingdom thirdly i say to you today you’ll be on me in paradise that is the key word belief doesn’t give us a green card to sin because when you truly want to live for christ the only sprint dwells in you he got you a lead

You to righteousness do we stumble yes we were born into sin but the difference between us and those that are not saved is we don’t want to hurt jesus like that we don’t purposely go out to sin the world is on the brink of nuclear annihilation we literally could be raptured any day and just like in the days of noah how many people were saved in the days of noah

Was it eight not many noah just like we’re warning the world no one was saying there’s going to be a big flood coming they laughed at him they mocked at him they scoffed him they didn’t pay attention that it’s never rained when you’re telling us there’s going to be a flood wasn’t so funny when the flood came was it just like in the days of noah you know there’s

Only so much we can do people are either going to listen or they’re not god’s either blessed us with our eyes being open or your eyes are closed but the events that are going on the world is nothing to fear because we’re going home hang in there family world meeting at the brownie table you know it’s all we can do is just plant the seeds and just um hope that

More people in the world except jesus the sword and savior he’s the only way to god the father live for christ because you know what when it comes down to us to it all these politicians are in the world that say vote for me do you think they’re going to let you and your family go in those bomb shelters no putin apparently is already getting his family in the bomb

Shelters i don’t know if he has yet but um he’s about to um but you know who loves you jesus christ that’s who we put our faith and trust in not any of these world leaders this is about created power and control and and you don’t want to pray your faith and trust in people like that so um the state of kiev this is now the end begins it’s handing out potassium

And i’m speaking code you know what i owe you know what dying medicine as nuclear threat from putin and russia grows more desperate and quite real the city of kiev has started handing out these potassium mine done you know what’s to evacuation centers in preparation for a possible russian nuclear strike the ukrainian capital russia has been doing poorly since

This war started with ukraine so poorly in fact that one might be tempted to think putin has taken a dive in zillow why would he do that one reason might be because he’s really trying to bathe the united states and nato into it the us has a foot and a half in already shouldn’t take too much to seal the deal another reason might be because he’s just looking for an

Excuse to launch nuclear weapons sounds crazy so crazy that the ukrainian city of kiev at this moment right now as we speak is handing out potassium iodine you know what’s to the cities in the anticipation they’ll soon be living in bomb shelters you know it’s really sad to see what’s going on in the world and what’s even sadder is that so many people are clueless

We’re the crazy ones we’re the religious fanatics they thought the same thing of disciples they thought the same thing of our messiah jesus christ noah we’re all great we’re in a great company you know james 4 verse 1 and 2. from once come wars and fighting among you they not hence even of your lusts that were in your members you lust and have not you kill and

Desire to have and cannot obtain ye fight and war yet ye have not because ye ask not maybe this whole thing will fizzle out i no i see it this ain’t gonna fill us up no this is what the article says as we discovered that putin has dementia or end stage i’m not going to say that because they may give me a strike but you’ll see it on here um each claims of things

That putin has i i can’t say that he has any of this but this is just what the article says um or we might find um and this is that to anything that is not off the wall and saying well we just might find out that putin is local like a fox and this whole thing was conceived to create a much larger military situation this is not biblical it’s all biblical time

Will tell meanwhile they are stocking up on these potassium iodine you know once in ukraine just in case so from the daily mail in the uk these potassium you know what’s can help block the okay i’m not going to read that because they might give me a strike too but it explains how they work so um you know sometimes i feel like i’m in a charlie brown episode i mean

It’s the censorship is crazy you know you got people in here they’re pretending to be me and pretending to be watching 65 brother chad um sister chelsea and so many others and getting away with it but then we preached uh well preached let me rephrase that we um women are not supposed to um do that so um we share the gospel of the lord of our lord and savior jesus

Christ speak about world events and we got to be careful we’re going to get a strike i mean it’s just that’s the work we live in today and it’s it’s it’s sickening and it’s really sad um so yeah i’m gonna have to leave that whole part out there putin has said that he would use all means at our disposal to win the war while his ground forces humiliatingly retreat

From a ukrainian counter-attack russian troops have suffered heavy losses and are being pushed back in several regions fears are growing that putin will resort to using a devastating nuclear strike to be ukrainian submission as ground troops continued to suffer defeats this thing about putin he’s former kgb and he doesn’t want him out looking like a punk and um

He knows exactly what he’s doing this is not over by a long shot that’s why we put our faith and trust in jesus christ not any of these world leaders definitely not biden not trump too many people and i’m not knocking trump but we we put our faith and trust in jesus christ and jesus christ alone in our heavenly father to me it’s how should i word it it’s um

We got to be really careful there’s too many people that are putting their faith and trust in trump trump in 2024 trump trump jesus jesus not trump jesus we need to put our faith and trust in jesus not trump there will never be peace in this world until after the tribulation there is a pre-trib rapture of revelation 3 verse 10 is a mic drop moment and there’s

Been more and more comments that um there’s no pre-trip rapture we’re gonna have to go through the tribulation does it make any sense that we’re going to meet the lord in the air and grab a horse and come back down revelation 3 verse 10 clearly says that there’s an hour trial coming to try all the inhabitants of the world but we will be kept from that that’s

The rapture and it’s coming a lot sooner than people think the article goes on to say that nato war warning claimed the k-329 belgrade submarine which only entered active service with russia’s navy in july of 22. may be headed to the currency to test the field beside an underwater nuclear dome poseidon is said to be capable of traveling huge distances underwater

Before detonating with enough force to trigger a wow 1 600 feet nuclear tsunami designed to drown and eradicate coastal cities so putin on september 21st ordered russia’s first mobilization of military reservists since world war ii to put more troops on the battlefield and back to plan to annex sweats of ukraine warning the west he was not bluffing when he said

He’d be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend russia i’m bluffing man he’s not bluffing russia is the world’s biggest nuclear power based on the number of nuclear warheads it has 5977. warheads while us here in the united states have 5428 wow no all hail’s about to break loose in this world family which means that the restrainer the church has to be removed we

Have to be removed because this world leader is going to bring calm out of chaos and the world is going to marvel over him he’s going to be so charismatic and seemingly sweet and nice people are going to look at him and go there’s no way this guy is the antichrist but he is it will be a false peace and three years into the tribulation he will unleash how like the

World’s never seen this day’s coming a lot closer than people think and most of the world is ignoring it ignoring the big neon sign that god has in the sky how do you get saved how do you make sure that you don’t get left behind for what’s going to happen in this world you accept jesus christ as lord and savior you ask him to come into your heart he will wash your

Sins clean you put your faith and trust in him not any of these guys so um i will leave the link in the description box i’m sure i’ll be back on later um and thank you for the happy birthday wishes from my little girl and um hang in there guys hang in there we’re going home soon god bless and i hope you have a wonderful day

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As nuclea. threat grows, Kyiv starts handing out Potassium Iodi.. By SisterInChrist