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ASCORBIC ACID – 100% Effective Vitamin C Serum (You Should Know About These)

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Sharing with you the best ascorbic acid serums. Pure form vitamin C products which will be perfect addition to your anti-ageing skincare routine. The best vitamin C serums for quick results.

Hey guys and welcome back to mad about skin for today’s video i put on my brightest yellow jumper which can mean only one thing we are talking vitamin c now here on the channel i’m always fangirling over vitamin c derivatives i feel they add maximum glow to my skincare game with minimum risk of sensitivity and irritation however you guys in the comments are always

Saying okay we get it the vitamin c derivatives are amazing but what about the pure form of ascorbic and l-ascorbic acid options actually when it comes to vitamin c there have been decades of studies showing how effective ascorbic and l-ascorbic acid can be when it comes to fighting hyperpigmentation dark spots and discoloration and preventing aging in the skin

So in today’s video i’m sharing with you my five favorite ascorbic acid serums that are going to deliver you maximum radiance with some added benefits to boot i want you to sit back relax as we talk the best vitamin c now before we get into this it’s always worth remembering when it comes to choosing a vitamin c for your own skincare routine the very best products

Are the ones that match your skin type your budget and your individual skins needs this led me to reach for vitamin c derivatives i find my skin just tolerates a little bit better with minimal irritation and i captured some of my favorite vitamin c derivatives in a recent video which i’ll link up there however i know so many of you guys out there swear by your

Ascorbic and l-ascorbic acid products and in truth they work that a little bit quicker and can deliver some fantastic fantastic benefits that’s kind of the purpose of today’s video so i can complete the circle and share with you my favorite pure form vitamin c serums before we get into it i would love to know whether you’re a derivative fan girl or you swear by

Your ascorbic and l-ascorbic acids sound off in the comments section below and also you know leave me the names of any of our favorite vitamin c serums because your recommendations do really shape the future products that i try on the channel hopefully if you’re as big a fan of a good glow up a little yellow and some vitamin c in your life you’ll also gently caress

That like button it’s a great way to support me and the channel and honestly from the bottom of my heart i love you all so so much now without further ado shall we cut the waffle and talk pure form vitamin c now when you’re looking for a good ascorbic or l-ascorbic acid serum there’s a couple of things to look out for first and foremost packaging is key ascorbic

And l-ascorbic acid does tend to oxidize quite quickly so by reaching for something in an airless pump or that’s made super fresh just for you that’s kind of the best way of minimizing any risk of oxidation meaning you get a longer lifespan out of the product you choose also ascorbic and l-ascorbic acid can be a little bit drying to the skin that’s why i’d always

Look for formulation that has some other hydrators and humectants alongside that vitamin c just to minimize the risk of this particular side effect vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant but it’s not the only antioxidant on the market and i would say when you’re shopping for your vitamin c look for an ascorbic acid that’s used alongside another antioxidant such as

Reservoir troll fluoric acid q10 because i find a this doubles down on the antioxidant benefit but those antioxidants can also prevent oxidation with the vitamin c the ascorbic acid itself again just extending the lifespan of the product meaning you’re getting maximum efficacy from the product that you reach for these are like my top tips alongside keeping your

Vitamin c in the fridge which again i just think is a good standard practice and habit to get into to again minimize the risk of any oxidation and extend that lifespan if you’re still a little confused as to how to use your vitamin c i covered this in a separate video which i’ll link up there definitely want to watch after this video to make sure that whatever

Product you choose you’re incorporating it correcting your skincare routine to get maximum benefits minimum side effects and irritation now i want to start these recommendations with what i call like the two best all-round ascorbic acid serums you know fantastic packaging great price point beautiful formulation the first one up is this this is the sea glow by geek

And gorgeous i think for those of you that watch this channel frequently you probably knew this one was coming i just don’t think it gets better than this in the ascorbic acid market and there’s a couple of reasons why first and foremost whilst it’s in a dropper bottle rather than an airtight pump that doesn’t really matter because this is made fresh in different

Batches every single week so when it’s shipped to you it’s as fresh as it can get and it hasn’t been sat around on a dusty warehouse shelf oxidizing before it reaches you this means you’re getting it in maximum efficacy tip top condition you keep this in the fridge and you’ll get a good three to five month lifespan out of it which is pretty good when it comes to

Pure form vitamin c’s it’s also formulated with some antioxidants alongside that vitamin c which again is another thing i said was a key thing to look out for and it’s got some really nice hydrating properties as well it kind of hits every mark that you want when it comes to a pure form vitamin c and the price point is super super affordable if i was to give up my

Derivatives and moved to an ascorbic acid this is hands down the one that i would reach for 15 concentration is kind of the right sweet spot where you’ll get really great results but it shouldn’t be too irritating on most skin types and just a great all-round product now geek and gorgeous which i’ve linked in the description box below as i will for all the products

Mentioned in today’s video if you do want to check them out can be a little bit pricey when it comes to shipping costs to the us and canada i know a lot of people say they want to try this product but the shipping cost is just a little bit prohibitive well don’t worry because there’s a great like dupe for the north american market timeless vitamin c 20 serum this

I think is one of the viral vitamin c’s going around at the moment and for good reason again you’ve got an airless pump here which is fantastic in terms of that packaging and keeping it fresh you’ve also got a 20 concentration of ascorbic acid slightly stronger than the geek and gorgeous but again it shouldn’t create too much sensitivity and irritation so these

Two are honestly just fantastic all round serums when it comes to ascorbic and ascorbic acids and will deliver fantastic benefit for your skin care routine the timeless one does also come in a 10 concentration which i think is nice i’m all about consumer choice and i think the 10 would be great if you’ve got any pre-existing sensitivity to the skin maybe dial it

Back a little bit go for the 10 rather than 20 you’ll still get great results but you’ll do so with fewer side effects or potential irritation now let’s come on to my favorite ascorbic acid at the drugstore so both i’d say timeless and geek and gorgeous are fairly affordable when it comes to their price point but a true drugstore hero is the q a vitamin c serum

This stunning it’s got a relatively low concentration of ascorbic acid but you’ll still get a powerful result from it it now comes in a pump which again like i said that packaging is really key when it comes to vitamin c i love that they’ve listened to that feedback and taken it from a dropper bottle to a pump which is now of all retail stores i love this because

The price point eight pounds here in the uk so you’ll get this for around the 12 or 13 this so so good because it combines very few ingredients but the ones that they have in there are antioxidants calming and soothing botanicals and they’ve also got a really nice level of hydration to them as well so i feel from this product you’ll get a really great fix of that

Pure form vitamin c but you won’t get too much dryness that you can associate with ascorbic acid and some nice calming and soothing ingredients too the concentration of this is seven and a half percent so again you need to keep that in mind you might take a little bit longer to see those results but because of that fantastic price point i definitely think this is a

Wonderful investment and one that i would recommend time and time again now let’s talk sensitive skin i know there’s so many people out there with pre-existing sensitivity to their skin that say okay i can never reach for an ascorbic or an l-ascorbic acid because the risk of increasing redness peeling and irritation is just too great that can absolutely be the case

And which is why i say if you’ve got very sensitive skin maybe a vitamin c derivative might just work better for you however you don’t have to give up on ascorbic acid completely you just have to find a product that contains it with some other ingredients to balance off any risk of sensitivity and the one that i would always recommend is this this is the stratix

C plus c serum i love strati it’s such a fantastic fantastic brand comes in an airtight pump which again absolutely fantastic for that storage and the reason i say this is great option for people with sensitive skin is it has a low concentration of ascorbic acid but it dials up the results that you’re going to get by using it alongside a vitamin c derivative this

Is like the best of both worlds and having used this and trying to also my friends with more sensitive skin they said they got zero prickling redness and irritation but after a couple of uses you already start to see that glow up that radiance and it also provides some great antioxidant benefit to boot this is a fantastic fantastic ascorbic acid for anybody out

There that does have pre-existing sensitivity to their skin and doesn’t want anything that’s too potent or could deliver any redness or prickling this a fantastic option and strata knocked it out the park now for those of you that have dry skin what’s the best vitamin c serum for dry skin i would recommend the bioma brightening serum this is a relatively new brand

But honestly the formulations are stunning let me know in the comments section below if you’d like a full like biome brand review because i’d be quite happy to film it this is a fantastic product for people that have pre-existing dryness to their skin because it’s packed full of hydrators and humectants so in here you’ve got ascorbic acid in a really good concentration

To deliver meaningful results but alongside that you also have ceramides which nourish and boost the barrier function of the skin you’ve got lactic acid which is actually in a small concentration designed to be a humectant to attract a retained moisture within itself you’ve also got some really nice calming and soothing ingredients alongside it you’ve got a dash

Of niacinamide to boost up the antioxidant potential of this vitamin c and all around i think this is just a great one-stop shop fighting hyperpigmentation dark spots and discoloration it’s great if you’ve got a drier skin type but having used it on my own oily acne prone skin it didn’t break me out it didn’t clog the pores so i think this is a truly universal

Product you could get so many great benefits from i cannot wait to try more from this brand because i think they’re really really knocking out the part when it comes to their formulations and let me know below if you’ve tried any of their products and anything that you want to recommend for them but this one perfect for people with drier skin types now finally i

Know so many of you guys out there are a fan of your korean skincare and it can be really difficult to find an ascorbic acid in the korean skin care market that’s because their products tend to focus down more on derivatives korean skincare is all about gentle used in the long term to deliver maximum results with minimum side effects so i just feel that vitamin c

Derivatives align more to that however if you want to reach for a korean brand that delivers ascorbic acid pure for vitamin c and a great formulation i’d actually reach for this by purito i’m not a huge fan of preuta but i would make an exception for this product which is their pure vitamin c serum this is almost 80 bamboo water which is nourishing calming and

Soothing but it’s also got a five percent concentration of ascorbic acid to bring back some vibrancy luminosity to the complexion the formulation here is really nice it’s one of the most gentle ascorbic acids i think i found on the market will also hydrate you to the gods it’s applicable for almost all skin types which is why i made an exception with purito not

A brand that i particularly reach for when it comes to ascorbic acid favorites because this is just a beautiful beautiful formulation so there you have it guys i run down to my favorite ascorbic acid serums the best vitamin c serums no matter what your budget your skin type or what you’re looking to get out of the product itself hopefully i’ve got something for

Everyone in this video i adore adore my vitamin c derivatives but i would say you know what it’s all about managing your expectations know that with a vitamin c derivative you’re gonna get fewer side effects redness and risk of irritation but you might have to wait a little bit longer have some patience when it comes to seeing those results ascorbic acid delivers

In the shortest possible time but you do have to be a little bit more careful with matching the product you choose to your individual skin types to again just minimize any risk of sensitivity in the skin hopefully this video has kind of captured and answered all of your questions but if it hasn’t just sound in the comments section below and i’ll happily get back

To you wherever you are in the world guys stay safe stay well i love your skin take care bye

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ASCORBIC ACID – 100% Effective Vitamin C Serum (You Should Know About These) By Mad About Skin