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Ascorbic Acid Flush

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Now keep in mind physicians are taught that drugs are dangerous and large doses of anything are dangerous and so i looked at that i knew dr reardon had i trusted him uh i i saw him prescribe it to a number of people it was there in the store i looked at those eight capsules and i thought to myself i hope i don’t die and i took them and i didn’t but i tell that

Story to let people know that when you approach a physician who has no experience and it’s hard to believe but there are physicians who live in pretty sheltered lives as far as nutritional therapies that to them is a scary dose and and uh so we’re we’re in a room here where we everyone knows about high-dose vitamin c but when you’re talking with your patient you

Kind of have to begin to try to understand it from their perspective and go sometimes going up slowly is not a bad idea and the point should be finished with this comment to answer the question completely dividing the dose is absolutely essential it’s called dynamic flow by dr steve hickey and dr hillary roberts and if you have vitamin c and very very very frequent

Doses oral doses are remarkably effective my story to counter bronze anything you can quote i can quote another one we also went into the ortho micro hall of fame at the same banquet and ron’s still upset that he didn’t go in first at any rate um when we’re talking about dividing the dose i had viral pneumonia a number of years ago and it was really pretty serious

I had a friend who was an internist and he said you have viral pneumonia both lungs you’re very sick here’s an antibiotic and i said um he said no that’s for the secondary infection we can’t do anything about the virus but this is for anything that might be bacterial go home stay in bed here’s some codeine cough medicine just have good care at home all right

So i decided i had to do something so while playing scrabble with my wife one day i figured dr cathcart worked for my daughter maybe it’ll work for me so i took two thousand milligrams of vitamin c every six minutes during a scrabble game what’s that twenty thousand milligrams an hour after three hours or sixty thousand milligrams my cough stopped my fever came

Down to three degrees in three hours and i thought wow i’ve discovered something great and true and new and then i read dr cathcart more and then i read dr connor who was ahead of him by 20 years and they had done exactly the same thing and when i read dr connor now it’s just like what i and you have been told and what i and you have already seen anything that

Stands the test of time it’s worth keeping in mind so divide that dose water soluble vitamins in general you divide the dose vitamin c in particular you do the best you can when you’re sick i think you should literally take it constantly this is a interesting question that i think a patient would probably ask having heard this they would say can you take vitamin

C to bowel tolerance to treat diarrhea if the diary is caused by a virus yes yeah so paradoxically if someone has the stomach flu or whatever it is if they take more see it will go away the simple test here of course is to try it and see if you take more vitamin c and it goes away you’re all set now if you take more vitamin c and for any reason it gets worse worse knock on

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Ascorbic Acid Flush By K-M Wylie2