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Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C

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The purpose of this video is to end questions/debate over ascorbic acid and vitamin C. Even the discoverer of ascorbic acid said it is not true Vitamin C. The government says it it but that doesn’t make it so. Many people are fooled by this and are wasting their money.

Hi this is dr. darren schmidt at the nutritional healing center of ann arbor and this video is about vitamin c is not a score back acid i get comments and questions all the time it’s been a few years now because of one of my videos so i’m answering the question right now fully and i don’t want to talk about it again after i finish this video but what is the score

Back acid a means without score between scurvy so this substance should stop scurvy scurvy is bleeding it could be bleeding gums it could be an artery that’s bleeding causing a heart attack it could be an artery in the brain bleeding causing a stroke so ascorbic acid means without scurvy it should prevent and reverse bleeding so now ascorbic acid does two things

And this was discovered by the albertson georgy he’s a guy that discovered scorebook acid and here’s the two things that it does number one it’s an acid so it helps the immune system kill a virus for example it’ll change the ph of the body of the blood of the lymphatic system so that the virus can’t live very well and it will die in the acidic environment the

Other thing that this does is it prevents fruit and other plants from turning brown from changing color pigmentation so let’s talk about that one first so albert had discovered that when he add for example the juice of a lemon to a fruit it will remain colorless i found that the reason lay in the presence of a most fascinating substance which can reduce all quinone

Safina and in this way prevent pigment formation so he had figured out the the chemistry and how to stop it and he called this ascorbic acid now there are people who have a disease called addison’s disease which means that their adrenals aren’t functioning very well these people’s skin turns of a slight brown color and their forehead is really big think of john f

Kennedy now ascorbic acid will bleach out their skin and it says right here ascorbic acid dosage bleached out patients with addison’s disease so this is a thing that he had disco you know was talking about and there’s interested in and trying to figure out the chemistry behind his korvac acid okay so moving ahead this is from the a vitamin o c’s book 1944 he had a

Friend that was bleeding and he sent him some ascorbic acid and in the form of paprika and it worked but then he found out later that ascorbic acid alone did not work so here’s what it said i had a letter from an austrian colleague who was suffering from a severe hemorrhagic diocese meaning he was just bleeding a lot he wanted to try ascorbic acid in his condition

Possessing at that time no sufficient quantities of crystalline ascorbic acid i sent him a preparation of paprika that contained much ascorbic acid and the man was cured by it later with a friend we tried to produce the same therapeutic effect in similar conditions with pure ascorbic acid but we obtained no response he was evident that the action of paprika was due

To some other substance present in this plant it would have been a hopeless job to try and find and isolate the substance had we not had our experience with flavin’s so he had discovered and worked with plant chemicals called flavin’s and he found one of them was the most active substance in paprika that helped this guy out and they labeled it vitamin p p isn’t

Paprika and also permeability and it goes on to explain exactly why he called it vitamin p so there you go so whole food vitamin c has vitamin p in it and it and it prevents heart disease and it prevents stroke and ascorbic acid does not do that it does help the immune system because it’s an acid and it’ll prevent fruit from turning brown and that’s basically all

That that’s worth now some people have asked me what about linus pauling and matthias rath these are two men that created protocols for heart disease and you can look them up line up linus pauling has passed away but matthias rath has taken on the some effort and people ask me how have they been duped because they recommend 3000 or 4000 milligrams of vitamin c or

Of ascorbic acid and i say yes they have been duped because you don’t need this to prevent heart disease as a matter of fact it does a very poor job of it i’ve seen it over and over again clinically in my own practice what’s important is you get 2 whole food vitamin c and one of my favorite companies cells that standard process and i see results over and over again

And hopefully vitamin c is has a little bit of this in it maybe like three to five percent of hope of vitamin c has ascorbic acid and so that’s another thing people ask me why does cataplexy from santur process have ascorbic acid in in the first place well because this is part of hopefully vitamin c hopeful veteran c is a big complex okay i’m gonna stop right there

And i hope this ends any sort of debate or questioning on what what is the difference between vitamin c and ascorbic acid you want to take vitamin c to heal your body if you take this gourevitch acid it’s to help you with the virus but to be honest there’s other supplements that are way more important and way more effective to help your immune system get rid of a

Virus so if you like this information please give me a thumbs up share and subscribe i’m glad to just get this off my chest i don’t want to talk about any more i’m done with the questions i’m just gonna refer you to this video i’m glad that you watched it and i hope this answers everything about it but that’s the way it was back then there was great research prior

To world war two and then it all got convoluted in the 60s and 70s and 80s and this one with the linus pauling was popular back in the 70s so yes he did not have the correct information if you like this give me a thumbs up share and subscribe thanks

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Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C By Dr. Darren Schmidt DC