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Autoinmune Polyendocrine Syndromes

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After my own poly endocrine syndrome definition ottoman pollen dockery syndrome is a rare inherited disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks many of the body tissues and organs and i was nine years old my diagnosis of hypothyroidism and the aps type one within a month be getting sick and then i started doing better and then my story was a little

Different after that i got better i was feeling healthy and running around nine-year-old kid again and we didn’t know that i also had asked your process and still remember to stay how it happened but i application in nursing the judgment of all the money paul crime scenes reminds includes hormone replacement therapy and necessary in the treatment of complication

Parties must have a mean menu of to follow-up visits per year due to the complexity of the entry and careers of ascenta matic mutation should we follow it at least once a year vaccination agents many kazuko pneumococcus and may feliz influenza type b and annual influenza vaccine syndrome autoimmune paulo glandular apps syndrome autoimmune paulo glandular apps a

Genetic autoimmune disease with an extraordinary array of clinical features but characterized most often by at least two of the following three findings tipper parathyroid ism under function of the parathyroid glands which control calcium candidiasis yeast infection and adrenal insufficiency under function of the adrenal gland apps with the first systemic body

Wide autoimmune disease found due to a defect in a single gene by autoimmune is meant that the immune system which normally ward’s off foreign invaders of the body turns and attacks tissues such as skin joints liver lungs etc of the body examples of common systemic autoimmune disease bros inc guns autoimmune poly glandular syndrome type 1 also called a ps type

1 or autoimmune poly endocrinology candidiasis ectodermal dystrophy also called a pe ced is a rare genetically inherited condition autoimmune means that the body’s immune system begins to attack its own tissues and poly glandular means that multiple hormone producing organs are affected normally your body should only react to things that are foreign or not self

This is maintained by a process called immune tolerance where only non-self reactive b-cells and t-cells are allowed to mature whereas self reactive ones aren’t for t-cells this process takes place in the thymus where a gene called a ira or autoimmune regulator is expressed by thymic medullary epithelial cells when t-cells are developing this gene leads to the

Production of thousands of the body’s proteins and this serves as a test to see whether the t-cells react to self proteins if one does that t cell either undergoes apoptosis and dies or it becomes a regulatory t-cell or t reg that helps to eliminate other immune cells that react to self antigens in a ps type 1 there’s a genetic mutation in ai re that’s usually

Inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion this means that the thymic metal area bethulia cells lose the ability to display the body’s different self proteins out immune pathways and apps one can be a greys and cows labor theory and did is no treatment i’m readily with high dose of steroids and ostry operate more studies are needed to optimize i will not receive

Treatment mano-a-mano genetic ottoman appalling dry eye syndrome minds have probably provide an opportunity to learn more about specific factors that are critical for maintaining among immune tolerance there have been important about in the characterization of autoimmunity in panties identification of new auto antibody target as researches which different disease

And their manifest manifestations issue allah applied in equal autoimmune disease effect fight to ten percent of the population and large percentage of deaths compromise and in drug review on any land endocrine can be the object of the in mode system and can often be multiplied organs involved in the same individual being held to comfort all to meal poly glandular

Synchronous conclusion there are many pathologies that are associated with the different type of autumn unep poorly endocrine syndrome so that in primary care levels shall we examine of more cartoons way and perform a good physical exam toe detect time and symptoms that will lead to defining the alice’s

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Autoinmune Polyendocrine Syndromes By Mishell Dayana Cabrera Párraga