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Hi i’m azatadin and today i am going to share with you my autobiography so first let’s talk about my drug name again i am at zatadin and my brand names are optiman zedin adrenaline reputables tablets and my chemical name is benzocycloheptapyridine and now let’s talk about my drug classifications so i am considered as anti-allergic agent for my therapeutic

Classification also my pharmacologic classification is that i am a histamine h1 receptor antagonist you might be wondering if i am allowed for pregnant women for you to know i am under pregnancy category c which means that animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fitness and there are no adequate and well controlled studies in

Pregnant women my mechanism of action i appear to compete with histamine for histamine h1 receptor sites and effector cells the antihistamines antagonize those pharmacological effects of histamine which are mediated through activation of h1 receptor sites and thereby reduce the intensity of allergic reactions and tissue injury response involving histamine

Release ta-da let’s talk about my pharmacokinetics absorption if i am taken orally i am absorbed from the gi tract peak plasma concentrations occur after 4 hours my distribution sadly informations about how i am distributed in the body is not available so now let’s talk about my metabolism i have minimal metabolism and also i am metabolized in the hepatic

System lastly my excretion i am excreted via the urine and also my elimination half-life is 9 to 12 hours now let’s talk about my indications i am indicated for the relief of the symptoms of upper respiratory mucosal congestion in perennial and allergic rhinitis and there’s more for the relief of nasal congestion and eustachian tuberculosis congestion if i

Have some indications i also have contraindications i am contraindicated in neonates also in patients receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitory therapy i am also contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women now let’s talk about the side and adverse effects that i cause to the different body system in the central nervous system i cause dizziness drossiness

Headache fatigue nervousness in the peripheral nervous system i cause impaired alertness in the gastrointestinal system i cause increased appetite weight gain abdominal pain nausea and diarrhea in the musculoskeletal i cause arthralgia in the respiratory system i cause thick bronchial secretions for the eyes ears nose and throat i cause dry mouth so in

The digestive system i cause pharyngitis now let’s talk about the nursing responsibilities before starting therapy it is important to assess the patient’s condition and ask if the patient has glycoma or increased pressure in the eye stomach ulcer an enlarged prostate bladder problems or difficulty urinating hyperthyroidism hypertension or any type of heart

Problems or asthma also it is important to assess patients and family’s knowledge of drug therapy during drug therapy inform patient the maximum amount of acetaldene to take in one day is 2 milligrams tell patients to take each dose with a full glass of water warn patient to use caution when driving operating machinery or performing other hazardous activities

Tell patients to store a zetadine at room temperature away from moisture and heat monitor vital signs and ecg educate patient about the drug also auscultate breath sounds monitor vision changes also you need to observe signs of renal toxicity inform the patient that azatadine may be taken with or without food also it may be taken with food or milk if stomach

Upset occur report nervousness restlessness insomnia diaphoresis mood changes and thirst such as sugarless candies increase humidity and push fluids have the patient void before each dose provide skin care tell patients not to switch brands or take other prescription or over over-the-counter drugs without prescribers approval after drug therapy advise patient

To report sudden facial logic changes such as for possible drug side effects or drug withdrawal symptoms occurrence

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