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Baby Soil and Promethazine (part 2 of 4)

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Donate 90 cents 97 cents oh good oh yeah round up yeah round up target does it they all do it no all of this is decided somewhere in a board room trying to maximize profit to the nth extent can we get and for what yes exactly so yeah cut costs here and there and make profit on that note don’t don’t yell at your local uh walmart again yeah or any type of the

Employees no don’t be uh no one that’s i’m not personally airbnb it’s not their fault they’re just going with the flow really i uh i noticed that uh what’s it called well i i know there was a there was an example between uh somebody else like on the internet put on an experiment and they went to dunkin donuts and they took a medium cup of coffee and a large cup

Of coffee and then pour the contents of the large cup of coffee into the medium cup of coffee same thing right same thing it’s just the cup is shaped differently so it holds the water that’s what i wanted to say earlier i forgot too it’s just it’s all geometry man i’ll uh i’ll get a drink or whatever because it has all the ice in there i’ll take my water bottle

And just pour it in there because it’s like tapered at the bottom but it’s a 16 ounce water bottle like everybody gets and it fills up that medium cup you got a large once and it left maybe room for three four ounces if that like that there’s no for the price exchange and everything you’re not getting your money’s worth same thing yeah i want a large they give

You a container with fries and it’s like three quarters of the way full like yeah that should be a medium we’ll leave that alone too no look dude i used to be a food service manager okay you’re yeah you’re bad about that and i you i used to see how much it cost you for a bag of syrup to make that pop okay 87 cents no it’s not that oh yeah i’m just saying the

Amount that they’re charging like i’m about to open up a soda shop people like burger king taco bell great america stuff like that they’re making stupid money off of what cost them nothing to produce whatsoever you’re saying you just said a bag of syrup so are these drinks like made from a bag of syrup and they just carbonate them it’s carbonated water mixed

With syrup that comes through so why do you think when you push that button on the water carbonation and syrup that’s coming through just a minute it’s a blend that goes through yeah yeah i thought they had like like i don’t know like uh some kind of like a keg system back i don’t know it’s bad sitting on bags plastic bags yeah i’m cyber big co2 tanks that feed

Everything through so that’s why i stopped drinking pop a long time ago oh my god have you ever seen those scenes in the movies where the where the face zooms in and the background zooms right way back out this is me right now yeah he’s like so check my mind stop drinking this jesus christ wow okay i need to process this and that’s why that’s why we’re saying like

You charge two dollars extra for four ounces and when you’re just adding syrup and then it’ll last you for how many drinks yeah i’m just saying like dude this isn’t so there’s no justification to charge it that much don’t be afraid to complain if you ever get a soft drink and there’s like just seltzer water so there’s people that are actually like almost addicted

To the coca-cola specifically from mcdonald’s because the carbonation levels are diet slightly different it’s not the carbonation levels it’s not the same carbonation they make it sweeter they add vanilla no they add vanilla is that what makes it better i heard vanilla and more sugar yeah mcdonald’s has like their own products their own blend they have their own

Blend bro yes yeah when you get from dolls it tastes a little i haven’t been to mcdonald’s but you’re like i should always talk like because it’s like got that natural sugar they probably i don’t know if they use cane or whatever but i heard sugar i’ve heard a few theories is like that you they use extra sugar cane sugar or vegetables surprising that sounds like

Totally that spicy you want to get them coming back hey hey hey a little bit those aren’t more anymore they started putting that coke too back in it a little bit yeah remember coke two got in trouble for cooking back in the day soft drinks and carbonated stuff that’s what elon musk said he said he goes so are you guys going to get mad at me if i put cocaine

Back in coca-cola oh yeah and they must have said that yeah they blasted him and he goes it was a joke jesus christ he’s the only one that can afford to do that like not worry about i’m only the richest guy ever i was just joking so i recently made a drink kind of like these along this lanes uh i got a big bottle of um pomegranate juice and then i had a bunch

Of toppo chicos and i was like i wonder if so i blended them together you made a pomegranate soda it was delicious man if you haven’t if you haven’t tried something like that i suggest you give it a try i’m a master of blending random together dude i agree my neighbor gave me a uh she goes bobby i got something for you if you wanted i’m like okay i’m out here

Spraying weeds and everything in the front yard she comes out with the uh comes out with a six-pack of seltzer water she goes i don’t know what this is but i don’t like it i go yeah i’m not a big fan either i go it’s just literally salsa water with a little alcohol and she goes it’s not sweet enough for me like yeah she gave you a bunch of white gloves not even i’m

Not even gonna say the brand because no they’re not the name brand or anything what is expensive yeah exactly it’s that brand attacks so i told the flat i go if you want them they’ll still be here because i’m not drinking those things oh my god i’ll leave them for the other day i can’t still stand as a giraffe let’s talk about scott peterson’s lawyer who’s that

Who’s scott peterson scott peterson’s dude that uh that killed stacey uh what’s his name scott peterson oh the lawyer’s name yeah i don’t know what a name is that the dude his whole family what scott peterson no he was like mary he was married three times real quick yeah i’m sorry he was married three times they got they caught him for killing one of his wives

But they never caught him for killing the second one yeah he drowned his first wife in the talk and stacey so the lawyer that represented this guy he’s like all right i’m at the end of my career i’m done you know what he did yeah they didn’t try him for stacey peterson’s death because they couldn’t find nothing so he’s never been charged he got the point yeah

He goes i’m gonna just go out and tell everybody where stacy’s body’s at and he said this on national radio i’m like oh the lawyer yeah and that’s the way between he went in between like his lawyer you know code uh no that’s he hasn’t done that yet but that’s the whole thing that’s like up in jeopardy right now is a lawyer right the client uh client professional

Confidentiality and all that he goes i know if i bring this out i’ll never work again or anything but like i was saying earlier you look at his age retire bro he said he feels bad for like one of those it’s like i feel bad for the cops i feel bad for the family i feel bad for everybody paid off of it already your mom but he wants to know don’t worry if that’s your

Last move and you’re like yeah i’m out already anyways i don’t think you’re going to be looked down upon goes he’s in jail for life you’re going out on the best no you can do like that’s well no a lot of the a lot of the you know lawyer community and stuff like that are like looking against that they’re like wow that’s bogus yeah sure if you if you’re like just

Strictly sticking to like that uh client um attorney client privilege uh yeah yeah doctor patient kind of yeah confidentiality period it’s not hipaa it’s something you sign up for as a lawyer that you’re never supposed to disclose information like that sure you’re going against an oath that you’re supposed to be sacred right right like a copper like a military

Great relationship at the same time you’re doing something that’s you know you’re not doing something bad you’re doing something good well i’m saying that that’s why it’s controversial yeah the thing is it shouldn’t be it’s only controversial because like the people that are doing it they’re like they’re making me look bad right the ones that constantly hide

And they have stuff to worry about no exactly hold on immediately immediately peterson uh instantly contacted his judge or whatever and they issued a gag order on his lawyer oh wow but the gag order didn’t go through because it’s about a case that he’s never been tried for ah remember the loophole yeah so they can’t stop him from talking about something that

He’s never been tried for yeah yeah yeah they never found him guilty for that one so you can say whoever he was lawyered yeah dude he’s a lawyer lawyer pretty much so he’s probably he said he’s gonna do like a i think he’s gonna do a podcast he’s trying to make money off it what a dick that’s what he’s doing that’s what he’s doing and he keeps like when he was

On the radio the lawyer yeah he kept like talking about it on the radio why not they interviewed him on the radio and he would not say anything bronski or uh yeah bronski okay yeah you’re right there’s so many that happen nowadays like with all these high profile profiles yeah aaron bronski or i don’t know something like that but i just it’s not the name that

Bothers me it’s the it’s just the whole subject like i said it gets everybody kind of riled up whether you’re on the lawyer side or whether you’re on the fight for stacey side like who knows it’s one of those that comes with a profession though it’s one of those yeah a client’s going to tell you everything because yeah here’s the truth like when i got my car

Accident and all that i didn’t sugarcoat that with i had to hire a lawyer because i got hit with breakfast driving like well that’s one step under dui and all that i’m like okay let’s fix that so the dude recorded everything i said to him in office and all that phone calls and honesty honestly yeah but it’s like all right i’m happy what happened and all that but

No one was hurt i just was a fool and wrecked my own stuff guys sorry no one was hurting this besides me and my pride i’m sorry bob this guy no you guys are good i’m griffin over here i’m talking about i pulled up uh pat harris as the attorney for scott peterson i think you brought up a different name yeah there might have been a couple because there was many

Trials that’s why i left it alone yeah i love it yeah there was many traffic like i said could be wrong with that name it may have been another trial or something but hey let us know at uh sittingstatus right i mean the the story’s true y’all figure it out y’all let us know like i said i want to start seeing some comments and this is some t-shirts in

This show you’re the detective yeah yeah in russian country takes over itself oh my god if we’re lucky it does take over itself you know what i do not condone what they’re doing over there that’s all i’ll say yeah um so uh emilio hit me with a random donut well you said to bring up mice and oh yeah oh no let’s uh let’s bring this back again uh so uh summertime’s

Coming up mosquito season i was bringing i was trying to look up uh you know good instant repellents like total line with springs or put screens on your windows start there okay yes yeah if you got any holes in your in your goddamn uh you know screen doors and stuff fix the it’s not hard sorry stop being an definitely yeah i recently saw a pro uh pro tip type

Of thing uh somebody no somebody somebody redoing their or doing a deck at their house right and they were doing like a screen uh enclosure yeah on the deck below the deck they put screening like like screening so oh bro what that’s amazing i never even thought about that because the mosquitoes can get through like the wood underneath yeah right so they put it on

The bottom the sides and the top yeah yeah yeah it keeps everything out too like i was surprised if you i was thinking about doing this bro dude we can’t we kind of on your deck of just playing with the spider i was like oh what you what kind of trash are you playing with today you look closer it’s a spider i’m like oh let me get that away from you and she’s just

Like that fat shoot oh no let him how you gonna look at this picture that my girl sent me of this spider that she found outside real quick man i just had a nightmare about a spider left it’s like i like oh my god that’s exactly what the spider in my dream look like no that’s crazy yeah there’s a reason why you’re here what kind of better is that it had bigger

Legs it had bigger it looks just like that but kill it with fire um i know what that is that’s uh one of those tree spiders that’s that’s nutty it’s a woodlouse spider not poisonous they eat roly-poly bugs those are the green ones but yeah one last spider look at how fast is that the same green one like the snack green when you get in your house can you look

Up that oh no it’s not that’s a sack spider in your house okay that those clear ones are sex spiders i hate spiders but yeah this one is it still looks poisonous it still looks poisonous it’s not it does right right that’s what in my dream too it wasn’t pointless it beat me you had big big fans but like it bit me you had big faces but it didn’t uh and it looks

Like this but it wasn’t poisonous right it’s just like it just bit oh in your dream i’m sorry i’m like where are the fang marks let me see no no i’m sorry it bit my hand because i grabbed it it was like slash it was latched onto like a piece of string on my sister and it was like from its web to like a piece of string and then i grabbed it right before it went

Onto her face and then when i grabbed it it bit me and then i was like i noticed a bunch of other little ones so i’m like where are these spiders coming from what the did you enjoy it’s just uh jesus is officially on the show what did you watch for no way i don’t know oh you know what i was watching castlevania on netflix shout out to castlevania yeah but i

Don’t know if there there was any spiders on there on this episode of the hallway or anything no spiders rushing a hallway or anything no no no i’ve never seen it up a random picture and he goes that’s the one i saw in my dream are you kidding me yeah it just and he’s like that we just had bigger legs 75 miles away from chicago okay first of all also chicago is

Now 75 miles away 75 miles away in chicago from milwaukee look it up we’re in halfway in the middle how much is that 70 70. nope come on no no no no gps i don’t even know the answer so i’m not gonna i’m mad dude who was right how many miles how many miles you drive yeah that’s like disclosed exactly like that how many miles you drive to work i drive 44. you drive

44 miles takes you what an hour and a half hour let’s say one hour park that which is like that’s a highway train i take country roads so i’m not talking about the time it takes you to get there i’m talking about these i’m also mileage i’m also yeah he’s talking about his 30 miles from here to chicago no no way you know what we know what i will say though it’s

40 something i promise you what was i i put

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