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BAD NEWS! Medicated For Gestational Diabetes!

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Arianna had to end up being medicated for Gestational Diabetes. But the good new is….its not the scary medicine that everyone has been telling her about!

Well hello there all you wonderful people of the internet it is wednesday i feel like i’m looking a hot mess today i’m kind of feeling a hot mess definitely getting that part in pregnancy where i’m like i just feel like poop i want to stay in bed all day and not do anything productive of any sort definitely in that third trimester baby is getting very big and my

Body is feeling it so i just got back from my appointment which i’ll talk about in a little bit but we also got our i’ve order in today well today’s been kind of crazy so i am just gonna leave the information down below for you guys but we got a tricorder today we’re not really actually working with them anymore and like resurvey your honor only because there’s

Some things that we need now we haven’t been able to find in stores easily and so i was like thrive we should try that again but i do still have a link for you guys i will have it down below and like maybe on the screen we’ve got a bunch of things i’m gonna have to hide because they’re obviously with being plant-based now there’s a lot of different candies that the

Girls are gonna get on halloween that they can’t actually have so we’re gonna do like a version of switch which is what they call it so at night when they go to bed without their candy for the other stuff which is a lot of fun stuff i know they’re gonna love and since they’re so young vampire like it’s candy the off excuse my children’s melt down to the background

Ryan is dealing with that we have these lollipops that are like holiday themed i got them each some sour gummy worms so these ones are vegan versions and then these which are peanut butter cups and each one of these two because they love love marshmallows but marshals are not actually a fully plant-based so you got at least one two but they’ll still be able takes

It like it’s little sour patch kids those things are safe so like you get any of those we’ll keep them like in their thing but other stuff we got is we had to get hippies from thrive this is like my main reason like was looking for where to get these because our costco stopped caring that nearly carried them once and anywhere online thrive i’m not thriving there

A little bit more than what they were in costco but everywhere else they’re insanely expensive like ridiculous so i found them on thrive which was very happy about that we got some of these which are quinoa noodles and we got some chickpea noodles ryan doesn’t really like the chickpea knows much i like them a lot but ryan likes the quinoa based ones so i got some

Of those and then we got some vegan mac and cheese but we tried one of these when we went to whole foods but i noticed when i got it today this one is different the one i got from whole foods was like a pumpkin potato or pumpkin carrot base but this was different matt but i want to have something because like you got like i’ve already said to do ryan is going to be

Doing a lot of the cooking once this baby comes right and we need to find things that are easier for daddy to cook so i’ve just been trying to come up with things will be easy for him i don’t think we’ve mentioned ryan has a month off of work paid for a miss company which is really exciting we’re really happy about that so when this baby comes he’ll have a month

Off so we’re really excited that also means a month of finding things that my husband can cook and not go crazy with so this next like weekend or two here’s what i’m gonna start stocking up on making sauces in bulk more chili we got stuff to make more chili in bulk and i need to make my tofu crumble in bulk just a few things so that he can like make rice or quinoa

Or whatever so he can like quick make bowls so we can keep our owners at the very least healthy still so hopefully we were able to manage i’m not worried about it i think that we’re gonna be well prepared and be able to handle eating plant-based even with ryan doing what’s good and he’ll learn you know it’s it took me time to learn how to cook these things i did

It wrong the first few times especially with tofu and then i got it right so he’s also been making my bars he made my bars last time that i eat every morning and those he did a great job on so just like with that he will learn other stuff too but we’re gonna go to grandma grandpa’s you excited airy our house is a mess today i think this is the messy as our house

Has been in a while see we need perfect people ryan is working from home today so he’s good stuff over there and we have clothes from yesterday because the girls went outside in the backyard and played in the water table and so they stripped down the 420 mat and so those are still there and pillows on the ground a great how you doing grayson how are you buddy yeah

Good boy as you are yeah we’ve been playing with the marble check over here they’ve been loving it lately well right now the marbles are put away in the box because we’re gonna go to grandma grandpa’s okay we’re just waiting for daddy to be done having his conversation with about her behavior and then we’ll be going okay she is coming why don’t you get your shoes

On i’m watching what’s on you oh spiderweb was on you good job good job kiddo i’m proud of you looking for stickers look at you girl you’re gonna clean them all out of stickers girl all right putting up picture frames and stuff who remembers where this was in ryan’s parents house if you do you got to be like like a long time supportive viewer because we’ve never

Pointed it out in the house but it’s got to have been in several vlogs of some boys we got these children to bed but they still wake up at the same time i don’t think he showed you guys that we got this all set up for her if you guys want to see what’s inside it on my facebook page i’ll link it down below i actually showed you guys like drawer by drawer what all is

In here but give you a little a little sneaker picker there’s one so you can go check that out we have everything ready we have our diapers that we’re trying out abby and finn andy pandy and parasols what we’re in trial i’m hoping that we like abby and finn best jose is a pretty good price what’s going on my crazy children you what your gummies agates eric calls

Her probiotic her agates and they call their multivitamin they’re gummy so they asked for their probiotic in their gummy or their gummy in their agate as ears have to talk this look up to ariana’s really pregnant and i’m starting to feel if it stayed from like elephant this is just laying down on my back and i tried to sit up like straight up which i already know

Not says what’s a turn to the side of death but i did and it was like the hardest thing i’ve done like ryan laughed at me that’s how bad it wasn’t good he did but i told you guys that update you on how my appointment went you want to hear the whole thing in like in detail all that i have a pregnancy update that just went up like 15 or 30 minutes before this video

Did but i will just give you kind of quick synopsis over the last week my numbers for eating have been great they’ve actually seemed to kind of get better i only had one off number i think but my fasting numbers only gotten worse and my doctor’s my midwives have been really great about letting me figure out how to get things under control food over the last couple

Weeks however what we what was working to fix my fasting numbers before isn’t working anymore so that my numbers are just getting higher so they did decide to put me on medication but not metformin a lot of you guys mentioned that that medicine was super crappy well apparently the ob today said that they have a new medicine it’s right here it’s called glyburide or

Something like that um she was saying like that the metformin has been known to cause like a lot of stomach issues and stuff but the libor eider i don’t know say it the new med she said she hasn’t seen anyone have any stomach issues like really don’t have any side effects besides having lower blood sugar when you should we’re gonna hope that that works and she says

Like it’d be like a long shot of me ending up on insulin just cuz my numbers aren’t like that bad but with that means more doctor’s appointments i have to go every week for ns tees when you’re on the med i guess you have to have ns t’s every week more information on that in my pregnancy updates you can watch that so now i’m kind of like 2 weekly appointment sort

Of but no talk of induction or anything yet the only reason they would tell me to induce is if one my placenta starts dying early too if she fails an nst i think they do further stuff first if she fails one before deciding to do an induction or three if my numbers get totally out of control and meds and insulin aren’t fixing it either but like i said she said

The chances of me even getting to insulin are very very slim and none so fingers crossed that continues i don’t have to do this for a few more weeks i’m really thankful that there is some other medication to try besides metformin because you guys definitely did not hold back your horror story smell it when i mentioned possibly having gestational diabetes taking

The precautions trying to make sure baby girls good because like everyone thinks of just gestational diabetes is having a big baby and that’s actually like the least concern that’s like the most common side effect but it’s like the least concern it just want update you guys ly know what’s going on i’ll let you know too how the meds like i respond to the meds if

It’s a problem or not because it may be something good for you guys to know – for future pregnancies or if you’re like early on and maybe you get tested for gd because it sounds like metformin is like the first one that doctors seem to go for or this one’s just brand new and so it hasn’t i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know it’ll be a good one to have in your

Back pocket if you end up needing to be put on meds and and it doesn’t cause stomach issues so anywho i’m gonna leave it at that hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did give it a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button if you’re new and as always we will see your wonderful faces on saturday but it feels like you’re the one who saves me

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