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Good evening my name is cassidy jessica and i’m reporting live from the grenade tv the nigerian police department is still in search for the notorious drug pusher who we believe his name is padovsky no one has ever seen him nor do we have a picture to identify him however the government has placed a bounty of 10 million naira on him if you have any information

Leading to badowski please call 181 nine seven eight nine nine can you imagine all these all these small small voices of nowadays you can look at what they are doing so they’re saying that they are not you are not a wanted criminal in the whole of the nationality they are very dangerous so these people are getting very very much very dangerous in fact if all

These boys if they try anything i will show them that all these things all these things that i think that we did when when we were younger me back in the days bounty 10 million ah even if i know him i will turn him in you know i don’t know him now i’m just saying even if i rocker 10 million just like that it’s your mother yeah the mommy of the t-shirt

Guy and right don’t now i’m going for my children i trust my son i trust young money humanity speaking of the engine i trust my son very very good that’s fair that your music you will blow one day and i’ll sit down and say yes look at my son guys you used to check your whatsapp i thought do you ever used to watch salvation i was sending you a message

I’m telling you something and i’m your guy by those kids they are looking for him and i say ah since you know about those two you know me i don’t know him don’t send me speech or maybe i’ll go to police station i’ll give it to the police and i say what 10 million are sharp sharp i feel i feel like you about to fall i see you they mad me god don’t talk about

Knocking me but i said we are waiting on papa just they say we we sharing i’m not marking like what’s this now you are embarrassing me outside now so make a card a picture give you i will collect 10 million i’ll come and give you your i feel i feel pushy for highway material and my shoes show you they might need nobody don’t see him before now it is my two

Eyes now while i’m asking for the picture just send it to me man i sent you a picture may you carry and do it i should turn him in i will collect 10 million you should you should see your mouth like spoon now go kill papa give you fish if i wear my sunshine i want to protect my eyes see you bye-bye you know i see they go are they fit for your papa you yes you

Be they gonna forget you for pocket you i don’t think you are before he said he should test me for my face the blood splashed it touched me for years yeah he stabbed my face yes they gonna forget you for back pocket brothers can even get shipment today man no talking shipments all day you get shipment and go wrong now go go now i know if you follow you i gotta

Wound you up show you the magnet why do you want to go bust down when they drop phones i will sort you now now that i will talk you should have already said about your phones first so how much i go through i see five million is very fair let’s just share it show you the magneto blaster where they find pure water two minutes ago sure you don’t show up

Today no excuse me wait i was out honey what are they done so i’m losing weight what’s wrong with you i’m a star baba i don’t like this thing now what see first of all no they follow me they argue my phone she’s not your phone sleep wait show you no one defunds me that i bring information i want defaults well we need to bring information if i give you a paper

Seven cannot collect them the seventh grade should drop tomorrow about seven out of 10 million nobody is not he’s not i mean they talk to this lady they give me your teeth now they mad me don’t they get leave i gotta push you don’t mind me when they follow me tomorrow morning the shipment this night first time this night someone can’t drive tomorrow voice

For me i don’t want your papa i don’t want a papa i’m not drunk i don’t want a papa i can’t get worried where am i like that i just don’t know that it works do good woof i’m not the snitch what these guys are spies my my name is fire i know bespoke i love this man yo first let me explain from the beginning let me tell you what you

See the stand do this hey i am i know you’re not expecting me here but i’m here to see how you’re spending my money doing a great job who is this what is this this smelling guys now spies guys how dare you how did you get here i’ll tell you how did the spy get into this place you guys are blowing me up you are taking me out stand up i’m not

Gonna kill you i will kill you outside stand up you know what how dare you let us fight into my organization how dare you do you know what this means do you know this is risky this is so risky follow me brother you don’t know what this is welcome i love them so we are talking about yesterday did you see it on your facebook what

Was that i sent it to your facebook and i said to be shaking your facebook every time in this boy that they are looking for then whatever i said gang boy badowski that they are talking about i think they said that hey they going to shoot they almost caught him ah almost he escaped what’s your name brad brothers brother brother ki like a shootout or something

Ah if they catch that boy it should have been peppered i will make sure i go to the police station i start to hurt your eye and then give me advice like a father you people should not be going out to don’t go because they said they find their way out your completed booty hang your computer booty don’t go there mommy did i go out did you see me outside did

You did you go out did why you talking like that i’m bad for going um

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