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Bay Pines VA #Pharmacy Breaks Law and #Lies About Hydrocodone Part 1

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel those of you new here welcome my name is tammy and today’s vlog as you’re going to tell from the title it’s about the va now before i get into today’s vlog i do want to mention one thing i’m done i’m done not revealing names the only names of that i will be providing are the ones that i’ve done wrong but the ones who have not

Done anything wrong whatsoever like my mom’s primary doctor technicians nurses who have never done anything wrong i will never reveal their names someone say don’t do anything wrong but um but the point is i’m done holding back so names are going to be spilled now today’s vlog happened it’s crazy i have to start from the very beginning so yesterday i had to

Go the va to pick up my mom’s prescription to mazepam um and here’s the thing i would have to go back to the va again today to pick up a different prescription now i asked my mom yesterday before i left for the va if she would contact the pharmacy for me and ask them to fill out that prescription a day early so i don’t have to go back there again now i know

Some of you guys like why don’t you just wait to pick up the temazepam the next day well i couldn’t do that because my mom’s blood pressure was quite high she hasn’t been sleeping so i didn’t want to take a risk on that at all so i didn’t want to wait another day anyways my mom did call at the pharmacy she talked to someone who i have no idea who uh they said to

Her no now again i don’t know who she talked to so i was like you know what when i get to the va i’ll talk to whoever that is there the pharmacist or the tech to see if this can be done so i got to the va about 4 20 ish i want to say so the way how the pharmacy is laid out there are two glass windows that you go up to and pick up your prescriptions then there are

Two boots where you go talk to the technician and you tell them who you are what prescriptions you are picking up but i went over to the booths and talked to a female tech i had asked her if there was a possibility for a prescription to be filled a day early she asked me what prescription i told her hydrocodone she said no because it is a narcotic or controlled

Substance it is against the law to fill a prescription before it is due the only one who can change that is the person who prescribed the prescription and it just so happens that my mom’s primary doctor who prescribed that prescription was right next door to the pharmacy so before i went over to my mom’s primary doctor i decided to just go ahead and go pick up

My mom’s prescription but that is when i discovered that there was more than one prescription i was picking up there was a second one i at the time i did not know what that prescription was originally i was thinking okay maybe it may be blood pressure medication or calcium i do know that my mom and i were in communications with her primary doctor about her blood

Pressure being quite high and that she was having to double her medication so i was assuming that was what it was anyways so i went over to the primary doctor i’m sorry i went over to the primary doctor’s office area mod b and i went up to the tech a different technician and i explained the situation to her and she was very helpful she was like oh no problem let

Me contact the primary doctor she sent a message over to the primary doctor we waited about 20 so minutes and during that time i was like you know what i’m going to check the bags to make sure that my mom’s prescription was in there because i would be so mad that they did not fill out the prescription and i went all the way out there for nothing you know but the

First bag that i open by the way there are two small bags one was slightly bigger than the other one so the bigger one i opened up first i picked up uh i opened that one up and the tamaz pan was right in there so i didn’t bother to open up the second bag to find out what was in there so after about 20 so minutes we had discovered that my mom’s primary doctor was

Not there and so the technician and i left practically at the same time she was behind me when she walked past me i said have a nice day and she said the exact same thing now i was taking uber i’m having to spend money so i’m really not happy with the idea of having come back the next day to spend more money on uber to just pick up another prescription so i was

Kind of annoyed anyways before i continue this i did forget to mention that my mom goes to bay pines va in st pete florida i just want to put that out there as i said i am not holding back anymore anyways so i went home gave the two bags to my mom my mom opened up the smaller of the two bags and oh my god she’s like they gave me terrazadone they didn’t give me

My prescription i was like i was thinking oh my god i read the box sorry the bottle uh wrong like i’m thinking oh crap and then i realized hold on there’s a second bag to mom there’s a second bag and she’s like oh yeah so she grabs it and she opens like oh there it is but then we got really confused why were they filling out another bottle of terrazzo when she got

A bottle a week beforehand of trazado so that made no sense to us okay i’m back my battery died anyways so it’s the next day today i’m supposed to go pick up my mom’s hydrocodone uh before i arrived at the va pharmacy i had asked my mom to contact the va pharmacy and make sure that that prescription was ready to go for me to pick up so i don’t have to wait there

For god knows how long for them to fill out that prescription well when i arrived about 7 30 7 40 my mom calls me up she says that somebody on the phone told her that the prescription was being shipped out and that i need to stop it it just so happens a gentleman came out of the pharmacy area he was cleaning um one of the window stations anyways i stopped him

I told him what was going on and he says just give me your mom’s va card i’ll see what i can do he went into the pharmacy the back behind the door and he was gone with my mom’s card for about 20 30 minutes so during that time with him having the card i saw him pop out where the technicians were those doors and he was just checking to see i was still there which

I don’t know why at the time i was like okay that’s kind of strange he came back later on to me saying that that prescription the hydrocodone was already filled and i already picked it up i told him no i didn’t i didn’t pick up the hydrocodone there’s something wrong here so he’s like okay let me go get the pharmacist the pharmacist came comes out saying that i

Did pick up the prescription i was like no i did not i picked up the temazepam and i picked up the uh trazado so she was like well we’re gonna have to call the police and i’m like go right ahead call the police i was like go for it i’m perfectly fine with that it took the police about 10 minutes for them to or well him to show up there was only one police officer

In that span of 10 minutes i decided to walk next door to where my mom’s primary doctor was and speak to the same technician that i spoke to the day before and i explained the situation what was happening she was shocked i will say that right now she’s like what so anyways the reason why i went to her i wanted her to print off the message she sent to my mom’s

Primary doctor now apparently the way how they sent the message it was pretty much i am aol anybody from the 90s you guys will know what i mean but it was like a simple instant message and um she didn’t know if there was a way or how to print it off or if she even knew how to print it off i’m not exactly sure but she asked another technician next to her and she

Did me now so but that technician was very helpful she started digging into things after speaking to the technicians at modb i went back to the pharmacy area where the police officer had arrived i explained everything to the uh the officer he went back to the pharmacy he was dealing with them and during that time of going back and forth one of the technicians the

Second technician that i spoke to that day over at modb uh she came over she says in their computer system the hydrocodone was already shipped out with ups okay but yet at the pharmacy it said that i signed it out so which is it i explained that to the officer he went back to the pharmacy then i got a call from somebody i don’t know if it was one the ladies

That i spoke to over it might be but the voice didn’t sound the same to me so i’m assuming this is a third person this person said that they talked to my mom’s primary doctor and the primary doctor checked into it and the primary doctor said this prescription was picked up by ups that was being shipped out through them i’m like okay so where is it what is going

On here so after getting that call i called up my mom and said hey mom can you check the my healthy vet website what does it say is there a tracking number and she said it doesn’t say anything it doesn’t say that was picked up or shipped out it’s just says supposed to be filled on that day okay so what is going on here anyways so after all of that the police

Officer and i went over to modby so he could talk to the technician that i talked to the day before but he did not talk to her he talked to a different technician that got involved that day today um that technician said in their computers it shows it was shipped so he made the decision that he wanted to talk to my mom’s primary doctor we went over to my mom’s

Primary doctor who backed us up on the exact same thing saying that that prescription was supposed to be shipped out already shipped out so it was decided right there that he was going to have the prescription refilled um and if the prescription shows up in the mail to let him know so he can skip a whole month i was like that’s fine i even asked him like hey

Can you just instead of doing that can you just fill out a few days just to wait and see if that prescription will show up in the mail he didn’t want to do it that way he just wanted to go ahead and fill a whole new bottle and if it shows up in the mail to let him know so he can skip that month so that was that the officer was very nice but he did not speak to the

Technician that i spoke to the day before and he did not speak to the other technician from the pharmacy that i spoke to the day before so those are the only two people he did not talk to um but anyways i get home i want to say it was about 10 30ish or so i’m bone dead tired all i want to do is go to sleep so i told my mom i was gonna go take a nap it takes

Me a while to fall asleep i was finally at that edge guys i was finally at that edge until someone comes knocking at the door hey guys sorry i’m going to have to end this vlog here i didn’t expect this vlog to be so long so i am gonna break this up into two parts so as soon as i put part one up part two will be up right afterwards and then i gotta work on part

Three but part three was a big shock for me because i’m like what in the world just happened here so keep an eye out for part three part three should be up maybe a couple of hours afterwards but that will be the end of this vlog thanks for watching

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Bay Pines VA #Pharmacy Breaks Law and #Lies About Hydrocodone Part 1 By Tammy Henson’s Vlogs