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Bay Pines VA #Pharmacy Breaks Law and #Lies About Hydrocodone Part 2

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It takes me a while to fall asleep i was finally at that edge guys i was finally at that edge until someone comes knocking at the door i go answer it it so happens to be one of my mom’s doctors this is not the primary doctor this is a different doctor and i explained to him what was going on and he informed me that he was the one that had the terazode redone i

Was like i’m like why i don’t understand he says that the first bottle was incorrect count that there wasn’t enough to last her for the whole month i was like oh okay she’s supposed to take two a day the first bottle had a 30 count if i remember correctly and this second bottle that i picked up has 60 tablets so apparently she got a month and a half because

There’s extra 30 anyway so i don’t know what’s going on over there over at the pharmacy or who is doing what anyways now that mystery has been solved this is the same doctor that prescribes the tomaz pam anyways he leaves and i decided okay i’m now going to bed i fall asleep and i got woken up by a phone call by bay pines pharmacy supervisor and this person i

Think she tried to do a scare tactic on me or something like that didn’t work she told me that they were going to have to do the whole higher ups or the og or something like the oc or i don’t know what she was talking about she was talking about going to the higher ups and there was going to be an investigation or something like that i’m like go right ahead go

Right ahead my mom has no history of this ever happening so go right ahead she has my mom has no history of drug abuse or anything of the sort so and even the police officer mentioned that anyways and then she goes on and tells me that the person who filled out the hydrocodone put that prescription bottle in a tiny brown bag and put that tiny brown bag in

Another tiny brown bag with another prescription yeah okay right so this is how i see it either that prescription bag is still on the shelf that’s one or two someone stole it most likely the person who supposedly filled it out um i talked to a couple people in the medical field and they all told me that they believed that that person stole it or somebody else

Stole it but again i’m still thinking the person who supposedly filled it out anyways so she told me that crap and i’m like whatever anyways that conversation ended i was like okay i’m gonna sleep for another 30 minutes just 30 more minutes i want to save about three minutes later the va uh i’m assuming he’s a va police officer um the officer that i spoke to i

Don’t know if he was va or state st pete police i assume that he was state uh saint can you talk uh i assumed that that was the saint pete police but i’m sorry lean towards more va police anywho so he called and he wanted more information and it pretty much indicated he he wasn’t very sure what was going on um he sounded slightly confused i had to repeat myself

Quite a few times i don’t blame him because i do have a hard time explaining things sometimes especially when i am that tired again anywho um he pretty much realized that i did not know anything about picking up the hydrocodone the day before because i was on the assumption that i was not allowed to get that because of the law so even if they filled it out and

Put in the bag i had no idea anyways so this is pretty much just logic it doesn’t make sense for me to go to the pharmacy the day before and being told oh apparently they gave me the hydrocodone it doesn’t make sense if i already had the hydrocodone yesterday why did i go over to my mom’s primary doctor and ask for the primary doctor to have that hydrocodone

Filled a day before if i already had it just for me to show up the next day to get another bottle of hydrocodone it makes no sense all right i didn’t get a bottle of hydrocodone yesterday whatsoever there was no success in getting the primary doctor to re to fill it a day early so obviously i had to show up today to get it it just doesn’t make sense not only

That the computer system would have flagged it do you guys see that calendar right there i’ve been marked off for february the first as you can see you know why because that’ll be the day that my mom’s health insurance is active no more va nonsense the only person who i have to deal with over at the va will be her primary doctor who my mom will be seen maybe

Once or twice a year everything else will be civilian i’ll be dealing with the walmart pharmacy public pharmacy i’m looking forward to that day that’ll be the day where i most likely will start crying with relief i’ll be going across the street picking up my mom’s prescriptions instead of relying on the mailing system and the va sending out my mom’s prescriptions

On time so again logic also i do recall that the officer again he was very respectful he was i didn’t have any problems with him besides him not talking to the technician i spoke the two technicians i spoke to yesterday anywho um he brought up that hydrocodone people could get high off it or sell it um you could take and throw away the whole selling idea my mom

Does need the hydrocodone to keep her blood pressure down as well because again same thing if she’s in pain or she’s not getting enough sleep her blood pressure goes up so she’s not gonna give that up my mom’s in a constant pain so let me throw that whole thing out the door but when it comes to getting high off the hydrocodone my mom can’t get high off hydrocodone

She’s been taking hydrocodone since early 20s mid-20s so she’s been on that for years also she’s done cold turkey on hydrocodone and she didn’t have any withdrawals which i was shocked about no withdrawals whatsoever now do you remember at the beginning of the vlog i said that the va technician from the pharmacy department said it was against the law to release a

Narcotic before it is due to be released so let me get this straight according to bay pines va pharmacy supervisor according to her the technician filled out and released a prescription before it was due to be released oh big problems there because what i’m hearing now is and actually it proves a lot because i keep saying to people the va likes to make up their

Own rules and laws so apparently the va is above the law that’s all i got to say on this matter i also want to mention that when i talk to the technician about uh releasing that prescription a day early um i also gave her my mom’s card and she said no it wasn’t possible anyway so she already checked the computer system so it just wasn’t just random she was already

In the computer system she saw my mom’s prescriptions and the list of it she was there about the because i was there as well to confirm that the tamazepam was ready for me to pick up now i know i don’t know where this officer works from i don’t know if it’s the saint pete police or the va police i have no idea but i’ve heard the stories about how corrupted the va

Police air is i don’t know if that’s true or not i’ve actually met a few of them and they’ve been quite nice so i’ve never had a problem whatsoever but i was prepared and i did record everything so i am well protected on that front um i’m just i’m done i am i i am just done so i may have forgotten a couple things i don’t recall at the moment if i do remember i

Will let you guys know in the next vlog i will keep you guys up to date on what is going on so that’ll be the end of this vlog thanks for watching but before i end this vlog if you have a story that’s similar to the one that i am talking about or any story for that matter please put it in the comments below or email me i really like to hear what you have to say again thanks for watching

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Bay Pines VA #Pharmacy Breaks Law and #Lies About Hydrocodone Part 2 By Tammy Henson’s Vlogs