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Beclomethasone | by Monredondo and Catindoy

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Hello there student nurses our job for this episode is baclo methazole bacomazon diproponate is a glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic drug it has a brand names of kevor kuvara dehailer baklavan vanceriel qna salt technus aq frontiness auds and benzene aq it is indicated for the long term control of bronchial asthma allergic rhinitis and prevention of

Recurrence of nasal polyps its mechanism of action is it inhibits bronchoconstriction decreased mucous secretion and decrease response to seasonal perennial rhinitis by altering the rate of protein synthesis altering the rate of migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and fibroblasts and reverse capillary permeability it is absorbed from pulmonary nasal and

Gi tissues with 87 protein binding metabolized in the liver and eliminated in the process so student nurses to ensure patient safety here are the must to know information such as drug contraindication normal side effects adverse effects and nursing considerations to start off with a contra indication it is contraindicated to patients who are hypersensitive to

Faculmetazole and it is used with caution the patients with acute exacerbation of asthma status asthmaticus thyroid disease hepatic and renal impairment cardiovascular diseases diabetes glaucoma cataracts myasthenia gravis and seizures and for patients who are risk for osteoporosis and patients with septic ulcer ulcerative colitis and those patients with history

Of appeared myocardial infarction and elderly patients now let’s go to the normal side effects of speculometasone and there is no need to report to the doctor for these symptoms for frequent use throat irritation dry mouth hoarseness cough nasal burning and mucosal dryness for occasional use localized fungal infection or thrush nasal crusting with epistaxis sore

Throat and ulceration of nasal mucosa for the need to report symptoms or the adverse effects is acute hypersensitivity reaction if orthocardia angioedema and severe bronchospasm are observed assess the patient and report it immediately to the doctor and the last but definitely not the least is the nursing responsibilities before ensuring it after administration

Of baclomethasone first is ask patient for history of allergies to peclet methazone history of any disease listed in the caution list and pregnancy it is important to ask patient if she is pregnant because spectrum methazone is pregnancy category c which means it should not be given during pregnancy next is to conduct physical assessment to gather baseline data

And lastly teach patients of the following information personal method is prescribed to prevent asthmatic attacks and not ensuring acute attacks that is why it should not be used regularly as prescribed it may take several days to produce full benefit so do not stop medication and before administration clear the nose from secretions and blockages a decongestant

May be used prior to the administration allow at least one minute time interval between pumps and if using inhaled bronchodilate or other diplomethozone use it several minutes before administering the clemeta zone and after using respiratory inhalant cleans the mouth well also teach the patient of its common side effects and its adverse effects which needs to

Be immediately reported during administration of machomethozone a nurse should observe the rise of administration and follow the proper use of steroid aerosol and lastly after administration document the data and monitor and evaluate patient for adverse effects that’s it for back to mesozoic we hope you learned something and see in our next episodes bye

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Beclomethasone | by Monredondo and Catindoy By Batch Kunzite