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Becoming Joel

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Joel before and after life changing Perispinal Etanercept Treatment for the chronic effects of brain injury

This is joel he’s my mate i’m also one of his carers joel has been living with an acquired brain injury since he was three years old he was getting treated for a gastrointestinal infection when he suffered a complication of rehydration which flooded his brain since then joel has needed 24-hour care as a result of his injury he is also on many different forms

Of medication and is intensely dependent on others for basic human needs except for being a joker that he can do all by himself over the years his family has been pivotal to his support and survival in particular his mum and primary carer cora lee is a scientist nurse and doctor in her own right she is always on the lookout for ways to improve joel’s life it was

This news story one fateful day that sparked interest and the extraordinary new stroke therapy transforming lives and after much research into the controversial treatment she knew it was the treatment joel had to have so she remortgaged her house to pay for the treatment flights and accommodation for joel and family in la so off they went to see dr. tobin ich

Who specializes in this new form of treatment put simply the treatment is an injection designed to neutralize the high levels of tnf responsible for creating inflammation in the brain dr. tobin ik has found a method of administration of the drug which bypasses the blood-brain barrier which then improves many aspects of functioning for patients who have suffered

Strokes or brain injury at the clinic joel and his family await this bold and risky step into the unknown and this is where it gets exciting joel is doing all the things you could never do before putting his shoes and feelings of my hand he is transformed you feel different more relaxed yes i heard that post-treatment john and his family are blown away by his

Improvements but back home the future is bleak for many other australians like him if this treatment doesn’t become readily available because family members like coralie can’t really remortgage their house a second time despite them trying when improvements are this good after one course of treatment it begs the question what could it do for joel or for any of us

On an elongated government-funded basis this is a story of my client and my good mate joel who was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to improve his life through the help of his family and friends this is a much-needed chance for others to get the same treatment to help improve their lives we want joel to be an example of how this treatment and its awareness

Can make long-term change a reality only through government acknowledgement and funding can a significant transformation like joel’s become a reality for people to further improve their quality of life but funding can’t happen without generous people who are committed to change this is why having scientific data from a clinical trial is important in helping make

This treatment available in australia and other parts of the world to treat people who have either had a brain injury or stroke that’s why joel’s family and other community members have set up the charity stroke recovery trial fund to raise money for an already approved clinical trial for stroke patients at griffith university school of medicine all they need now

Is funding and that’s where you can help please go to the website at the bottom of the screen to make your tax-deductible donation and then follow the progress of this life-changing treatment on facebook and twitter we ask anyone that sees this video to please share this message widely with all your contacts particularly those who have loved ones affected by brain

Injury or stroke let’s make joel’s success story a feasible reality for thousands of other people who deserve the right to a better life

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Becoming Joel By Stroke Recovery Trial Fund