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Benzo Withdrawal-Insomnia-Getting Better

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Hey so i decided to make another video i have some time today i started a new psychotherapist yesterday she’s nice you know i hate the first steps of seeing a new therapist like it’s like you have to tell your story all over again and then you forget about detail that you need to talk about and you know nothing has done in the first session obviously but you know it

Takes it takes a while to get everything kind of out and so you could plan a course but we’re speaking about my current condition um you know i’m on buspar now for anxiety i think i’m about 3 almost 4 weeks and now it has helped with general and anxiety like i don’t i’m not anxious every day i’m not worried every day anymore i do still have panic attacks you can’t

Control that i’m still a little depressed but that’s with you know things going on right now in my life that i can’t control so you know there are some sad points there sometimes i just don’t want to leave the bad door you know i’m withdrawing from my masters because i just this too much going on right now to focus on you know on and i need to focus on my health

First before i can do anything else with my life period so yeah so we talked for a little while and we you started talking about medications and she recommended that maybe i get back on ssri and i i been on too many different ones from lexapro to wellbutrin to mmm prozac zoloft i was on an ss nri before brent elects a normal and just have horrible side effects or

Just yeah they just put you in a fog and you know you get all these other symptoms but i do have fibromyalgia so we started talking about cymbalta because that might you know help with both those symptoms and my depression i’m on i’m on lyrica now pre gabilan for fibromyalgia so maybe it’s a samrat that helps i could stop lurk i’m just i’m tired of taking extra

Medications all the time and just figuring out which one is right for me i just i want to be at a point where i don’t have to take anything i’ve been taking a lot of different supplements now i’m kind of getting into the hang of things routine of what vitamins to take and when to take them in my last video i talked about magnesium and i can only take it at at

Night because it gives me some ink issues so i’m not gonna have it during the daytime um yeah i just uh you know i’m kind of in the fog right now i’m really reluctant to go on any other medication but i’ll i’ll try it and you know so we’ll see how it works um you know yesterday actually i went to the park with my daughter was gonna be four soon and i have really

Bad insomnia and that back pain you know i took her to the park and we were just running around i was lifting her up she was going on the slide and climbing ladders and monkey bars and i’m the like and you know we went for ice cream afterwards and it was uh it was a good experience it was nice to get out of the house you know it was nice to do something with my

Kid that about physical stuff you know cuz the back pain is always restricted me from doing things and anxiety and depression also play roles in that but i got to be a dad i gotta i gotta do what i can with my daughter and with my time with my daughter so afterwards when we left i came back home and she went down for a nap and i went out for a nap – i i crashed i

Was just and i wasn’t even intentionally i was like playing a video game at the time when she was napping and i just went down she woke up went downstairs and went on with my mom and i just you know i had a good solid floor nap and after i woke up i was still pretty tired but you know i did whatever got dinner fed her dinner and yeah when we got back to the room

You know we’re hanging out watching a movie and stuff and i was able to just to fall asleep for a long time like i mean a long time i don’t know if it was my body catching up with sleep or maybe you know some of these supplements are working i started taking i had a gaba to my daily regimen and 5-htp along with the l thiamine stuff that comes from the green tea

Discuss that last video um so you know i don’t know if it sort of those supplements that are getting me tired or whatever but i’ll take it like go i want my body to be tired i’m doing acupuncture now to help with insomnia so my life is like kind of revolving around going to doctors or some type of specialist so i see psychiatry once a month i see my therapist every

Week see acupuncture guy twice a week and that’s like my life besides picking up like my daughter or when it’s my days if you don’t know i’m i’m going to like a divorce and custody battle right now with my ex-wife or soon-to-be ex-wife rather and you know that’s playing a large factor and where my head is at right now and i got to stay focus and keep my eye on the

Prize so to speak and that’s my daughter i got a fight for her i’m not gonna be i’m not gonna look her in the eye one day when she grows up and say that to one her mom and i separated that i didn’t fight for every precious second i’m i’m not gonna be just a weekend dad by default or every other weekend i refuse i still don’t have a job it’s difficult to find

Employment the way i’m ana right now being sick and also between all the court dates and things like that i just like i can’t even you know like find a real job like a profession because i’m you know if i go back into my career i’m still gonna be missing a ton of days because the courts not over we’re gonna go to trial later is this the summer so you know there’s

Potentially gonna be a ton of court dates coming up and i don’t want to start a job and tell them i need x y&z days off in the next few months i need to have closure with that whatever the outcome if i lose custody i will appeal maybe i’ll take some time and get better up here before i appeal but i’m going to fight and my resources are now kind of exhausted

On lawyers and such so i’m living off savings staying with my mom and just trying to recover i can’t you know i don’t even think i can be physically healthy until i’m mentally healthy that block is there but you know going to the park yesterday i you know in getting some type of exercise essentially i don’t know if that helped him getting tired and being able to

Fall asleep we’ll see i don’t know if i plan on doing much today i may take her to a local park again that was nice but it’s a little cooler today yes it was really pretty it was nice to go out and be by the water and see kids running around and people there and you know not be afraid not be anxious it was it was good i never had you know agoraphobe we had before

In the first place so it was just a matter of getting out of the house is is the biggest hurdle so right now i’m gonna stay focused on me and get better and my name is gabe

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Benzo Withdrawal-Insomnia-Getting Better By Gabe Rodriguez