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Benztropine Pharmacology Video

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By Amanda Wong, Allison Lawless, Alyssa Korn and Natalie Nickolaus

So been stroking is a type of anticholinergic medication so some anticholinergics that we’ve learned in the past include ipratropium and tiotropium which are usually used for people that are having trouble breathing because they cause bronchodilation so what mental health conditions or symptoms does medic this medication treat so anticholinergics in general are often

Prescribed for anxiety depression and often insomnia but been stroking specifically is often used to treat parkinson’s disease and can also be used to treat the side effects of other medications so that includes like extrapyramidal side effects that are caused by antipsychotics so how does the drug work so anticholinergics block the action of acetylcholine so that plays

A really big role in muscle contraction so what it does in the body is that it stops the effects of acetylcholine causing muscle contractions and actually causes the muscles to relax more are there any contraindications of taking this medication people who are hypersensitive to bends trophy and mesylate should avoid taking this drug it is contraindicated in patients

With open-angle glaucoma bladder obstruction or urinary retention tachycardia behavioral changes such as dementia and psychosis tardive dyskinesia autonomic neuropathy and myasthenia gravis those of the history of alcohol abuse should avoid taking this medication as well as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers patients with contact lenses are also contraindicated to

This medication does this drug interact with any food or medications before taking this medication tell your doctor if you are on any medications for sleeping narcotic pain medicine muscle relaxers if you’re taking medication for depression anxiety or seizures also talk to your doctor if you are on any potassium supplements antihistamines any other medications for

Parkinson’s disease any medications that treat excess stomach stomach acid bladder or urinary medications a bronchodilator or a phenothiazine for food interactions drink alcohol cautiously when taking been stroking as it can cause drowsiness and dizziness then your success for extrapyramidal symptoms maunder for constipation abdominal pain dissensions or an absence

Of bowel sounds they need to moderate and take a nap output issues and assess the patient for urinary retention they need to be aware the patients with mental illness are at risk for developing saturated symptoms of their disorder during early therapy within choking and so withhold the jargon notify the physician or another healthcare professional if significant

Behavioral changes occur if it’s given i am or iv they need the nurses to monitor pulse and blood pressure and the patients and maintain bed rest for one hour after administration to minimize orthostatic hypotension and i’m a college as another business something to avoid avoid driving or other activities that were higher alertness until the response to the drug

Is now and then to evaluate the effectiveness of this medication can be seen by the tickers and tremors and rigidity and an improvement in the imbalance therapeutic effects are usually seen in two to three days after the initiation of therapy so been stroking is a medication that should be administered orally if the patient is able to swallow and these are in

Tablets of 0.5 1 or 2 milligrams and if the patient is not able to swallow it can be given in an intramuscular or intravenous injection and this isn’t a 1 milligram per milliliter and it’s best to give this medication at bedtime or every 6 or 12 hours if needed and it’s usually taken for five to six days but can be monitored and changed depending on the condition

And it’s also best taken especially for patients with sensitive stomachs with food now patient education like i said it’s best to take this medication at bedtime so it’s taken at the same time each day and that also on symptoms may not improve it until after three days and then also this drug can be addictive so it’s very important to take this drug as directed by

The doctor and some side effects can include drowsiness dizzy this constipation flushing nausea dry mouth and blurred vision and dry mouth can be combated with ice chips or sucking on hard candy but some serious or dangerous side effects include high fever chest pain abdominal pain sexual dysfunction fainting and mood or mental changes so these are all important

Things to note when taking this medication

Transcribed from video
Benztropine Pharmacology Video By Amanda Wong