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Berberine Actually Out Performs Metformin

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Berberine Actually Out Performs Metformin

Metformin is the drug that people have known about since the 1920s interesting interesting data originally it was used for influenza and it’s antiviral wow didn’t know that good to know maybe some of these other compounds could help with our current dilemmas um something that needs to be explored for sure um but metformin is the most popular glucose disposal agent

Uh works by amk amp kinase and it’s super effective at lowering blood sugar increasing ketones enhancing insulin sensitivity we’ve definitely seen data that lowering insulin chronically over a lifetime can lead to you know elevated growth hormone uh telomeres staying longer uh rapamycin um you know being more ideal all these kinds of things that are associated

With anti-aging when insulin is lower uh you have slower essentially biological aging less disease so we’ve seen that correlation that insulin is higher then we have faster biological aging more disease and more metabolic dysfunction so we’re meant to be metabolically flexible and we’re in a state right now where we’re just too sedentary we’re eating too often

Too high glycemic carbohydrate too many calories too much stress not enough sleep i mean to all the points we were just making it’s those are the differences um than what used to be and no i don’t think everyone needs to be keto um you know if you look at all these other cultures like that’s the difference they do sleep they are highly active they have complex

Carbohydrates they do uh relax and connect with each other and they have de-stressing techniques and you know and they’re not overeating all of them they’re not everything they’re walking fast you know they fast all the time um so yeah it’s it’s so different and i do think keto is effective given a lot of what’s going on with our metabolic dysfunction right so you

Know like you know someone in africa doesn’t need to eat keto but someone in america that’s highly overweight metabolically dysfunctional it makes sense to me so that’s 100 agree yeah so berberine is the herbal equivalent essentially of metformin very similar and by the way matt foreman is in a study right now with over 10 000 people nice a massive study on aging

So it’s it’s been it’s been looked at for over 20 years in anti-aging not just with obviously if you’re diabetic like type 2 diabetic it’s going to be very potent um in anti-aging and improving your health but they’ve even shown with people that are highly insulin sensitive and are far from diabetic a normal glycemic that they benefit from the anti-aging effects

As well and it’s one of those things that like you almost can’t get too low when hemoglobin a1c or can’t get too low in crp like these are things like that just they’re just massively anti-aging no matter how like low you get them so and real quick can you explain what those are uh yeah um hemoglobin a1c is a longer-term indicator of blood glucose blood sugar

And crp is an indicator of inflammation in the body’s c-reactive protein scientists might look at some other things that aren’t as easy to snapshot like il-6 and some of these other compounds but that’s like the easy one for just you know when you go get blood work at quest or whatever to look at hemoglobin a1c yeah okay so berberine okay so berberine actually

Outperforms metformin head-to-head in a study um so the herbal equivalent is actually more potent plus metformin’s been shown to lower b12 it was actually pulled off the market last year for being tainted and about a third of people have gi distress from metformin okay but what we see like berberine again is superior and even more interesting is dihydroburbrine um

Which berberine converts into dihydroburbrine in the gut and it’s about five times more bioavailable as a result and berberine and metformin do have bioavailability issues that’s kind of why the gi distress thing happens and cool it’s in its active form as dihydroburbrine and it lasts about twice as long in the in the blood plasma so you have much lower doses and

You take it less frequently if you take dihydroburbane and you don’t have the gi distress so let’s say somebody’s used to a 500 milligram dosage of brain which would be typical what would the dosaging be for the dihydro fibrin 100 to 150 milligrams twice a day wow is that easy to find yeah it’s under the brand name gluco vantage okay thanks i’m all taking notes

Over here thanks sean you

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Berberine Actually Out Performs Metformin By Shawn Wells