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– Maggie – dan yeah no papilledema say some basso too big yeah oh yeah and so palin boo boo – ah it’s like a volcano lots and lots are you vitamin c hello everybody welcome to my new edition of product review and neon yes we are going to feature a young bear rock up a new young relatives are too big some fossil too big so veterinary student yet vitamin b-complex

+ Ascorbic acid plus culture last magnesium plus zip we are gang individually nia baraka tatas and is unboxed it o is delavan – so / – is madame chiang then pamphlets and below you can also vengeance on the low on a tube 20 tumbler and the price of beef shank bucks is and paramachaitanya 374 so only depended ito yung bird tube is 187 yeah 374 you go haha yah yah

Price so you knew platinum villa de kinshasa sir st. joseph’s pharmacy and it in manhattan cone a new young description yeah so over here and pop efficient what is varaha performance below performance contains the specific combination of b vitamins vitamin c enhance with added calcium magnesium z does this ingredients work in synergy to help your body release the

Maximum energy from the food you eat and bhairava performance is the healthy way to sustain your optimal performance throughout the day does not contain sugar caffeine or artificial stimulants 72 for teens has our team and and then dosage for adults and children over 12 years of age one tablet dissolved in a glass of cold water how does it look warm and so he

Dish much as marina technician in dish machado mala make and then it is best taken in the morning so start at room temperature and now we’re going to discuss your new contents yeah ingredients yeah i mean young nutritional information so we have here you big complex vitamin b1 b2 b3 b5 b6 b12 again and then vitamin c ascorbic acid 500 milligrams after you biotin

Vitamin h and 150 mcg by in by the way is not happening here and then folic acid for your blood production en taos cultural magnesium and zinc palin opinon zinc because movies 19 pandemic neo and philippine masa last nakata waiakea yen baraka is really good for you right some time upon time of mokpo jogging come and hike the noongar doing more yeah now how to

Local para pants is strengthen your immune system over here who books in the neck in cha and so it’s all i’m going to open it yeah a new senior that was also nothing before so that hannah hannah and as you can see over here canyon shadow along true and this the additional human you manual yeah so the samurais phenomena vehicle seemed a new description in human

Human nutrient contents yeah so canyon sharks and that in each tube contains and tablets all the ready to be chillin yeah again and then a cup of books on normal and shanxi not a solution to make sure me dementia and in one bottle sent so you open nothing yeah and so the open attention along the no magoffin make sure nama have been a small office a capital on

The money is gold yeah and so good you to danielle and her or tablet is and you pin tablets rupture in for you so long going miss yun rough masha canyon each iranian so open motion keep them is you public yeah yeah i mean i’m women orange so good eating children yeah union and then go i wanna monopoly simply bala demand must must must money speak name in hindi

Shinigami some tablets each ohana danny another one i’m marco little vignette another and completing menu but ind sharma ha ha ha and children’s or again you eat children yeah couples man the hunky no heung boks a week-long franklin lakes young buck so here and if i young ecornell again at in envelope a so at all which is you young tablet ii and natalie tom yeah

The detail mcgee truth and yahoo put another day mistakes el paso to be you carbonia he got all signs or x chemist expert battle i endu deafness casa given a file enix canyon her got my own boss so you wait for the tablet not this old son glass of water any new children yeah and again palin booboo – ah para coke okay i completed an yoga doing which were right

Near yen so palin boo boo – ah it’s like a volcano and heating element boosh you know you move on you have left so by using – monotone the end somaly mam elephant somebody’s soul mm-hmm so it indicates nah but opposition and the opposition telegin lubu sangma – now and angela bosnia hata is i’m feeling home joy ultra orange mmm royal trip orange internet at the

Moon animal basha and concern till the last the particle and lana shine and totally in the navy salt nisha you don’t need to mix it just wait for him you know motto makka pakka makka pakka and now we’re going to taste it lots and lots a young vitamin c you can boil two orange barrow masala mmm yeah ja but we innovate over singer not a four-bit pandemic bio in

Kurdish lemon and on sment needler general humor me confidence a bumpy penis year extent peleg ah better your mother please now voila is an intel on castle look at makaha under general community quarantine which is min dina machado stricto even a partial operation of business now at least 50 to 50 percent and mmm but then the data is open up a shop for and over

There have a hand over cut then again we don’t connect that many sandbox on canítö one tablet but cosima having a party man we have to work on yeah a toy young effective choppa bubucaca big one couplet before from before after come up with ought to see even a bench near the perineum we met joel the phalguna my soul ma yeah better than any gesture and some other

Great view the ankle room a example or make whiskey or open-toe effective essay before having a board exam lucky for me you know can you touch or your extra jobs so ojeda new exercises we nakamoto come visitin in your exo just the location our official paramah stimulating concentration or pitamaha study huh a new memory enhancer dean chang in africa lucia para

At least hindi bhama holly mouton you never anymore yeah until the last drop in week initial aha hmm so me that’s it you should say baba it makes mixing you know then it to you each other yeah mm-hmm i admit i see two potential paired up if totally not ii mix no then yet mmm oh yeah i’m sorry column is oh napa going up a person in a champagne at a meeting make

Sure enough be always mindful of your car left ok machado mahalo and you senior in lagrange sir thomas and at the end and then i’m gonna do better than you feel that exim bank is a couple not to lucas a bomb bhai and in the lesson car or alimony are sitting yo or comfort me hung over yeah and so illuminating that go in okay yeah once again this one is the open

Bev rahachou while this one is you only panda opener – yeah then you’re gonna do we get children yeah it’s a small true it’s by the moment it’s handy we don’t like it’s a bug bomb but in my van hien kahit saan always ma’am remember one true contains 10 tablet so you cleaner genomic another using some tablet so 9 the shock while this one is 10 tablets yeah but then

When we begin more you will be given one box like this yeah or innovation cielito solid in the dynamic mode within 10 weeks did this in 10 days 20 days en and abotu hungin manape normal was an la mulana tapas are knocked down yeah grace if you want more product reviews from me that gusta la cocina mrs. ben jr. don’t forget to message me in my instagram twitter or

And the facebook page the story of anthony’s holonomic but thank you guys for watching and have a good day

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