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Best 5 Supplements For Insulin Resistance (Berberine, Inositol, Magnesium and More)

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About the top five supplements you can take   off by saying the diet is absolutely key   when it comes to reversing insulin resistance but  certain supplements can be used in conjunction to   video i’m going to be talking about the top   hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re  new here my name is kait and i’m a

Certified   health and nutrition coach i post videos twice a  week here on youtube talking all things insulin   resistance blood sugar management weight loss  sleep and more so if you want to take control   of your metabolic health make sure to click that  subscribe button and you can also find me on   posts every single

Day as mentioned at the   start of this video the most important factor  when it comes to reversing insulin resistance   then yes you might see improvements adding   these supplements into your routine however the  results might not be long lasting or significant   talking about eating a super restrictive   low calorie

Diet the changes you make only need  to be small i won’t go too much into that today   because i have other videos talking about what to  eat for insulin resistance i will link one above   if you want to know more about that but today  we’re talking about supplements so let’s get   straight into it number one berberine berberine

Is  a natural compound that helps the body break down   sugar inside cells decreases sugar production  by the liver and improves insulin sensitivity   it is found in certain plants such as turmeric  but it is also isolated into a supplement and   can be bought over the counter berberine is often  recommended as an alternative

To the prescription   drug metformin with some studies showing it to be  just as effective at improving insulin sensitivity   and oftentimes with less side effects however  berberine does cause some digestive side effects   for certain people but overall the side effects  are less common and less severe than metformin  

Generally it is recommended to take 500 milligrams  two to three times per day you can take it before   every meal but then other people they’ll only  take it one time just in the morning both of   these approaches can be effective and before we  move on i just want to say i’m going to be linking   some of my favorite brands

For all the supplements  i talked about today in the description box down   essential mineral that works with insulin   levels have been linked with poor insulin   sensitivity and are common in people with type 2  diabetes but to be honest insulin resistant or not   most people are actually deficient in magnesium  it

Used to be a lot more abundant in our food   but our food has become depleted in the last 50  years it has been estimated that the amount of   magnesium in fruit and vegetables has decreased by  80 percent so even if you’re not insulin resistant   it is probably a good idea to supplement magnesium  now depending on the form of

Magnesium you’re   taking will depend on how much you should take  because some are more bioavailable than others   but in general 250 to 350 milligrams per day has  been shown in studies to be beneficial now before   we get into the final three supplements i’m going  to take a quick moment to tell you about today’s  

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Save ten percent   off your order thank you again to squarespace  for sponsoring this video number three inositol   inositol which is also known as myo-inositol or  vitamin b8 is a nutrient that we consume about   it gets depleted by high blood sugar levels   inositol plays a role in insulin signaling and it  improves

Insulin sensitivity now i’m often asked   if you can take inositol and berberine together  and this combination hasn’t been studied too much   but i think it’s best to choose either one or the  other because both of these are going to improve   insulin sensitivity and that might cause your  blood sugar to drop too low if too

Much glucose   is taken out of your bloodstream like berberine  inositol can cause symptoms for some people   and you’ve been having some side effects it’s   four grams of inositol is recommended per day   up to 18 grams in a day most people are fine   up to 18 grams without any side effects however  once you get

Above this more side effects   start to be seen number four chromium chromium  is another essential mineral like magnesium   it is found in foods such as beef chicken and  green beans it plays a role in the regulation   protein and fat metabolism chromium enhances   your cell’s response to insulin and thus improves 

Sensitivity chromium deficiency has also been   linked to insulin resistance now with chromium  35 micrograms per day is recommended for men   and 25 micrograms for women but higher doses might  be beneficial for insulin resistance the upper   recommended limit is 1000 micrograms but getting  any meaningful amount from diet can

Be difficult   a small steak for example has about six micrograms  so supplementation of chromium can definitely be   beneficial number five gaba and finally we have  gaba which is short for gamma-aminobutyric acid   it is best known for reducing stress reducing  anxiety improving mood and improving sleep but it   also

Helps to regulate blood glucose and improves  insulin sensitivity and those are the five best   supplements for insulin resistance let me know in  the comment section down below if you currently   use any of these supplements or if you’re thinking  about trying them i love chatting with you guys   in the comments section i try

To answer as many  questions as i can and if you’re a channel member   i put priority on answering your questions you can  learn more about channel membership by clicking   you head out make sure to check out squarespace   you guys did enjoy this video you might also   enjoy my video on the worst foods you can eat for 

Insulin resistance i’m going to put it right here   and if you want to learn more about my  brand new insulin resistance master class   here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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Best 5 Supplements For Insulin Resistance (Berberine, Inositol, Magnesium and More) By Health Coach Kait