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Best of sOAZ | The Baguette Toplaner

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Best of OG sOAZ: Compilation of the best plays and most funny moments of sOAZ.

Nohe level hood up early also as a ward does get hit though he slowed and he’s missing a turret so here comes bang he’s gonna flash for the slow which means so ass has to burn it preemptively and he guesses right biggie goes the wrong way so us goes back in on tamar in and the stun is still available the q comes in gets some damage there but where’s his team gonna

Be there’s no one around right now he’s still running away through the so this is in vision of flash movie that gets reload collabs they gotta finish clearing amazing can jump over the wall who’s going to win this fight and getting the red team that goes to origin here’s the battle karsa alone in front absorbing gets dumped so as is online seismos down the third

Estonians comes across he gets some damage on this day you thought that just save the game laughter barry i think it’s harder for us than anyone else because we are like um friends so better than before all right ease up the plane so no more tears except maybe on rise strategy so i’m trying to be the hero the wrinkles coming it was only the red woman he’s not

Here what a super brilliant accompany a save dr. analysis for the texas it’s down to half falling down but so as going out to the hazel there’s no way go tp it another rock tries out you’re gonna lose those time but the nexus is still time kills are already going to narrow extinguishes the goats that walk past you will we but surely get enough damage that he has

To but it’s gonna be a oh gee red another golden okay but if it did were committing kia’s objectives over gives axial it doesn’t stop ad earwax now though looking to try and answer in the topside ignite was on him and so i said let’s take this fine forces the fudge runs right into him and that’s a dead evelyn says so ad is galloping away from young buck he might

Be able to make his escape and a one for none without me to use so as he’s got himself all gone nauticus body’s only level 3 the knock ups come through he has flash he’ll use it if he needs to gets the heal enough flashes of the ratchet trade one fact we do see that they’re gonna push in wow they’re chasing real fought for this exhaust is on honey neal’s may go

Down for first blood and it straight over that picks it up so as has teleported in he’s got himself one of the poly now murphy is in trouble the reckless swing comes during the panic kick and he’s going to stay low for a few seconds longer the place where the comes out saw us forget himself a double kill now it’s top leaders on top laners we do see another part

Of got it oh simply just starling oh so it doesn’t get a kill immediately but i can counter watch the counter-attack rooney is now tanking tower i don’t know if you realize that one monsoon comes up undertow as well the fire at will and so there’s so much comes right over for the reply can i play standing ovations i’ll let you talk to them in a minute but first

Of course i want to ask you about the first day of the invitational yesterday as it was a rough start

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Best of sOAZ | The Baguette Toplaner By DutchMash