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Best Peptides for Anti-aging, Skin Brightening & Barrier Repair

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Not all peptides are created equal. Peptides are versatile ingredients that can have a variety of different cosmetic uses and different

Do you have to have peptide in your skincare routine no should you put a peptide in your skincare routine yes however not all peptides are created equal guys so this video we’re really going to break down which peptide should you be looking for is that super confusing to figure out it is but don’t worry i’m here to help you hey friends and welcome or welcome back

To the channel for anyone new hello my name is alexis i’m a board certified dermatologist today’s video is all about peptides i’ve been promising you guys i was going to talk about peptides for a while today is peptide 101. peptides can do amazingly wonderful things for the skin they can help to improve the look and feel of your skin they can even help improve

The overall health of your skin but you just have to choose the right peptide for what you personally are trying to accomplish when it comes to skincare there are really five main categories that you want to think about when choosing a peptide there are peptides that help with brightening the skin there are peptides that help with stimulating collagen and elastin

Making your skin look firmer and more bouncy there are also peptides that really help with hydration and moisturizing the skin and then there’s also peptides that are considered carrier peptides they help with transportation so helping ingredients get into the skin exactly where they need to be to carry out a certain activity then there are the botox in a bottle

Peptides those are those neurotransmitter inhibiting peptides these help to decrease the muscle movement of the face there are peptides that help with antimicrobial effects against things like bacteria fungi or yeast so in this video we’re going to break it all down i know that’s a lot but don’t think of just looking for a peptide cream that’s like looking for

A shoe well which kind think of shopping for peptides in the same way that you think of shopping for shoes you need that shoe for a certain activity are you going to cycling class you need a cycling shoe are you going running you might need some new kicks are you going to a fancy event you might need some new stilettos so every peptide has a very specific benefit

And a certain use in your skincare routine let’s break it all down i know it can get a super confusing when you hear things like collagen cream and peptide creams let’s keep it super simple let’s break down a little bit of the science here so peptides are made up of amino acids amino acids are the building blocks of peptides peptides function to do many different

Things in the body one of those functions is building proteins the proteins we care most about our skin care are collagen elastin and keratin so if you think of amino acids as letters then peptides would be the sequence of the letters that make up a word just as a single letter change will change the entire word a single amino acid change changes the nature of the

Peptides activity and peptides are often named by how many amino acids are actually bound together for example dipeptide are two amino acids tripeptide three etc all right science lecture over let’s jump into the products all right so the first product we’re going to talk about here is the barrier restore cream now this is one of the peptides that i want you to

Think of as a signaling peptide right this is a peptide that functions to create a certain signal in the body in this case it would be a signal to create hyaluronic acid so this is a moisturizing peptide so signaling peptides help to encourage the production of many different things sometimes collagen sometimes elastin sometimes hyaluronic acid so they can really

Help in a multitude of different ways when it comes to signaling peptides a c dermis matrixyl is to peptide as a skinceutical that ce farolic is to vitamin c because they have statins and research and data backing up the actual scientific claims behind their peptides matrixyl is also known as pentapeptide 4 and you can find this in a lot of the over-the-counter

Products such as the olay regenerous their vitamin c’s they’re retinols or collagen peptides etc you may also see matrixyl 3000 which is palmitoyl tripeptide 1 and tetrapeptide 7. these are commonly found in anti-aging creams but also barrier restore creams and these can be found in rose peptide lip treatment features palmitoyl tripeptide one the natorium multi

Peptide moisturizer or the elf skin holy hydration and definitely one of my favorite anti-aging creams alpha red overnight cream which has this in addition to many other fantastic skincare ingredients next neurotransmitter inhibiting products help to reduce the movement of muscle it is not to the same degree as botox my friends so i don’t want you getting overly

Excited they can help but they will definitely not be able to rival your botox and the rode peptide glazing fluid has acetyl hexapeptide aid which is one of the ingredients that are considered the botox in a bottle and it’s marketed as argireline so you’ll see it actually in quite a few different products i really like this one it’s just a really lightweight gel-like

Serum so keep in mind that there are several different benefits of peptides and one of them is hydrating and moisturizing the skin the rose skin care line it’s really geared towards hydrating and moisturizing nourishing the skin barrier it’s not necessarily geared towards anti-aging there are other skincare peptides that i recommend for anti-aging properties let’s

Jump into some of those a great product that pairs the neural peptides with retinol is the kills retinol skin renewing daily micro dose serum it has acetyl dipeptide one acetyl ester which can help to decrease some of those muscle movements while giving you all the benefits of a retinol as can rocks retinol correction deep wrinkle targeted patches this one has

Retinol plus acetyl-octal peptide iii so the enzyme inhibiting peptides can inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase which we all know is the bane of our existence if we are dealing with hyperpigmentation or dark marks or dark spots so one of my favorite peptides that are really good for brightening is the hydrolyzed rice peptide which you can find in the skin fix triple

Lipid peptide cream the elta md pm therapy or the vichy lift active peptide c anti-aging ampule next up are the carrier peptides that help to transport different trace elements like copper into the skin and definitely one of the best well-known ones for this is from the ordinary i really love the biosans squalane plus copper peptide rapid plumping serum this one has

Copper tripeptide 1 and tetrapeptide 30 which is a fantastic brightening peptide it also has anti-inflammatory properties and blocks the transfer of melanin to the surrounding cells another product that i love that has tetrapeptide 30 is edom’s cloud cushion airy brightening moisturizer so let’s talk about two of my favorite peptides that are really well known for

Being great at brightening nanopeptide one which can be found in the allies of skin mandelic pigmentation corrector night serum as well as the entiage of brightner daily gel cream these are super well-rounded products guys they have tons of other brightening ingredients in there in addition to the brightening peptide and skin better’s even tone correcting serum has

Acetyl glycol beta alanine another advanced skin clarifying brightening peptide that’s definitely worth looking into the antimicrobial effects that can come from peptides are things like bacitracin bottom line guys is that peptides can be extremely beneficial to your skin but just choose the right one for what you actually need i do not think you need a separate

Peptide product use a product that already has peptides formulated in it with peptides definitely do not replace any of your skin care staples you for sure still need a good antioxidant in the morning time like a vitamin c and a retinoid at nighttime but i would highly recommend that you find these products that already have peptides incorporated into the formula

So that you get even more benefit i hope that you guys found this video helpful if so please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel i would love to have you let me know what you want to see next time and until next time everyone be well

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Best Peptides for Anti-aging, Skin Brightening & Barrier Repair By Dr Alexis Stephens