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Betamethasone – Mechanism, precautions, side effects & uses

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Betamethasone is a synthetic corticosteroid indicated for inflammatory disorders. It can be used for topical purpose to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis. It can also be used to treat systemic inflammation.

Hi everyone today in this video let us discuss beta method zone what is this drug beta methazone the suffix zone indicates that this drug is a corticosteroid and cartosteroids are having anti-inflammatory activity so beta mitzon acts as anti-inflammatory agent this drug is also having immunosuppressant activities but being a corticosteroid beta mitzon is

Particularly used as anti-inflammatory agent this drug can be used by tropical root in the form of lotion cream gel as well as foam and this beta method forms a diester with the propionic acid so it is available as dipropionate ester which is more potent and it can be used for topical purpose similarly another ester form is also available beta m its own valerate

Which is somewhat less potent compared with this dye propionate so in many of these topical preparations beta amidst its own dipropionate is present which is the potent corticosteroid and this drug can be used for the treatment of dermatologists which are involved with inflammatory reactions such as eczema even it can be used for the treatment of psoriasis and

Any skin conditions associated with proritus in all these conditions beta medicine can be used by topical root similarly this drug is also available as eye drops for the treatment of ocular inflammation not only the topical root this drug is also available for systemic purpose it is available by oral root as well as it is given by intravenous or intramuscular

Root so it can be used for systemic disorders associated with inflammation for instance it can be used in the treatment of endocrine disorders such as adrenal hyperplasia gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis rheumatic disorders renal disorders respiratory disorders so many of the systemic disorders associated with any inflammatory conditions

Can be treated by beta method so today in this video we are going to see how this drug acts what is its chemical nature what are the important precautions side effects dosage forms all these things we will discuss in this video first of all that is the chemical nature of this type so this is the structure of beta methyl zone let us give the numbering to this

Sterile ring so this is the numbering now simply it is having 21 carbon sterile ring so suffix of the drug is nothing but pregnant and it is having the double bonds at first position as well as at the fourth position so we can write this as big 1 4 diene and ketone groups are present at third and 20th position so three twenty diom now at the sixteenth position we

Can observe a methyl group which is attached by beta configuration so we can write this as sixteen beta methyl that’s why beta method is having infix beta which indicates it is having the methyl group at 16th position attached by beta configuration similarly it is having the fluorine group at the ninth position so nine fluoro and hydroxyl groups are present at

11th 17 and 21 positions so 11 17 21 trihydroxy that is a complete name of beta method now let’s see how this drug acts so beta mitzon acts on the inflammatory cells being a steroid it acts on nuclear receptors so within the cytoplasm glucocorticoid receptors are present which are coupled with few of the proteins such as hsp90 heat shock protein 90. this beta

Medicine can interact with the dna within the nucleus so initially it binds to the glucocorticoid receptors within the cytoplasm which is going to be internalized into the nucleus and then it is going to be dimerized this dimerized complex can interact with the dna to produce the gene transcription so that it can produce mrna this gene transcription is followed

By protein synthesis so that it can prepare for the proteins such as lipocartin one as well as anexin a1 these proteins can control the inflammatory cascade thereby they can reduce the inflammatory gene transcription similarly beta method can also inhibit the release of il2 one of the important mediator which increase the immune response that’s why beta medicine

Also acts as immunosuppressant few of the inflammatory mediators can act on their corresponding receptors so that they can activate inflammatory pathways one of the inflammatory pathways the nfkb nuclear factor kapabi this nfkb can interact with the dna so that it can produce inflammatory gene transcription releasing the various types of inflammatory mediators

Now b time its own occupying the glucocorticoid receptors it can inhibit the acute of nfkb so that it can inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators in this way betime its own can also reduce the inflammatory gene transcription similarly when there is an inflammatory stimuli it can stimulate the release of phospholipase a2 which is the cleavage enzyme and

This enzyme can produce a cleavage of phospholipids so that they can release free of the mediator such as arachidonic acid this erectonic acid is actually fatty acid which is going to be converted by cox pathway into so many types of inflammatory mediators such as pge2 pgi 2 and thromboxane a2 all these mediators can produce inflammation pain now beta medicine

Can also control this pathway it can induce the formation of anexin a1 which is going to inhibit the acute of phospholipase a2 by inhibition of this pathway now prosthetics are not released such that inflammation can be controlled similarly betamine can also inhibit the cox pathway so that it can directly inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins by all of these

Actions beta method can reduce the inflammatory response that’s why it can be used in the treatment of various inflammatory disorders what are the precautions one of the important precautions of beta mitzon is that this drug can act on the eye so that it can produce some visual disturbances so with the use of vitamin zone the visual acuity may be reduced and you

Can also develop the cataracts and the intraocular pressure is going to be increased resulting in the increased risk of glaucoma so if patient is already having any risk factors for cataract and glaucoma then this beta method should be carefully used similarly this drug can produce some allergic contact dermatitis it can produce allergic skin reactions particularly

When it is applied by topical root if any such symptoms are observed then patch testing can be done in order to assess any hypersensitivity towards the beta method similarly this drug can suppress the hp axis hypothalamus pituitary and adrenal axis actually this axis is response for release of cortisol when this beta method inhibit this axis the cortisol release

Is somewhat inhibited resulting in the decreased cortisol levels so this produce adrenal insufficiency which is observed during the treatment as well as after withdrawal of this drug and this adrenal insufficiency is somewhat reversible so when the use of this drug is going to be stopped again hp access can be restored but the extent of suppression depends on the

Dose as well as frequency so with the higher doses and frequent administration hp access can be suppressed which results in the hyperglycemia and development of cushing’s syndrome now let us see the side effects of beta meat zone the important side effects mainly include the local reactions it can produce it can produce some burning irritation erythema dryness

Pruritus hypopigmentation it can also produce some acne form eruptions on the skin so all these are the hypersensitive reactions that can be produced by betamidsone it can also produce some contact dermatitis rashes and systemic side effects such as increase in intraocular pressure which increase the risk of glaucoma and development of cataracts can be observed

With this beta amidst zone so when this drug is used for topical purpose very less amount is going to be absorbed but with increased dose and frequency of administration these seismic side effects cannot be absurd how it is given this truck is available in different doses forms it is available as lotion it is available as cream or gel even is also available

As a spray and foam so when it is applied for topical purpose the cream should be applied as a thin film which can be applied either once daily or twice daily the treatment can be continued up to two weeks to reduce the inflammation but perfect the dose should be less than 50 gram in order to avoid suppression of hp access similarly this drug is also available

As eye drops even as tablet for world purpose and injection for intravenous or intramuscular purpose in this way beta medicine is available in different doses forms so that’s about this drug betamic zone which is a corticosteroid used in inflammatory conditions it is mainly used as a topical purpose for controlling skin reactions such as eczema psoriasis and

Pruritus it can also be given by systemic root in order to control inflammatory systemic disorders suppression of hp access is one of the important precaution and this truck can increase the risk of glaucoma and cataracts which should be carefully monitored so that’s about this right be damaged soon in our next video we will come with another interesting track

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