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BEWARE OF CIPRO: Antibiotics can have serious side effects!

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Hey everyone! 💕 I hope you enjoy this video about the dangers that could come with Cipro, and other antibiotics in this family. The FDA warnings are scary, and I wish that I would have read them before taking this medication! Please be careful when taking new medications, and always do your own research!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is paige welcome and today i want to talk to you guys about the dangers of a certain family of antibiotics cipro i’ve had a battle with cipro and i know multiple people who are hyper mobile and have had issues with cipro so let’s get into why cipro is so dangerous and why it should have never ever

Been given to me if you’re more curious about my full story about how i got diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome i will link that video above i will also link the video on how i manage my symptoms in case you’re curious about that so yeah check those videos out so this whole story starts about one year ago almost one year ago right before i was diagnosed

With ehlers-danlos syndrome i had a kidney infection that was brutal and i was given cipro for the kidney infection the antibiotics that they gave me cipro ruined me way harder than the infection was ruining me i just i felt so so miserable during this time so further research tells me to stay away stay away from this family of antibiotics stay away from cipro

Unless it’s the last resort cipro should not be given to me or to anyone who has similar issues as me please please please research any time that you were given new medication that you’ve never taken before because you’re not sure how you’re going to react to it so make sure you do your research cipro is in the family of antibiotics called fluoroquinolone and

I hope i’m saying that right but this family of antibiotics is very dangerous here are some of the risks tendinitis tendon rupture and i already have issues with my tendons so this is scary change in sensation or nerve damage hypoglycemia so cipro can lower your blood sugar so please please be careful of this especially if you’re diabetic disturbances in mental

Abilities i mean in a nutshell these are just debilitating and potentially permanent serious side effects that can occur altogether at the same time and put you in a coma or kill you like it’s it’s bad and i i want to go through the fda warnings that have been put on cipro since 2016. just a couple little things in there i’ll bring it up on the screen but it’s

It’s pretty scary so let’s get into that okay so this first screenshot that i’m going to show you guys says fda drug safety communication fda advises restricting fluoroquinolone use for certain un complicated infections warrant warns about disabling side effects that can occur together so that’s where i got that information from and in this article it says that

The side effects can involve the tendons muscles joints nerves and central nervous system i already have issues with all five of these things i already have issues with all five of these things so this probably should never have been given to me even though i don’t think i have a type of eds that would make this an issue they didn’t know what was wrong with

Me at the time if i had um eds and they didn’t know what type they shouldn’t have given this to me as well but yeah if you have marfan syndrome or ella’s domino syndrome that tells you to be careful because it can cause cause hypertension and fda adds black box warning to you okay yeah so this is the black box warning um they’re talking about the risks of mental

Health and low blood sugar adverse reactions so this is the one talking about it can lower your blood sugar and yeah and cause hypoglycemia and in this black box warning it does talk about the potential for irreversible peripheral neuropathy and that’s scary and i feel like that’s kind of what’s happened to me and why i am having nerve issues because it got i

Don’t know i think that i had nerve issues before i got put onto cipro but the cipro made my nerve issues so much worse i i seriously just felt like if someone touched me just touched my arm it felt like i was getting sucked punched in the arm just it hurts and i can’t i that’s the best way that i can explain that so yeah those are my warnings to you about cipro

And other antibiotics like cipro please be careful about the antibiotics that you’re taking and please read the fda warnings they’re there for a reason people like you have probably had similar experiences so please be careful so how did zipro bring out my diagnosis why why should i have never been given cipro the answer answer’s clear here it brought out all of

My symptoms it made my gastroparesis worse it made my pots worse because it messed with my nervous system it made my joint pain worse so everything is acting up and you can finally see that there’s something clearly wrong with me but it’s it’s pretty much what’s been wrong with me my whole life just intensified so uh it was it was miserable but i’m so glad that

It led me to my diagnosis however because these fda warnings say to never give this to someone with ms or eds or people with ra like they should have never given it to me because i’ve been complaining about all these things for so long they should have never given me cipro it should have been a last resort for me and it wasn’t and it it took about eight months

To recover from this whole ordeal so i feel like i’m still recovering in some ways it’s just it’s crazy it contributed to my weight loss it contributed to my loss of movement abilities if that’s a word but yeah cipro took a lot away from me so just be super careful when you’re given a new medication because you really just never know how your body is going to

React and i react pretty scary to some medicines like i get i i’m allergic to a lot of medications so just just be super careful and only take one new medication at a time that’s that’s something that i’d like to add oh and if you are taking an antibiotic please take a probiotic with it please it will it will help your stomach so much the antibiotics hurt my

Stomach so let me show you the probiotic that i take this is the probiotic that i take it’s from claire labs it’s the third biotic complete and i keep it in the refrigerator to keep it nice and ready to go keep all the bacteria cold so yeah i keep this in a little fridge by my bed and i take it especially when i’m on antibiotics but i try to take it every day

I did want to mention how i recovered from all this damage of cipro not that i fully recovered but i’m on medication i’m on supplements i have daily exercises and i do my best that is all that i can tell you my recovery has been so long and i feel like the baby steps have been so small but we’re finally to a place where i’m moving around i can go coach at your

Practice and that makes me so happy so yeah all right you guys i think that’s it i hope that you guys have a great week if you liked this video if you like me please give this video a thumbs up subscribe down below and check out some of my other videos down in the description box have a great day you guys bye you

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BEWARE OF CIPRO: Antibiotics can have serious side effects! By Paige Elizabeth