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Bile Acid Sequestrants (Welchol)

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Hey guys killed here and you are tuned back into kim ii the diabetes np a place where nurse practitioners can improve and enhance their diabetes education and management skills today we are going to be talking about bile acid sequestrants this drug class holds the drug well called this is an adjunct therapy so if you want to learn a little bit more about will call

Tune in we’re going to get into it so let’s get into some overview like i said in the intro this is an adjunct therapy meaning that this is not a drug that you’re gonna use as a mono therapy it’s something that you’re going to tag on with something else now this drug is typically used for cholesterol therapy it lowers the ldl but they have noticed that it does have

Positive effects on your blood glucose especially in the early stages of diabetes type 2 now how this drug works on diabetes is it decreases the hepatic glucose production it also decreases the insulin resistance that a patient may have and it also slows down gi motility meaning that the glucose is not going to be really absorbed in the intestines and thereby it

Basically affects the postprandial glucose and really in a nutshell that’s what this drug class does so with your side effects clearly if this drug class slows gi motility you’re gonna have some gi effects you’re gonna have constipation indigestion nausea bloating flatulence so those are some side effects that we need to educate our patients this would be your pal

Your pearl of wisdom because again like we have talked about earlier if you do not tell your patients what may be coming down the pipe you’re setting them up for failure because they’re probably gonna most likely discontinue if they are not looking and anticipating that precautions and contraindications now with contraindications i really do and find any but i did

Come across a couple of precautions that we need to keep in mind as nurse practitioners one of the things which is kind of interesting because this drug is used for cholesterol therapy it lowers the ldl but it actually increases your triglycerides so that is something that we need to monitor and if you have a patient that has rather high triglycerides prior to

Starting this medicine this is probably not a medicine that you would want to put them on now here’s something to keep in mind and really would probably deter a lot of us from prescribing this medicine for our patients the peel burden and what i mean by that is when a patient is taking this medicine they’re going to be taking a lot of pills at once i want to say

Anywhere between three to six pills if i can remember correctly when i tried to prescribe this as a brand new nurse practitioner my patients hated this medicine because the pills are rather large they taste horribly and there is a formulation that comes like in a powder that they can mix in a drink but if they do not mix it well enough because it’s rather hard to

Mix in liquids though it’s a powder it doesn’t dissolve easily if they dissolve it in water it’s going to be gritty and it’s going to be disgusting as i have been told and then if they don’t mix it well in orange juice it also makes the orange juice something that’s very citric see i don’t even know if i said that right but it’s gonna make that taste bad as well

So that in and of itself is just an inconvenience okay so also have to keep in mind that this is just an adjunct therapy i did want to mention this drug class because it’s something that’s out there as another option but i do want to let you all know all of it not just some of it okay guys that’s all i have for you with this drug class short and sweet today and of

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In the description box there should be a subscribe button that you can click as well and for those who don’t know and those who do know in the description box there’s your diabetic mid cheat sheet that goes along with this drug class and like i’ve been saying in the past couple of videos i am gearing up for insulin and i have created an insulin survey because i

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Only gonna take you a couple of minutes and i’ll greatly appreciate it again you have been sitting here with me camp and you’ve been listening to kim either diabetes mp and i’ll catch you next time bye

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Bile Acid Sequestrants (Welchol) By Kim E. The Diabetes NP