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Hi friends it’s veronica wax naturopathic physician happily retired today we will continue our conversation about bile reflux bile gastritis and we will talk about treatment plan this is part two of this um lecture part one in part two we will talk about diet about bitter herbs liver support herbs needs of uh taking care of constipation dysbiosis and pancreatic

Insufficiency you may ask me a question why is that i want to deal with dysbiosis or constipation when you have bile reflux and the answer is the cause of bile reflux is unknown it is most likely the consequences of some long-standing problem so in order to understand this concept let’s go to the blackboard and i will explain that to you as always i already

Pre-draw my favorite picture of digestive tract mouse with the teeth esophagus stomach low esophageal sphincter pillars is located here small intestine is here large intestine is here and we go to the bathroom right here here liver is located oops liver and it will drain here into small intestine also pancreas is located here which will produce pancreatic

Enzymes you may recall from the previous lecture that pile reflux is bile goes here into the stomach and may contribute to acid reflux i said in that previous presentation that nothing should be moving from bottom to the top so everything have to go from top to the bottom from small intestine to the large intestine and eventually out so if bile is moving it

Means if bile is moving up into the stomach it means that you did not create environment right here right working environment below pilarus let’s look what is lucky is allocated here number one liver number two pancreas number three small intestine and the large intestine so you have to address number three and fourth is a large intestine so what we know about

Those we need to create uh to make sure that liver produce and pancreas both produce good quality and quantity juices here into the small intestine to create a right working environment in small intestine we have brush borer enzymes and in both in small and large intestine we have bacteria that will help us to digest food and move that alone if you don’t move it

Down here then the answer is it’s going to stay here and as it’s going to stay here longer in the small intestine it will have a higher chance to go here into the stomach so all the problem number one liver pancreas small intestine and large intestine with bacteria dysbiosis needs to be addressed now let’s go to the back two slides so here the problems that needs

To be addressed diet beta herbs and support herbs for the liver deal with constipation dysbiosis and pancreatic insufficiency so as you may probably noticed in many of my lectures or my videos when i talk about the treatment i always start with diet if you do not if you’re not going to change your diet if you aren’t going to change your eating habits you may

Take supplements and you will have temporary relief from the problem but long-term effect only will happen when you actually change your diet so neither liver no pancreas love fatty food they don’t like fried food they don’t like chemicals that come from preservatives or herbicides or pesticides they don’t like alcohol they don’t like smoke so that has to go now

What you are going to do especially for the liver and for the pancreas they both love moderately sweet fruits and vegetables so i um you can see i try to block i try to block hard bananas here so here is the example of fruits and vegetables that both liver and pancreas love and they would be better when there is inflammation in the digestive tract cooked so you

Can slightly cook pears apples everything could be cooked here incorporate whole grains actually whole many whole grains are seeds by definition you can see here probably quinoa amaranth and beans so they considered seed incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet here there are it’s not only almonds there are many different and they come not only in form of nuts

They also come in form of butters easy to digest so you will be eating meat and fish low fat preferably boiled steamed and baked nothing should be grilled or fried bitter herbs they will stimulate production and improve quality and quality quantity and quality of bile and pancreatic juices such as arugula escarole and dandelion leaves better sometimes cooked if

You have an inflammation and digestive tract now we are going into liver and my favorite as you may know milk tissue dandelion and bulldog if you are going to move with the supplements make sure that you start with one let’s start suppose you start with bulldog do three drops once per day then you can go to 60 drops then you can add dandelion and milk to salt

Into the mixture finally with the constipation diet change and probiotic also it’s a kind of dealing with dysbiosis pancreatic insufficiency could be solved with taking pancreatic enzymes here on the picture you see an example of supplements that i used to use in my practice that’s what i called industrial strain supplements you can see the concentration of

Probiotics 60 billion it has 19 different strains it’s not your figure immediately it is something to to to take when you have a serious problem but you have to add one supplement at the time so you start with prebiotic and then you may add pancreatic enzymes pancreatic enzymes also very high can’t have a high concentration and they are not for vegetarians they

Made out of real pancreatic gland of the pig that’s it for today guys if you have any questions please ask here all relative links will be there in the description like subscribe bye bye for now

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