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Bipolar I Disorder – Going off Geodon

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Met with the doctor and he wants me to stop taking the Geodon

Hey everyone its mood disordered mind today i talked to my psychiatrist at the partial program and i told him the symptoms that i’ve been experiencing with being on the geodon and he’s decided that i should come off of the geodon and see if it’s the geodon making me have these side effects symptoms whatever or if it’s the lamictal because right now he he doesn’t

Know cuz i’m on both so i’m gonna stop that and i leave the program on friday so i have to see him i know and i’m not going tomorrow because i have class so i will have to see him probably thursday or friday he said he wanted to see me again and that’s fine sorry about that sorry so i am a little worried because i’m if if these medications aren’t working and i’m

Leaving the program on friday what else is he gonna put me on is he gonna put me on something else i don’t see my regular psychiatrist until the 27th so i’m just a little bit worried about what’s gonna happen between now and friday you know i mean this stuff makes me feel like i’m loopy and all whatever like i’m a zombie but i’m sleeping and i don’t know what’s

Worse not sleeping and being all over the place with my moods and whatever or sleeping and being loopy and all in the place with me it just doesn’t seem to be a happy medium but you know it is what it is so i’m gonna stop that and hopefully i sleep tonight i really don’t start going back to staying up late and getting a few hours sleep and then just trudging it

Through the day i mean that’s no way to live that’s no way to live lack of sleep is definitely done detrimental to one’s health and i’m trying not to worry about it i’m trying to use the coping skills that i’ve learned to kind of deal with the situation but it does it’s a concern it’s a it’s a bit of a worry not to the point that i’m freaking out or anything but i

Just i want to i want to leave the program and be at a good place because since i’m in college i have to miss two days a week going there so my insurance like if you get two if you miss two days then the insurance doesn’t cover it and tomorrow will be my second day that’s why i’m finishing on friday otherwise i’m probably sure they’d have me in for at least another

Week to make sure that i’m all right and you never know maybe they’ll have me stay stay longer i mean i i don’t know at this point i’m i don’t know and now it’s on my mind so i’m just gonna say it right now my macro class though i’m taking macroeconomics i suck at it i don’t get it it’s causing me stress it really it’s literally like i’m talking about it and i’m

Feeling myself just like i can feel my heart start to race faster it’s just causing me stress just thinking about it so i’m going to i’m gonna see if i can withdraw from the class for this semester keep my other two classes because i’m actually doing well in them i think i have a a b average so i want to keep those classes and i like them they’re social work and

I want to be a social worker so that’s kind of been bothering me too so i have all like all these stressors just kind of i feel like i’m being boxed in you know i i’m not right with my meds and now right with my meds and i just i’ve been feeling that those change of emotions you know the whole rapid cycling mix episode thing that that happened today i was there

I started getting lightheaded and dizzy and i started feeling those intention motions and then i went and cried in the bathroom for no apparent reason i wasn’t sad at all it was bad so i hope all is doing well and i will talk to you later bye

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