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Birth Control Pill Side Effect Doctors Don’t Tell You (It Made Me Hate My Boyfriend)

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Birth Control Pill Side Effect Doctors Don’t Tell You (It Made Me Hate My Boyfriend)

Hello so this is going to be a quick psa about birth control and how it can completely change what you’re attracted to who you like how you feel about things just like everything about you because that’s what i experienced so i wish somebody had told me that this could happen because this was very unknown to me so i’ve been on birth control since i was like 14 or 15

Because i was always hemorrhaging i had like really horrible periods and birth control was the only thing that helped it so i’m 27 now so that was like 13 years 12 13 years ago that i was on birth control which is insane when you think about it because it’s my entire adult life and i can honestly say since i’ve been off of it i know now who i am and i understood i

Understand myself better and i fuel work comfortable with myself it’s weird i don’t know how to explain it my whole adult life i’ve struggled with anxiety and depression and all of that jazz turns out i did have a thyroid condition so a lot of that was attributed to that in there was a very low point in 2018 that i was like super super depressed and i hadn’t dated

In like three years because my previous boyfriend got arrested cheated on me was emotionally abusive and i was kind of scared of i’m for a long time so when i was super depressed from 2018 everybody was like you shouldn’t just start dating again like maybe that’ll just help you you know be a little bit happier you’ll get out more you’ll meet new people you’ll be

More social cuz i just like wouldn’t leave my apartment and i wasn’t one for dating apps or anything like that so i have recently started rock climbing at the time too force myself to get out of the house because i was in such a depression and my friends were like you just you need to meet someone just ask someone on a date so i was like okay let me just like what

Could what do i have to lose so i got on the climbing gym one day and i see somebody i literally looked around the room and i was like let me pick somebody that i’ve talked to already that seems nice probably wouldn’t be a serial killer and just ask them for their phone number so that’s what i did and i literally went up to this one guy i was like hey i’m looking to

Make a group of people to go outdoor climbing with if you would like to come um you can give me your phone number you don’t look like a serial killer i’m pretty sure i actually said that to him so you know if you want to join us let me know and he gave me a phone number you’re completely oblivious to the fact that i was like just turn again do you want to date with

Me we started dating and it was pretty great like it definitely helped my depression because i was distracted from it um he was very different than me like we were bluey different people i’m very like all over the place i’m organized i’m a creative so like i just i’m a mess all the time and he is an academic his phd he runs on schedules and he’s really organized

Which is like what i needed in my life because i was so messed up i guess i was just excited that i hadn’t met somebody who was genuinely nice that didn’t seem like they were going to destroy my heart and he didn’t want kids which is a huge thing to me because i imagine having children of my own so we had obviously we had our differences we were very different

People but we we worked together to try to make this work and i would say we had a pretty good relationship like it was not perfect by any means there were a lot of times where we would argue and fight about things but we were never like really bad to each other and that to me was amazing because my previous relationship was so horrible with the cheating lying

Getting arrested you know it was just really refreshing to meet somebody like this nothing like eight months into it we actually moved in together and we were talking about marriage and stuff and i was like telling my mom i was like okay um like he’s not perfect but he’s really great he’s a really nice person so like this is probably it just so you know and she

Was so excited he’s got a phd like that means absolutely nothing but so our entire relationship was about a year and a half not even know it was like a year and maybe like two or three months and so i had still been dealing with quite a bit because you know my thyroid was still messed up i was like on different levels of medication all the time so i was still in

This depression i was you know still trying to get out of it but he was like really really trying to like you know push me to make me feel better he encouraged me to take a job that i definitely didn’t want to take because it was not the right company for me and i took this all a sport but now that i think about it now like he was definitely trying to change me

He wanted to be he wanted me to be more like him where he’s like on a schedule he’s on time all the time he’s you know organized and i think he really wanted that for me because he thought that that’s what would make me feel better but i figured that that’s just how relationships go like you sacrifice to make things work and like we were really trying to make things

Work so my medication wasn’t really working and i had been on birth control for so long and i was like maybe the hormones are affecting my medication so i really would just want to stop birth control and see if that would help so i decided to go off of birth control and just like cold turkey cut out of my life and within a week i could not stand my boyfriend and

This sounds so horrible but it was like a switch just flipped in my brain and everything that i thought i liked about him i hated i wasn’t attracted anything about not him just physically but like who he was like i couldn’t stand that he was an academic i couldn’t stand me he was on a schedule like everything really bothered me and it just blew my mind how much

I could change in a week and i was like oh well maybe my hormones just need to balance out but no like that’s who who i am like i’m not attracted to that and birth-control mainly attracted to that because it raises your estrogen levels rather than your tips your testosterone and like i generally just have higher testosterone levels which make you more attracted

To more more like masculine muscly people i guess and he was quite the opposite of that so it just it was like overnight i woke up i was like who am i sleeping next to and i felt really horrible about it because that was not fair to him at all whatsoever and he’s like a genuinely great guy like he’s you know killing it for himself he’s he deserves so much more and

When i put him through but i just it wasn’t me anymore i didn’t feel like me and i didn’t feel like i know knew who i was because i just felt like a completely different person um but other than it destroying my relationship going on forth control made me so happy i stopped having brain fog which i didn’t realize i had i wasn’t depressed anymore i didn’t feel like

I had this rainy cloud above me i felt more creative and motivated and inspired and i wanted to like leave the house more often it was just like a complete 180 and unfortunately it really affected my relationship because obviously i didn’t want to be with him anymore aside from not being into him anymore i also had a small crush on one of our other friends the

Entire time we were in a relationship completely suppressed because i was comfortable being in the relationship i was in but as soon as like that switch flipped i was like no like i’m really attractive to this other guy and i’m really unhappy in my relationship so but what i’m trying to say is that it’s really important especially if you’ve been on birth control

For so long that you didn’t know you haven’t known your partner off of birth control and you plan on getting married please go off birth control before you get married because now i like after doing research there are so many women who have been in birth control the whole time they’ve been with their current partners they get married and then they go off birth

Control to have babies and they can’t see their partner it like really changes what you’re attracted to it changed so much about me like what turns me on what like makes me like happy like what i think is romantic what i think is like annoying what bothers me like everything it changed so much about me and at 27 i think you finally saying i’m comfortable and i’m

Confident and i knew who i am now and i have never had that feeling before so while i don’t regret being on birth control because i definitely needed it and a lot of women do need it there are so many other options now even like hormone free iuds just there’s just so many things you can do instead of birth control and if you don’t need to be on it if you feel like

You’re not your best self and maybe try going off of it and just see how you feel for a little it didn’t make my face break out horribly and i had some like weight issues afterwards but after your hormones start to balance out then you’ll feel better than ever so you have like pcos and you’re getting like this on your ovaries and you’re dying a pain but if you

Have the option to go off our first control i really recommend you try it because there’s just so many of my friends that have said they feel like a different person and they feel like they don’t have a cloud of their head they don’t feel like they were there mind-controlled anymore because that’s actually how i felt so i just wanted to share that with you because

I think it’s really important and i think all women should have the correct knowledge to do what they choose and i hope this helps even just one person so thanks for listening to me ramble okay bye

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Birth Control Pill Side Effect Doctors Don't Tell You (It Made Me Hate My Boyfriend) By NailKnowHow by Julie Ventura