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Birth Control, Spironolactone & Adapalene for Acne! | 6 month update! (Going to start tretinoin?)

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Time for a Skin Update! It has been a WHILE but I am super excited to share this video and my results so far with you guys! I’ve been on birth control (NIKKI) and Spironolactone for 6 months now and I’ve been using Adapalene for 5 months. I will link my skin update playlist with all of my previous skin updates sown below if you’re interested 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and as always, my DM’s are open on instagram @sarahhh.beth

It’s doing really well compared to what it was hello guys welcome or welcome back to my channel it has been a while since we’ve done any type of birth control content won’t spironolactone now i’m on a dappling it’s a topical i think i’ve mentioned that in a skincare routine and we’re also here with a new background i switched my room around so i don’t have to sit on

The floor to film anymore feels great we’re just going to jump right in and i’m going to show you my skin it is doing pretty good i got a few breakouts around my chin and mouth this month and it kind of sent me like oh is it is my acne coming back i think that’s always a worry it’s never fully going away but i mean this was a lot more than i’ve gotten recently but

Then i started looking at my past pictures before i was on birth control and spironolactone and my face is completely different now it was just absolutely covered in breakouts i’ll put some pictures right here and i think that having those progress pictures are really good sometimes because it reminds you how far you’ve come and even though you get a few breakouts

It’s not nearly this bad so it gives you a little bit of hope a little bit of comfort knowing okay these few breakouts are not the end of the world it is fine my whole bout of acne isn’t necessarily going to come back so i got that little bit of reassurance and that helped me a little bit i don’t know if i showed you this side of my face but yeah it’s doing really

Well compared to what it was so i made a video the first month that i was on birth control i will link that right up here if you want to watch it after this and i’ll also put it in the description box i’ve been on birth control two other times originally for my acne still for my acne i was on lolo estrin for a year loved that one that one was fine my skin did really

Well on that then my insurance quit covering that i switched to juno fe my skin did not do as well on that one and i didn’t like that one as much so then i honestly just quit taking it for a year just see what would happen and my skin broke out again and hence me going back to the dermatologist a year later and she put me on birth control this is nikki by the way

It’s a generic form of yes and 50 milligrams of spironolactone a day i was very nervous to start both of these so i waited like a month after my dermatologist appointment to actually start them i tried some holistic things i drank bone broth every day i went gluten free for two months just to see if anything like that would help this was kind of my last resort

She said i could choose between this and accutane so i went with this first because you have to go in birth control for accutane anyway but i would rather do this than accutane personally just because accutane’s so harsh i’m not against accutane but that really is my very last resort because for a lot of women if your acne is hormonal anyway keep your acne going

And they end up going on sprolactone anyway so she did recommend this i figured i would try this first i’ve been on my birth control nikki for nine months now and i’ve been on my spironolactone for eight months i took it for a week the spironolactone my breasts got really tender and then i started getting scared because i saw some people online saying i didn’t

Have cysts in my breasts before i started taking this and all this stuff so i got scared and i thought i’m not taking this anymore until i talked to my dermatologist some more about my concerns but she did reassure me a little bit and recommended me to start retrying it and we could lower the dose if my boobs stayed tender and i needed to but that honestly went

Away after like a week and it’s been fine ever since so the side effects of both of these i do get headaches but i also do nails for a living so i’m staring up close all day and smelling acrylic fumes so that is most likely the cause of those headaches probably not these pills both of these actually are a diuretic so they will make you get rid of water a lot of

People said they had to pee a lot more i pee a ton anyway i i drink a ton of water throughout the day i haven’t really noticed an excess in that i have noticed my pee smells so weird and i think it’s the spironolactone i saw one other girl in her videos say that spironolactone made her pee smell really weird i’m like oh i have noticed that too i have noticed that

My periods are fine they’re consistent every month i get them around the third day of my 28 day pack so three into the white peels and then they’ll last like two to three pills into the new pack i have gained maybe five-ish pounds the past nine months i’ve been taking these things and i was really worried about weight gain because i was going on reddit and the

Internet to look up people’s experiences with both of these things some people experienced some weight gain with those but i’ve noticed maybe five pounds i haven’t noticed any weight loss no significant weight gain the last side effect i would say may be mood swings i’ve always been an extremely moody person so i don’t know if this is just enhancing it a little

Bit or if people have just been getting on my nerves more lately but i will so maybe a few mood swings but nothing horrible in my opinion like most of the time i can control it a little bit unless somebody’s really being rude i’m not gonna take it i’m not going to take it so i was going to my dermatologist every three months taking these just so she could check

Everything see if we needed to adjust anything adjust the doses from lactone she said it was fine seemed to be working she takes pictures every appointment and you could see the improvement she did put me on a dappling after the three month mark i’ve been on a dappling since march 25th i started with one to two times a week did that for a month or two went two

Two to three times a week and now i’m up to like four to five times a week i did get maybe a little dryness but nothing major and no rawness of my skin because i worked my way up i put a moisturizer underneath i show how i use this in my skincare routine i’ll link that here and in the description box if you want to see that as well so the last time i went to the

Dermatologist she said that i could go ahead and up it to tretino and if i wanted to just to really get the scars going because it is a little bit stronger than over-the-counter a dappling and she actually recommended the la roche posay version adapaline to me she said different and this were like the same but this one maybe a tiny bit gentler and i feel like i

Agree with that i also like this one more because it spreads easier before it dries did different i could never get the whole pea size and an even layer all over my face before it dried so i do prefer the laroche posay when i’ll link it down below she prescribed me the last time trey knowing like i said but i haven’t started it yet just because i’m like halfway

Done with this it was 30 and i just don’t want to waste it it’s still a really good retinoid and my thought process is why waste this when it’s still doing a good job it’s helping my skin acclimate to the retinoid so maybe i’ll have an easier transition to tretinoin and can use it more frequently once i get to tretinoin i want to use most of this if not all of it

First and since i’m using it like five times a week now it is starting to go a lot quicker than it was in the beginning but i am really excited to start tretinoin i’m a little worried about the dryness just because it is a step up but she did give me the cream version and the lowest strength 0.025 so that’s all like the dermatologist and medication prescription

Updates here’s what i’ve kind of been doing in my skincare routine i’ve tried to keep simple but i also have been toying with skin cycling because i’ve just been seeing it all over tick tock i used the laresh posay foaming cleanser at night i follow that with my servi hydrating lotion love this stuff i’ve been using it for forever then i wait for that to dry put

My adaplane on since i have these breakouts i will put my benzoyl peroxide spot treatment just focused on those breakouts you can mix a dappling and benzoyl peroxide you cannot mix tretinoin and vinyl peroxide and then in the mornings i just usually wipe my face off with a wet warm washcloth just to kind of refresh myself and then just go in straight with spf i

Don’t have any tinted spf on today but i do have my dermatology spf 45 on i just didn’t want to use a tinted sunscreen because i feel like that skews how things look and can kind of blur things out and i wanted you guys to see everything about my skin so for the skin cycling i think i’m going to keep trying it for a little bit i’m not going to go super in depth

In this video i kind of want to make a video on my experience doing it you exfoliate with something one night you use a retinoid one night and you recover and use hydrating products for two nights i held up five fingers you cycle every four nights i got the l’oreal glycolic acid toner don’t know if that’s kind of breaking me out or if it’s because it’s a acid it

Kind of made me purr i don’t know and then i’ll use a dappling and then rest for two nights but i feel like my skin’s better when i just use my retinoid because they kind of exfoliate your skin anyway i don’t know how i feel about it i probably tried out a few more weeks and just a few more times but i feel like i’d get better results just from a retinoid i might

Do a video soon updating on my experience skin cycling i might love it after a few weeks maybe my skin just has to get used to that i don’t know but i’ll keep you guys updated on it whatever i decide to do my experience with it let me know down below any videos you’ve been really wanting to see from me i’ve just been in the mood to create things give this a thumbs

Up subscribe so you don’t miss anything and i will talk to you guys soon bye foreign

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Birth Control, Spironolactone & Adapalene for Acne! | 6 month update! (Going to start tretinoin?) By Sarahhh Beth