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Bisoprolol tablets – Mechanism, precautions, side effects & uses

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Bisoprolol is a cardioselective beta blocker (BB) indicated either in alone or in combination with diuretics.

Hi everyone today in this video we are going to discuss and the drag bisoprolol what is this drug bisoprolol the suffix all indicates that this drug is a beta blocker but we have so many types of beta blockers few of the tracks are selective and many of the tracks are non-selective beta blockers among these bisoprolol is one of the cardio selective beta blocker

So this drug is selectively blocking the beta1 receptors expressed on the cardiac system thereby it reduces both rate as well as force of contraction of the heart and from the name of this track we can identify structural information so here the suffix all indicates it’s a beta blocker and the infix iso pro indicates that this drug is having isopropyl chain

So bisoprolol is having the two isopropyl groups one of the isopropyl is attached to the amine and another isopropyl is attached to the oxygen on the two terminals of the structure and since this drug is a beta 1 blocker this study is used in the treatment of hypertension either it can be used alone or it can be combined with if you have the diabetics such as

Hydrochlorothiazide so today in this video we are going to see how this drug acts what are the important precautions side effects doses all these things we will discuss in this video first of all it is the chemical nature of this trial so this is the structure of biso prolong just like other beta blockers this drug is also in aryl oxy propanol amine so here

We can observe the proper structure let us give the numbering one two three so simply it is propane to old derivative and at the first portion design the amine group which is attached with isopropyl chain so this isopropyl group can be written as propane twile which is attached to the first portion of propanol so we can write this as one dash propane twill

Amino then at the third portion it is having this ring so this is nothing but the phenoxy so we can write this as three phenoxy and this phenoxy group is attached to methyl group at the fourth portion so four methyl which is further attached to the ethoxy chain so ethoxy and finally to this ethoxy at the second position again and the isopropyl oxy group is

Present now this can be written as 2 dash propane to oil oxy that is a complete name of visoprolol you can easily observe bisoprolol is and the two isopropyl groups on both of the terminals now let’s see how this drug acts visoprolol is one of the cardioselective blocker so it is blocking the beta1 receptors expressed on cardiac system so that it can reduce

The rate of contraction as well as force of contraction this results in the decrease in the cardiac output so bisoprolol can reduce the blood pressure by reducing the cardiac output and this duck can also block the renal system such that the radiant release is somewhat inhibited which reduce the activation of draining angiotensin system and finally this can

Also act centrally to reduce the release of catecholamines so central sympatic discharge is somewhat inhibited by bisoprolol but its main action is on the heart where it is going to reduce cardiac activation thereby reduce the force of contraction so within the heart beta and receptors are expressed which are g protein coupled receptors coupled with alpha beta

Gamma subunits when the norepinephrine is released it can act on the beta 1 receptors which activates the adrenyline cyclase system this adrenaline cyclase can convert the atp into one of the secondary messenger cyclic amp this cyclic mp can stimulate the protein kinase a which are the phosphorylating enzymes responsible for control of many of ion channels so they

Can increase the intracellular calcium levels which is responsible for contraction of cardiac muscle so within the heart acting myosin filaments require the calcium now the calcium can bind to calcium binding site so that it can remove the block of proporing resulting in the sliding of actin and myosin to produce contraction of cardiac muscle obeso problem is a

Cardiac selective blocker it can selectively block the beta 1 receptors so that it can inhibit the acute of beta 1 receptors thereby can inhibit the contraction of cardiac muscle in this way besopro can reduce a cardiac stimulation thereby cardiac contraction what are the precautions just to assume that bisoprolol is selectively acting on the cardiac system and

It blocks the beta 1 receptors so this drug is about selective towards the beta 1 receptors and at low dose it is not showing any significant activity on beta 2 receptors but at the high dose of this drag it can show some activity on beta 2 receptors so at high dose bisoprolol can block these beta2 receptors which are expressed on many of the organs so this drug

At high dose it can affect the function of liver lungs and even thyroid glands so by blocking beta2 receptors at these organs bisoprolol can produce some hypoglycemia which may result in tachycardia and it can produce glucose spasm which is more significant in asthmatic patients so even it is somewhat selective but but still care should be taken in the patients

With any respiratory disorders or patients with uncontrolled diabetes similarly this drug on sudden withdrawal it can increase the action of catecholamines on the heart so that you can increase the risk of angina and myocardial infarction and even it can increase the ventricular arrhythmias so the dose of the drug should not be stopped suddenly it should be tapped

Slowly in order to avoid withdrawal effects on the heart similarly this drug can affect arteries and it can produce some arterial insufficiency so that the blood flow is going to be reduced that’s why in the patients with any peripheral vascular disease this visoprolol should be carefully given similarly bisoprol can reduce the cardiac output in the patients so in

The patients with changes to heart failure this visoprol should be given carefully as it reduces the force of contraction there will further reduce a cardiac output what are the side effects bisopranol may produce bradycardia as it reduces the rate of contraction and it can produce few of the central side effects such as headache dizziness and fatigue asthenia

Lack of energy and fear of the respiratory side effects such as sinusitis pharyngitis can be produced by this drug and it cannot produce diarrhea bronchospasm insomnia lack of sleep can be observed finally it can produce some peripheral edema within the patients how it is given this drug is available as tablets at different strengths such as 5 mg and 10 mg the

Initial dose of the drug for the treatment of hypertension is started at 5 mg because at the low dose if you have the side effects such as bronchospasm and hypoglycemia can be minimized in few of the patients the dose can be further reduced to 2.5 mg particularly in the osmotic patients with any risk of bronchospasm this bisoprolol should be used at very low dose

In other patients the dose is started at 5 mg and it can also be increased up to 10 mg and further it can be increased up to 20 mg based on the fkc of the treatment but at the high dose it can produce non-selectivity towards the beta receptors resulting in fear the side effects such as bronchospasm hypoglycemia so at high dose this drug should be carefully used

So that’s about the stack visoprolol which is a by isopropyl derivative and it is a cardio selective beta blocker acting on beta1 receptors this drug can be used either alone or in combination with diuretics for the management of hypertension as this drug reduce cardiac output it should be given carefully in the patients with congestive heart failure this truck

Should not be withdrawn suddenly and the dose of the drug should be tappered slowly in order to reduce withdrawal effects on cardiac system in our next video we will come with another interesting track so that’s for today hope you have enjoyed this video if you like this video please subscribe to our channel share this video with your friends push your comments

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