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Bowel Obstruction After Gallbladder Surgery – Why and How Does It Happen?

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Gallbladder Surgery can have some complications afterwards including a possible bowel obstruction. Why does this bowel obstruction happen after gallbladder surgery and what can be done?

Hey what’s up it’s dr. brock parker and a board-certified general surgeon and in this video we’re gonna talk about bowel obstruction after gallbladder surgery so one thing we’ll talk about real quick is what is a bowel obstruction essentially now usually we’re talking about a small bowel obstruction and so we have the let’s go through the anatomy no real quick you

Have the saw you know we put your food in the mouth it goes through south vegas was in the chest the stomach then it grinds the food up that it sends it to the small bowel right the small valve and actually grinds the food up some more makes it liquid takes all the nutrients out of it then it sends it to the large bowel the large bowel takes all the liquid out and

Or the water out and it makes it a form stool and then it goes out the poop chute if you know what i mean so we’re talking to mostly about the small bowel here and this is a small bowel obstruction after gall bladder surgery which a lot of people ask me about so secondly what is the gall bladder surgery or what you know what kind of gall bladder surgery we talked

About here so there’s a couple different types of gall bladder surgery there’s open gall bladder surgery and there is laparoscopic gall bladder surgery and most of them these days are laparoscopic surgery now every once in a while you get the old fashioned incision which is a big incision underneath the ribs like that and that’s an open gall bladder surgery you

Typically see a higher incidence of obstruction or bowel obstruction with open surgeries in general and a lower incidence of bowel obstruction with laparoscopic surgery so laparoscopic surgery typically in after gallbladder surgery the bowel obstructions is about 0.4% so really really low and even smaller percentage of those people actually have to have surgery

For that balanced ruction and and to me it makes pretty good sense usually when i go operate for a bowel obstruction it’s typically in the left lower quadrant or the right lower quadrant which is means it’s either patients have had hysterectomy oh freck to me like they take the ovaries out or surgery for diverticulitis or appendicitis those are the most common

Ones that i see typically they’re not up in the upper chest that the bowel obstructions are not up in the upper trap chest where the gallbladder is in the right upper quadrant so now let me explain about why you would get this okay after one of these gallbladder surgeries basically we form scars on the inside in the in the bowels or think of the bowels almost like

A you know the the the funny balloons that the clowns do and they make him in lots of animals into animals and stuff so the bowels are kind of like that it’s a long tube right and when the clown makes a loop and they twist it together that’s kind of like what happens with a bowel obstruction except normally our bowels are able to flip around and maybe twist on it

On itself and then it’ll untwist but when we develop a scar tissue on the inside say that top the top of that loop it may get tethered to one one part of the inside of the abdomen and so when that you know that that balloon twists around instead of being free to twist back it can’t twist back anymore and so that’s what happens in our when we’re talking about a

Bowel obstruction so essentially some of the the and this is just one way we can get a bowel obstruction it kind of the easiest way to explain it but so i’ll gets blahhh tethered up to the scar tissue where the gallbladder used to live because when we take that out we take the gallbladder out then we develop scar tissue down you know it in the gallbladder fossa

Which which where the gallbladder used to live and the small bowel then gets tethered there and then it twists around and then it has a hard time on twisting and so that’s when you get a bowel obstruction okay so i hope that helped you a little bit a lot of people ask me you know about bowel obstruction after gallbladder surgery and that’s my quick spiel on that

Of course that’s kind of quick if you want more info you may be able to find one of my other videos on that or you can go my website dr. buck parker com subscribe to my channel and i’ll make more cool videos like this for you alright take easy

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