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Good afternoon and good evening folks we have an absolute huge amount of events taking place today a japanese diplomat has been blindfolded restrained and possibly tortured by russia’s version of the cia an active sabotage that experts say could only be from a nation state has taken place on the nordstream gas pipeline the economy is in such bad shape that banks in

The uk are halting all mortgage issuing in cases and moldova is warning the world that it can no longer rely on its neutral status and must ramp up its defensive military power let’s break into what is happening in the headlines the nord gas pipeline has been attacked there is an active leak happening right now in the ocean swedish seismologists registered explosions

Near the nordstream pipelines according to now officially recognized reports the swedish national broadcaster svt are reporting that seismologist just registered explosions near the nordstream pipeline in the last 36 hours this report has been published just and accepted today svt can now reveal that measuring stations in both sweden and denmark registered strong

Underwater explosions at the same time in the same areas as the gas leaks there is no doubt about these explosions says a lecturer in seismology basically a professor at the swedish national seismic network the first explosion at 203 am the second at 704 pm the danish defense command has issued a picture of the leaking gas from the nordstream pipeline reaching the

Surface of the baltic sea denmark’s energy agency confirmed that the gas is now seeping into the baltic sea from three separate leaks on nordstream 1 and nordstream 2 prompting speculation of infrastructural sabotage at the heart of this energy standoff between russia and europe they’re saying it was done deliberately and they’re saying only russia has the means

To do it the warning about the gas leaks come from the maritime administration respectively after ships detected bubbles on the surface svt obtained the coordinates and they registered the explosions to the gas leaks in further quoted lund uh the the organization further quoted one saying that the measurements are able to clearly see how the waves bounce from

The bottom to the surface there is no doubt that this was sabotage the danish energy authority told reuters that the leak will continue for days up in two weeks hours later the maritime authority issued a warning the pipeline is being uh is being attacked they’re saying nordstrom lakes are an act of sabotage says the prime minister of poland uh german’s federal

Authorities say that our imagination no longer yields a scenario that this was not a targeted attack medvedev uh so from russia russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary says dimitri medvedev saying that russia will use its nukes if we as russia or our allies are attacked with either this type of weapon or if aggression with the use of conventional

Weapons threatens the existence of the state so that’s a huge statement it’s a bit of a reiteration but it’s a huge statement and a huge pressing move forward basically even if you use sticks and stones they say and if you use enough of them to register a threat to russia they’re going to nuke your backside deputy chairman of the russian security council says that

We are not joking about the use of nuclear weapons medvedev continues that nato will not intervene in this conflict even if russia is forced to use the strongest weapons that it has against ukraine the u.s defense secretary says that china’s defiance of the international order includes a provocation in the taiwan strait and its actions in the indian ocean we’re

Seeing military strategists say that the end is coming the war has started the drop in the pound is sending uk rate expectations upward to six percent and beyond that means a spike of 73 percent for mortgage payments warns economists mortgage deals have been withdrawn by banks and building societies or associations after a fall in the pound-fueled forecast of a

Sharp rise in rates virgin money skipped in building numerous others are halting their mortgage offers for new customers the bank of ireland said it has withdrawn all mortgages halifax says that it would stop mortgages with product fees the bank of england warned that it will not hesitate to hike interest rates after we have seen this crash this is basically 2008.

Except this time it’s around the world it’s not just affecting america it’s not just affecting some limited international companies this is a worldwide economic crisis a spokesperson for virgin money says that this is due to market conditions halifax attributes the mood move to significant changes in market pricing skipton says that it’s basically a response

Following the market over the last couple of days the british bond and security markets have been in turmoil says the finance minister announcing a mini budget which included significant tax cuts and a push toward trickle down which we knew no do uh these do not work economics the yield they say is going to send us into a rush fed’s bullard says that we have a

Serious inflation problem in the usa and bullard says that the credibility of inflation targeting is at risk basically they know they’ve lied to us at every point they said inflation was transitory or temporary they said it wasn’t going to be that bad they said that we could avoid a recession they said that it would be a soft landing they said that oh it might

Be a soft landing oh it looks like it’s a hard thing to find a soft landing oh inflation’s here to stay oh the landing is going to be hard oh the recession is already here they’ve been lying to us at every step of the way and so if they’ve been downplaying and if they’ve been lying to us about how bad it really is what does that tell you that things are going

To get a lot worse soon because now they’re admitting somewhat how bad things were but warning you about how bad things are going to get the uh japanese diplomat accused of receiving classified information was blindfolded restrained interrogated and possibly tortured during detention in eastern russia japan’s foreign minister says that this is a serious violation

Of the vienna convention japanese foreign minister says on tuesday denying the allegations made by moscow saying that the thoughts of receiving classified information was unbelievable the fsb russia’s version of the cia alleges that this individual was caught red-handed receiving classified information from a woman in exchange for money the agency also released

Video of the exchange japan says that the diplomat was blindfolded his hands and head pinned down he was detained by agents subjected to coercive interrogation which lasted several hours he was released from custody declared a persona non-grata which requires him to leave russia within 48 hours according to the fsb the documents received contain information about

Russia’s cooperation with a certain country in the asia pacific probably china this just so happens to take place at the same time that japan announced a complete and immediate cessation or halt to the transfer of any types of chemicals to russia that could be used in the creation of chemical weapons we have definitely an increase in the crescendo i was hoping

It would plateau a little bit but it looks like we just keep going higher and higher which means that the crash is going to be harder and harder felt the one two three five and seven year treasury yields are all closing above four percent the last time this happened was right before the 2008 financial crisis hungary is possibly flipping sides the prime minister

Has declared a referendum saying that it must be held on the eu’s sanctions against russia saying that these sanctions were not decided democratically they were decided by bureaucrats and elites the housing market is going to be obliterated says housing economists very few people can afford to buy at these rates and these prices and that is where they will stay

Morgan stanley sees the u.s dollar surging setting a stage for something in the world to break biden says that companies that operate gas stations must reduce the price of gasoline at the pump quote now wink wink right we know these politicians get money doesn’t matter what side they’re on the left or the right they all get money whether it’s upfront at the taxes

In the back from back room deals they don’t care what happens to you and me but they put on a good face the white house is reported to be monitoring market uh volatility as we expect another crash to come the dow jones is down 20.5 percent from its january 4th record higher close that has officially entered the technical definition of a bear market meanwhile we’re

In a recession meanwhile we have stagflation meanwhile we have uh increasing uh inflation to the consumer it’s just like it’s like a hurricane speaking of which we’ve got that hurricane racing up the western coast of florida and we’re not close but we’re close enough to uh where it is uh you know expected to hit close enough that you have to take notice because

Those tornadoes and everything can uh go as far inland as orlando as far north as ocala and start as far south as uh you know deep down past manatee county so basically uh uh you know probably a sixth of florida is within the tornado uh realm we’re going to keep a tornado watch my wife and i uh so during the the midnight hours during the uh you know you know the

Night hours we’re going to watch the news watch the alerts have our noah alerts and this is where becoming prepared pays off i see all these people scrambling get water get food get whatever get gas get propane they’re literally scrambling yelling at each other it’s just a mad house the shelves are getting empty we saw reports down in sarasota shelter empty we

Had reports from people in tampa shelves are empty people don’t know how to think ahead but this is where being prepared pays off we don’t have to really think about it our water situation is under control our food situation is under control we have ways to filter yucky water you know we we can do all of these things we have backups for power we know how to live

And do with less but for a lot of people they’re not in such a position and so now they’re like the chicken with the head cut off you’re running around scrambling don’t know what to do and they’re stuck the federal reserve says that rates will not be reduced next year in short they’re in this for the long haul a lackluster u.s u.s harvest this year set back to

Efforts to relieve a global food supply constraint by the russian war in ukraine agricultural industry experts say that things are going to get worse in 2023. that’s from bayer ag cortiva lots of other organizations they say that they’re going to need to see two years of good harvest after these pressures basically the next two years are going to be hard to make

End meet on getting food to the table when it comes to global food supply i think things are going to continue to be tight for the time being says bears chief executive high temperatures exacerbated by drought conditions flooding in some areas storm systems lackluster crop yields they’re saying all these things are happening the u.s agricultural department lowered

Its nationwide corn production estimate to 14 billion bushels multiple percentage points lower than the projected estimate eight percent lower than the 2021 total so you’re talking about knocking 10 percent of the food supply out just because you see food on the shelf today does not mean it’s going to be there tomorrow the corn harvest is expected to come below

Yields the current market expectation is that global grain and oil seed will need two consecutive normal crops to stabilize we’re going to see 48 months of high prices and lower supply availability let’s get to a couple of viewer questions the first one comes to us from cast a spell or castapel hi brad question why are why are you they meant to say not recommending

To buy lentils i guess because i’m a rice shell they’re asking that tons of them it’s better inexpensive provides the body with everything full of protein nutrition rice is empty calories and nothing more just thinking and noticing we’re watching you for a long time we like your comments and help be careful out there so for me why i say buy rice is because you

Can take thirty dollars and set your family up with 120 000 calories unfortunately big bulk uh stores don’t have the same possibility with lentils do i think lentils are a good part of preparedness absolutely are they long lasting absolutely but for me and for everyone watching it’s much more accessible for them to go get thirty thousand sixty thousand a hundred

And twenty thousand calories and sit on it put it in a five gallon bucket the white buckets at home depot the ones at walmart they’re hdp e2 stamped on the bottom those are food grade plastic you put it in there and you sit on it now you’ve got food when it comes time you don’t need i i won’t say you don’t need high nutrition but when it comes to feeding your

Family you’ve got to put calories in to put calories out so get lentils get canned food get protein get everything but make sure you get your rice because we all know i’m a big rice shell iva somersault says question brad what’s your view on colloidal silver as you talk about silver etc thank you for all that you do so silver colloids uh colloidal silver was

First developed or i guess discovered uh you know a long long time ago and they discovered it by putting basically an electrical charge to silver in a medium uh they found that this medium then contained nanoparticulate levels of silver which provided antibacterial antiviral and a couple of other components to those that used them they were used in dressings for

Burns that were used in eyes for uh infant and uh preemie you know premature childbirth conjunctivitis i believe a couple of other things that’s the primary place that they’re still used today they were also used for a long time in things like uh you know anti-viral mouthwashes uh you know people ingested it did all those things so i think it has a place absolutely

Do i think it is the thing everybody needs to save all others no i think we need to widen our toolbox and you need your garlic and turmeric and silver and uh you know all of your natural medicines and then i think you need a toolbox of uh you know last case scenario worst case scenario medicines but colloidal silver definitely in my toolbox thank you guys for

Everything that you do please stay safe out there to all of our friends in florida i hope that you guys are uh you know staying safe uh if it hits up to georgia hope you’re ready for the power outages that’s the thing you just got to be ready watch what’s happening if we have a chance to we’re going to do a live show if we have power and you know don’t have too

Much uh internet interruptions keep an eye out it would either be uh tomorrow night probably tomorrow night wednesday night into maybe thursday night depending on when and where and what we’re watching for if we don’t get a chance to because of power or internet interruptions well we’re going to do a live show here soon on the channel anyways please everybody from

My family to yours stay safe and keep watch this week’s full spectrum news is brought to us by you all of our members on patreon if you want to join next month’s patreon which is october and get our survival cards remember we send out survival cards to everybody every single month this was on gastric ulcers and how to heal them this was on making your own chicken

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