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What’s up people welcome back to the channel leave a like and also subscribe click the bell for a notification whenever our video is upload so the first thing i’m going to share with you guys jamaican parents demand answers in daughters short in death radcliffe many and senior and his wife sharing who ill from doing a park in kingston and no reside in washington

Dc are demanding answers regarding all their data a library police officer was shot and killed while on a training course on august 4. officer marie kamenian a 25 year old mother of a four-year-old son was employed as a library police officer she was shot and killed during a training session conducted by a retired officer at the anacestia library in dc dc police

Chief robert canty said officers were called to the shooting a little after 3 30 p.m when they found many an unconscious and with a gunshot wound there was button training session conducted by a retired metropolitan police department officer in the lower level of the library kante said at the same point at some point the retired officer identified as 58 year old

Jesse porter fired a shot that eat minion it is believed that he was permitted to unlawfully enter a government building with a fully loaded firearm which was allegedly used to shoot minion moments before she was due to pick up her son from daycare porta was subsequently charged with an involuntary manslaughter and was free to go home to the deer following the

Shooting members of manyan’s family said that they have a host of questions about the event that led to marika’s death what happened uh to office armenian on august 4 2022 was senseless grossly negligent and frankly bizarre said chelsea lewis attorney for the many and family justice for america has not been achieved with the irs of jesse porter her family had to

Learn via the news that the individual who shot shot and killed their loved one was released in less than 24 hours porter was treated as though he simply had a broken tear light rather than someone who took the life of a mother daughter and her sister the attorney said while we are not quick to rush to judgement one can infer that mr porter’s former position as

A police lieutenant of the cm department that responded to the shooting may have been a factor in the white glove treatment that has been provided to someone who walked into a government building with a loaded weapon and killed a mother and law enforcement officer added lewis we believe jesse porter was contracted by the library police department to facilitate a

Training program that did not require a firearm bs on initial reports we believe that he was the only one who had a weapon that should have never been allowed in the building in the first place his defense seemed to be that he was joking when he was aiming a live weapon at office armenian but and whilstering a loaded weapon pointing it at an unarmed police officer

And pulling the trigger is certainly not a joke our mistake the family attorney said this is not a situation where a gun fell out of a bug and misfired we believe this is a situation where a man will fully raise his weapon and cause the wrongful death of officer mania lewis alleges that to date the district of columbia has not contacted the mayor and family to offer

Condolences for america’s death the family believes that the district of columbia failed to provide office armenian with a safe work environment and we intend to obtain answers that the me and family so desperately needs and deserved we know one thing for sure if the district of columbia jesse porter is consulting company and the anacostia neighborhood library would

Have followed basic cft and security protocols officer marie kamenian would be alive today so people basically wag one atrium in session aguan and this money i take out him gone where i’m not supposed to have panda compound and shoot the officer in our chest and i mean i end up killer and when the police came forward it’s like them arrest him but them charging for

Involuntary manslaughter a simple charge and it will get released here after you know i mean them are a sim today i didn’t get released tomorrow if you go my are everything over so that none at all because i’m not supposed to have a machine in the first place under compound and immune that see a machine and shoot and kill somebody you know i mean and it come like

Say in defense so him he was say boy i joke him did i joke in the police force and he’s a consultant so how can you make joke off at certain things like that you’re mad man so people let me know what you guys think in the comment section so moving right along people probe into police theater shooting in spanish stone an investigation has been launched into the

Theater showed in afaman in greendale spanish stone scene catching on friday afternoon by an off-duty policeman the policeman was reportedly at a wholesale transacting business about 3 30 p.m when he was approached by two men one of the men reportedly shouted city boy there it is alleged that both men brandish and guns and fired at the policeman who took evasive

Action and returned the fire the police say both men continue shooting while running away from the business place one of the men fell after being hit by a gunshot and was taken to the spanish stone hospital where he died so people general star the police democrat yeah you know i mean this reminds me of some type of movie silly boy january star one of them gets

Shot and killed still and the next one they don’t know if i’m getting a shot but let me know what you guys think in our comment section so moving right along people teens charged for illegal possession of firearm two teenagers have been charged following the seizure of a firearm and several rounds of ammunition in shelter accident catching on thursday the jamaica

Constable air force corporate communication unit ccu says 18-year old russia and coal and of them shopping spanish stone saint catching and a 15-year-old boy were arrested during a police operation in which premises were searched the cceu says a ruger pistol with a magazine containing ten rounds were found in the possession of the accused teens a further search

Was conducted and three seal parcels contained in ganja were also allegedly phone called under 15 year old boy were arrested and charged for illegal possession of firearm illegal possession of ammunition possession of ganja and dealing in ganja so people let me know what you guys think in the comment section

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