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Breion says he is on Biktarvy & talks with Charlie & Liyah as they try to figure out how he got here

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Damn damn brian i wish she was home because i know you can’t really get into he can’t really get into everything y’all he got to kind of keep it cute um yeah yeah it’s all good turn right on no but this is still two dogs and do you know slow trying to find your dudes low um got the picture of his poster but we can’t really tell all right where the birds where

She go what’s she trying to find him for he already know and then um she going to try to read your boyfriend she said oh he would have but i’m like you that we’re going to talk about yo you should you should press charges though the love to take you to court you know that’s illegal oh yeah most definitely and i am you should kill him or whatever i am

And then he trying to read your job you heard him trying to read i’ve been working jobs since i was 16 years old in high school so to me i just feel like that’s weird you rather sell your ass to work a job get out of my life somebody said you was eating me up earlier i kicked them out i know they lied they never said anything about you i would just mad you lying

Like you had her in the day you don’t mind her but i’m actually even gay that clout today yeah i did give her a clout but that’s really what i want i was bored like i wanted to get it joking you know what i’m saying and i knew that this was going to trigger her um i care about her reading me about my job it is no shame nothing about it you really gotta you

Know what i’m saying think of all the things loading deal you’re the one with the t you definitely know low you know low body you know everything you know what i’m saying she tried to play on your she said you had a pocket that means she’s saying that she because she mad and she’s definitely mad because all that is exposed cause she lies so much low do be

Lying because she said you was a virgin at first i thought i mean i was she did take my virginity so for her to say all that weird is basically he ain’t confirming it but he basically saying it could have been a chance but it’s a possibility okay because i mean at the end of the day i never seen her i never seen no results from her yeah yeah i think she did

Give it to you but we gonna see she claims she about to get tested my thing is she should have been got tested where’s the results now you don’t care about yourself that’s so i gotta ask you something you and lauren had a very back-and-forth relationship right would you get back below yeah no there’s no point in being with her like i moved on i’m not i’m not

Doing that i ain’t never gonna get nowhere like being with that you better not go back to that there’s no point there’s no point you’re never going to go because you went back to her before and we were shocked i know the other day y’all i was lying with um i was in the through apk with um i forget his name but we was blind or whatever and i told him he had hiv

Or whatever and he went and got his prep bottle and i forget the name of his medication but the medication that he was taking was hiv medicine so there’s some people that will show you a bottle because some hiv medicine is used to treat hiv some prep meditation is used to treat hiv as well like it’s more than one use for some of these medications so they’ll fool

Y’all and tell y’all they taking prep but some of the medication they take also treat hiv what the is that nick pablo pablo and somebody popped up with the same pill bottle as him look the same way was like i have hiv and i take that same medicine so some of these people will be playing on your intelligence you can’t treat it but you can kind of suppress some

Of the symptoms and some people like to play on y’all’s time that’s why i specifically asked brian the type of medicine he’s taken he’s specifically taking a medicine for hiv but it can also be used to kind of prevent it as well yes pablo has it after myself is killed in google his medication that’s facts though wait pop you know we google his my face another

Day leo with the team anyways brian why why you think lo want me to be for you because she was she was screaming all day that you messed with my car like she’s really mad about this stuff and just because of course she’s gonna do that because she seen uh she seemed to be talking to you so she’s gonna lie like that you sound low put the pull the microphone of

Course she gonna say that of course she gonna lie like that because she’s seen us talking so damn then she said you lied about using my attack she said she didn’t use my tag at all she said you a liar man she was definitely using your attack she had no tag on her and she said you driving all over the place she put that right on the back through the back window

She definitely dude she a yeah well either way she still was you so she can’t read that’s right it’s like how can she come for your help she put as soon as i told her she did not give a and can you confirm her sexual position in your relationship what what you mean you know you confirm like her position if you don’t mind like we want to you know what i’m

Saying everybody know lower top everybody know that well for the people that didn’t know we want to know oh right so low is the top y’all so basically low was the one nutty the reason why i’m saying that is because low was nutting inside of you which means right it could have definitely been higher they gave it to you that’s what i’m saying and i got a question

So you ain’t never put a strap on that low no i guess uh she’s playing yo i guess you gotta pay uh 60 dollars for that that’s her price that’s it well that’s what she was well that’s what she was charging when he was over here and we was in the hotels that time i know that 60 wait she was charging 64 of just a or either way i don’t know what it was but

That’s just crazy oh jesus that’s crazy i believe because low still broke if you’re feeling ash and you’re selling so you can have a lot of what i’m saying like come on man no i said her highest amount was 500 but that’s still low that’s not a lot to be telling your ass i feel like she might get that every once in a while because low isn’t like the okay at all at

All ain’t the best look you don’t got the best shape like this right think about like even carry the boom turtle wait picture she morphed her face into a black woman’s face so when the come they just gotta she just gotta take what they give because that’s not what they came for she already did the work she could do but i’m saying you got some too cause she

Was acting like you know what i’m saying you don’t know like i know you know you’ve been around that huh but you know what i think it’s gonna be hard for brianna because brian’s telling the truth and that’s what i’m saying it’s only so much like that’s what i’m saying it’s only seemed like so much to see lying she just making up saying like oh just saying

And lying and weird she but it’s okay i understand she didn’t have her she deleted some of the pictures i believe she made up some of them she probably didn’t on jesus she lived for beagle that’s the only thing and plus she got i don’t know what she doing in california i should call them people and get her in jail yeah you gotta do your when i ain’t

Trying to provoke you to do nothing but that would be cute oh jesus she tried it and she got warrants out here so i don’t know why she keeps lying sometimes she getting places and leah is not involved in herself we just got beat with love she don’t like love love reading all right let me come back i gotta i’m gonna come back in a minute all right okay

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Breion says he is on Biktarvy & talks with Charlie & Liyah as they try to figure out how he got here By KCSipsTea