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Breo Winter Box Unboxing

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Breo Winter Box Unboxing

Hello everyone welcome back to laura’s tech time i have something new and special for you today i have a new subscription box brio box it is a quarterly subscription box and it’s supposed to have a lot of different unique gadgets in here so let’s check it out so i’ve never had one of these before so don’t really know what what to expect it’s a big box it’s free

Oh it’s green and it matches my shirt so what it looks like all right let’s check it out let’s see what it’s all in here wrinkles on the go that’s nate great travel companion feel blast steam bites wrinkles on the gut this could be really useful so it’s got like a little brush head i like that next one better nights just to dawn anti-blue led light for

Better sleep like a nightlight minimizes blue light exposure okay flip over for coffee coffee flip again for tea dual purpose pot great for tea or coffee hmm coffee dripper and tea infuser the book shows how to use everything i’m not going to look at it all yet because i haven’t looked at everything airfly duo connect two wireless headphones at once connects

Two pairs of wireless headphones to one headphone jack oh okay so you and a friend can both listen to headphones at the same time enjoy music movies and entertainment with a friend i love these boxes these are always neat surprises this box has a lot of neat surprises it’s a quarterly subscription box here’s the instructions there’s something else here okay

Cool definitely going to try this out let me try all of these out let you guys know what i think and i’m not done i still have more in here true wireless earbuds these are lstn i guess that’s listen true wireless earbuds it’s a cute little case all right i’m definitely going to try these out and let you guys know what i think about them these boxes are so

Much fun i like how this one has a lot in it it’s open our tongue i got two more things in here your personal posture trainer that’s cool i’ve seen stuff like this i’ve never used it so ready set go here’s your instructions some other things i’m gonna try this out and let you guys know what i think these boxes are so much fun because it’s things that i

Probably didn’t even know about so it’s cool that’s why i signed up for boxes like this so i could get surprises and try them out and share with you guys my last one uv sanitizer one kills 99 of germs viruses and bacteria that is very cool all right guys that is everything in the box is it i’m gonna try them out i’ll let you guys know what i think about them

Thank you so much for watching if you haven’t done so already hit the like button and also if you’re not subscribed go ahead and subscribe and turn on the notification bell thank you so much for watching

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