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Brintellix Trintellix (vortioxetine) helps my Depersonalization Derealization Anxiety Depression

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Here is a link to the guy who helped me figure out what was going on in my head and has helped me deal with my DP and DR issues. Definitely check out his channel, he is very informative and knowledgeable about this topic.

Oh hey everybody how’s it going just chuck nation six nine nine six otherwise known as the sinister minister haven’t posted a video in a while i thought i’d kind of fill you know kind of catch up with you guys anybody that gives a about you know my mental condition my depersonalization derealization issues what i’ve been doing to treated what i have tried that

Didn’t seem to work and what i was a product that i found a medicine that i found that seems to be working awfully well you know i have some other videos on my channel talking about some of the holistic approaches up until november of last year it now being what is it june 4th 2015 up until november of 2014 i had been treating my depersonalization and derealization

With holistic approaches yoga meditation diet um i was taking a lot of cbd hemp oils you know anything and everything that was truly holistic and at the beginning when i started the cbd for example for the first i’d say for about eight months to a year it seemed to be working but then i reached a point where it just wasn’t working anymore i was still having major

Bouts of depersonalization and derealization my anxiety was you know somewhat off the charts again and you know i was actually getting more and more depressed so at that point i just decided that well you know as much as i’m completely against you know medics medicines and western medicines and all this you know pharmaceuticals i’m gonna have to give a shot again

Now i was on i was on zoloft and i had been on prozac previously both of which i did not like how they made me feel and i certainly didn’t like you know the outcome when i was on zoloft i truly felt like a zombie um i mean i took sola for a short period of time and it made me feel so much worse um so you know i was and you know and that’s when you know shortly

Thereafter i got into the holistic approach and again it seemed to help but you know i just wasn’t where i was at i still you know couldn’t leave the house i had to take tremendous breaks while i worked and stuff like that so and i’m not going to go into all the you know symptoms and feelings of depersonalization d realization because if you’re watching this video

Chances are you already know about it and there’s numerous videos out there if you want to know i could tell you right now if you want to know about uh you know the true you know how depersonalization heidi realization feels and stuff go seek out big no no he was the one that his videos are the ones that are brought you know made me realize what my issues were

And certainly helped me to feel better about you know and how to treat him but i still had you know work to do but he’s certainly big no no help help me define you know the fact that i had depersonalization d realization issues now getting back to november of last year so i decided to go see a psychiatrist now i’ve been seeing a therapist now for a well over a

Year i see a therapist once a week and it’s very helpful is it a cure no is it helpful yes um it is for me at least i don’t mind it’s it’s good for me having somebody to talk to i don’t have really any friends um and you know i have zero family um so you know having somebody to talk to that’s really non bias is is really nice so therapies is good however still

Was having a lot of panic attacks anxiety and the worst you know depersonalization d realization symptoms that i’d had forever so i decided i went to see a psychiatrist now when i went psychiatrist i knew right away they were going to put me on some sort of medication most likely ssri well that’s exactly what they did they started me out in prozac they start them

Out a low dosage of prozac and again this was in november and now um so i started taking the prozac and you know i felt i started to feel better i got to be honest i started to feel a lot better i could get through my day i wasn’t as nerve i was able to get out of the house um you know and of course no week per week they you know i think it was week per week uh or

Every couple weeks they would increase the dosage and i think i started out at a 5 or 10 milligram and in the end you know i was taken i believe 30 or 40 milligram i don’t remember a pretty high dosage of prozac but the problem is back in what it was a it was like january january february it just had something cat to be a point where it just oh yeah it was january

February it got to be a point where the the prozac just wasn’t working i mean it you know i’ve read online they got the what they call prozac poop out or whatever they call it where prozac just ceases to stop working well it might have been the case i don’t know but it definitely stopped working with me um and you know doesn’t surprise me because i’ve tried these

Meds before i didn’t have very many side effects on the prozac i had a few i think it was like a headache and um you know i remember but nothing major no so of course you know in jan fighting was february i went back of this year i went back to the my psychiatrist and said look this stuff’s not working you know what’s our other option you know what can we do and

Apparently there was a new medicine that has been just been around a short period of time called brint elects or voor t ox satine warjack satine but basically it’s called relax and she said do you want you know let’s try this parental x it’s an ssri now the difference between prozac and brent lx is that prozac apparently it affects only one serotonin receptor and

Brent elects it affects five serotonin receptors now to me this you know doesn’t mean anything really you know other than well it sounds like it’s affecting more parts of my brain which could only most likely be more beneficial so any rate what the heck i’m willing to give it a shot so um they see you know she started me out at a ten i think was ten milligrams you

Know and i’m gonna check quick yeah ten milligrams and so i started taking ten milligrams once a day in the morning and again just like with the prozac i started to feel better but it was a little bit different i i really felt better um i i felt like i could get through my day i felt like i was more active i was more energetic i was more um willing to be social um

My biggest my biggest problem was like going to a store like i i had very tough times going to the store and shopping and being out in large you know stores with a lot of people and bright lights and that’s what really really trigger a lot of my anxieties and dp issues and dr issues so you know just being out and about was very tough um but this the takin this so i

Mean i noticed a a an instant a fairly instant improvement in my daily life um uh it you know it dramatically decreased my anxiety dp and d are issues or virtually gone arm and you know i’ve been taking it now consistently since then i’m still taking only ten milligrams haven’t had the need to increase it i take one once and um i do have xanax as like a like a like

A safety a safety safe pill like if my anxiety really gets ramped up if i just start having you know usually it will happen in the late afternoon um if my anxiety really starts getting to me or you know having a panic attack or something which does still happen i have you know xanax that i can use as uh you know a go to and it’s nice having that as a backup but i

Got to be honest i haven’t had to really take take a you know papa xanax and it’s been weeks months maybe not well not quite months but it’s certainly been many weeks you know because you know things happen you get rid of look the brent elects is not a cure for anything what i’m what i’m just letting you guys know is that this is the the medicine i found that’s a

Newer medicine you know like i said it’s affecting more serotonin receptors you know i don’t know all the specifics about you know how it does what it does i’m just here to tell you that if you got anxiety issues if you got depression issues if you have depersonalization derealization issues and you’ve tried other medicines if you try prozac and zoloft and it hasn’t

Worked if you did what i did and try to go the holistic approach and that didn’t work you might want to give this a chance um and give it a try now i know a guy a good friend of mine online who’s up in canada who also has a lot of same issues i have and he started taking brent’s legs and apparently it’s helping him to he’s feeling pretty good and he’s getting out

And feeling more active and feeling more social and stuff and that’s great so i mean if you’re struggling with these issues and i haven’t seen anybody else make any videos on youtube about brent lx um it is a newer medicine i’m in the united states it is very it is very expensive i will say that um my doctor was very cool and was giving me samples she was giving

Me um you know month you know samples a month a month supply at a time and um hadn’t gave me ultimately like four or five months well see january march april so she gave me like three four months supply because i wanted to make sure was going to work because for me it’s for a month 34 30 pills for a month it’s about a hundred and thirty-five dollars but my doctor

My psychiatrist had i guess you can get a coupon code a coupon card like a discount card that saves you $30 so if you are interested in it and it is kind of pricey where you are based on your you know insurance or whatever there is a discount card available that will save you 30 bucks which is something better than nothing so i’m paying a hundred baht roughly one

Hundred little over a hundred bucks for a 30-day supply and fortunately i’ve only had to start paying that this month so it’s you know and unfortunately you know it’s it’s pretty pricey and not you know the ideal amount of a prescription you know the price to pay for prescription but let me tell you it is working i’m still on it i haven’t had any major side effects

That i know of um you know i’m still pretty active you know i work out you know i do like cardio and yoga and stuff like that almost daily it has it impaired that i haven’t really seen i have noticed a little bit of weight gain um not much i’m trying to increase my my exercise to kind of counteract that a little but again you know that could be anything you know

I’ve been on a lot of stress lately and that’s the other thing too i mean i’ve been under a lot of stress with work and life and stuff and where i know if this was going on last year i would be in really bad shape but because i’ve been taking this brent elects i’ve certainly been able to deal with you know the current stress issues and stuff that i’ve been under a

Hell of a lot better so you know give it a shot again this is what’s worked for me you can see my videos in the past where i’ve talked about cbd and stuff and it was helping me at the time but it did cease to help it stopped and you know it’s quite i see stuff as well and i was dedicated and i and i was doing cbd oils and hemp oils and stuff for for a good year and

A half you know consistently and and i spent thousands of dollars on you know cbd oils and stuff that did seem to work however you know it just stopped working so at any rate i really don’t want to make this video to extremely long but again uh if you’ve tried everything else and nothing’s working and you’ve tried other ssris and you know you want to try something

New that seems to work for me and has worked for other people that i’ve talked to give brent elects a try and who knows it might work you know ask your doctor and i like this and tv ask your psychiatrist they’ll gladly probably put you on it but any rate thanks for watching the video i appreciate it again you know if you have any questions leave them below i’ll

Answer any questions about the medicine that i can that you have and you know like any like any other time or any other situation i hope you guys are doing well if you’re struggling with anxiety depression depersonalization derealization i feel i feel for you and i hope you’re you know finding your way to have to dealing with it and having a better life so any rate

This is a this is the truck nation 69 96 also known as the sinister minister i’m gonna sign off and bid y’all a good day see ya

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Brintellix Trintellix (vortioxetine) helps my Depersonalization Derealization Anxiety Depression By SinisterMinister