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So guys i’ve been working remember how i had covered for like 15 days you guys right well covered you know it left me with a surprise you know what the surprise was left me with a present sinus infection thanks kobot right so here i am i’m finally over it i’m all happy you know i wouldn’t say a thousand percent over i mean it destroyed my lungs i mean i have lung

Damage now but uh as far as um gave me a sinus infection well i know how to treat a sinus infection a few little remedies get rid of it won’t go away which tells me it’s not bacterial it’s a viral infection so now i can run down and get a neti pot filled up a colloidal silver distilled water and freaking um coconut oil non-refined virgin oil i’m gonna blast it

Up in my nose and then flip my head side to side lay down freaking blast it up there again blow all this stuff out and it should wipe it out because i know that coconut oil touches a virus it freaking destroys it and so does colloidal silver but you got to get it up in there so i know that i have a sinus infection so and then it’s viral because it’s clear clear

It’s not it’s not yellow it’s not green so it sucks and there’s no bad taste aftertaste because bacteria gives you a terrible smell terrible taste i had none of that so it’s a freaking coke man you can’t stand it but i know i don’t have it i’m not coughing and hacking and freaking i don’t have any hot cold sweats or chills i don’t have any freaking no what is it

Called no pains no aches no fever none of that it’s a freaking sinus thing now it’s nothing but freaking kobot sucks rakova’s destroying our country and i’ve been doing a lot of research and i don’t know if you guys knew but monsantos you know they genetically modify food now they’re going to genetically modify this this vaccine they’re going to give you and

The cure is it is it’s bunus buto budo cine or it’s called uh um oh what is the name of it it’s a steroid inhaler i’ve gone online look it up you guys doctors 24 hours patients are fine sent home no more side effects done gone no more covered so it’s working and uh i’m trying to think of the other name of it called uh what is the name it’s a bronchula dilator

It’s a uh but it’s a steroid butyosonine budo cyanine butylcindine or something like that i don’t know what it is but uh i have a script for it i was gonna pick it up and just put it away because i don’t need it anymore but um and swipe it don’t go but just wipes it out 24 hours scissors one girl came in hospital she had freaking leukemia and she’s just she’s a

Dead woman period right freaking doctor’s like i haven’t lost one patient in texas he’s giving them all that freaking inhaler because they go home they’re done they’re fixed so i tend to uh believe this doctor over uh cdc and fauci and bill gates but they’re going to put some kind of a a gene in this it’s all about scaring the public into taking a vaccine that

They’re going to genetically alter they want some kind of a thing in you and i think i don’t know but it’s not good but i’m not getting it and i’ve already made it clear if anyone tries to force me i’m just going to get my lead sandwich immediately i’m not playing games they’re just going to get a hell fire let i won’t i’m not taking it i’d rather die than take

Something that man made and forcing that on me i’m a free american no one tells me what to do no one and uh my religious belief does tell me not to get this thing because of uh the mark of the beast so i don’t care what supreme court they can kiss my ass every single one of those judges at the supreme court have no respect in any of them anyways i have no respect

In any of them they uh sided with obamacare they’re not for me and you they’re not for any of us they’re they’re here for an agenda and a lot of you people are all afraid of marxism and communism you know what happens if you know trump loses then we just rise up and we wipe out every communist and marxist in this country it’s that simple you it’s called the right

To bear arms second amendment we just go for it we gotta do it that’s all there is to it because they’re gonna put us in camps we already know that they will put us in fema camps that’s that’s that’s a given but uh yeah if they start doing that stuff you know putting us camps trying to take your guns away then we rise up that’s our that’s the ticker they enact

Any legislation take away a large capacity magazines or uh so-called semi-automatic weapons assault weapons they’re not assault weapons that’s when we rise up in unison because you guys they’ll take them away from you trust me you’re done they’re communists regimes throughout history not one of them has been it all results in death of their own people and that’s

What they’re going to do to us so um just get your together you guys this shit’s not good so that’s all i gotta say anyways you guys remember that name

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