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CADD PCA Pump charting

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While the syringes for the LifeCare Pca pump are unavailable St. Mary Mercy will be using the Smiths Medical CADD PCA pump. This video explains how to find the information within the pump needed to chart at the end of every shift.

Due to a shortage of the syringes for the life care pca pump at st. mary mercy hospital for a short time we’ll be utilizing the smith’s medical cadd pca infusion pump in this video we’ll discuss how to find the information in the pump you’ll need to chart forever shift push reports from the home screen by clicking the left soft button now highlight given and pca

Dose counters and select this will show you the given amount the given volume the pca dose is given and pca dose is attempted this is all information you will need when you chart at the end of your shift at the end of every shift you’ll need to chart about your pca pumps go to flow sheets in epic from there look at the pca ss field and this is where you’ll need

To chart all of this information looking back at our pump we see we have a pca dose is given of one an epoch under number of doses given we’ll chart one the pump shows the patient attempted 19 additional doses that were unable to be delivered because the patient was still within the 8 minute lockout window in our flow sheet under number of attempts we will chart

19 the pump also shows that the patient received a total of 0.6 milligrams of dilaudid under cumulative dose will chart 0.6 milligrams finally we’ll see the total volume given to the patient was 3 milliliters for volume infused will chart three milliliters the final filled in our flow chart is reservoir volume in our life care pumps we can’t measure this unless

We’re emptying a syringe on the smith pumps this actually shows it once at the top of the screen whenever the pump is running and also from the home screen both areas show that there is still ninety three point six milliliters of solution in our medication bag we chart ninety three point six for our reservoir volume the final step when charting is to clear all of

Your shift totals so from the reports page highlight one of the fields in this case we’ve got given amount and volume press clear it’ll delete that data scroll down to the doses given and attempted press clear again and it will delete that data now your pump is ready for the oncoming shift back on the reports list there are a few additional options on how to view

Our data first you can look at it as a graph this will show you the times that the pca doses were utilized if we go back we can scroll down to the next area which is a pie chart this will tell you if they’re getting more medication from the basal dose or from the pca doses return to the list again and we can scroll down to our next option which will be to let you

Review the information that we’ve already placed into our pump returning to the list again we find the delivery log this is similar information that we would have found on our life care pump if we scroll through we’ll see all of the activity that happened while the patient was using this pump returning to the list again and choosing the event log will display all

The information about things that the clinicians have entered into this pump the requirements for pca charting have not changed even though we changed our pumps the only thing that has been added is that we can now retrieve the information for a consistent reservoir volume even if we don’t have to empty our syringes so that should also be charted at the end of every shift

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CADD PCA Pump charting By Nursing Education