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Caffeine And Running – How Much Can It Help?

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Join Rick and Kate as they delve into the science behind caffeine to discover if caffeine can improve your running. Find out the positives and negatives of drinking coffee and hear from TRC as we bust common coffee drinking myths.

Many of us start the day with a nice cup of coffee in fact in the uk we love it so much we get through 95 million cups a day so it’s no surprise that scientists have spent some time researching one of our favorite drinks there’s no doubt that caffeine has its benefits lots of us have experienced the energy boost that comes from a kick of caffeine and scientists have

Discovered that in moderation it can be beneficial but can caffeine help our running so caffeine consumption is one of the most widely researched areas in sport with extensive studies looking at the connection between it and performance in running perhaps it’s because so many of us drink it on a daily basis but bear in mind there are potential risks or drawbacks

For taking caffeine particularly if you’re not used to it so as always if you have any questions ask a medical professional well there is good news for all you coffee lovers out there consume right caffeine can actually help your running stick with us and we’ll tell you why but first up if you’re new around here don’t forget to subscribe and tap the bell icon to

Be notified when we upload new videos which we do every week apart from being delicious there are a number of benefits that runners can gain from a cup of coffee all thanks to caffeine ever stumbled through your morning like a zombie before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee well it’ll come as no surprise to you that caffeine can aid concentration and increase

Mental alertness so caffeine stimulates the central nervous system increasing neuronal excitability it does this by blocking the receptors for a molecule called adenosine when adenosine is at work it can cause a biochemical reaction making us feel sluggish and sleepy but caffeine helps derail this process not only does it help you stay alert but it can also improve

Your state of mind in fact caffeine increases the concentration of endorphins in the brain it does this by blocking adenosine allowing more dopamine to be produced the chemical that’s behind happiness and this can encourage you to run hard now caffeine has been known as well to increase your ability to burn body fat and it does this by using fat as fuel and this

Can help you to conserve your glycogen not only that but it can also boost your metabolism another benefit of caffeine is that it can actually change your perception of effort and this can increase your power which in turn can increase your running speed particularly over long distances caffeine can also cause an improvement in neuromuscular coordination which

Leads to greater reaction times and a better performance overall so kate are you saying that if i get a coffee i can run further and faster than if i don’t have one get it in fact in one study researchers found that caffeine can actually improve your 5k time by around 1 to 1.1 percent so that means for somebody running around 20 minute 5k their time might be 12

To 13 seconds faster just by having a cup of coffee in fact before 2004 there was even a legal limit imposed by wada who governed the use of drugs in sport about how much caffeine you could take in a race caffeine consumption may also help with brain health too with some studies suggesting a possible reduction or delay in symptoms associated with parkinson’s and

Alzheimer’s disease citing a combination of that adenosine blocking that we mentioned earlier and also the fact that coffee contains micronutrients called polyphenols which are associated with a number of health benefits of course caffeine consumption isn’t all positive there are some drawbacks that can come with your daily cup of coffee too it is of course

Possible to have too much caffeine in fact the fda in america suggests that you shouldn’t exceed around 400 milligrams a day that’s around four to five cups of coffee and if you were to take as much as 1200 milligrams you would find that you might even have toxic effects including things like seizures but of course everyone’s tolerance will vary whilst there

Are many positive things about taking caffeine for some people there can be some negative side effects especially if you take it often and in high doses these can include dizziness anxiety heart palpitations and it can even lead to a raised heart rate and a raised blood pressure in the long term this could lead to things like insomnia or even severe headaches

Now caffeine is a known diuretic meaning it can increase the need to urinate and how often you need to go some people also may find that it gives them gastrointestinal issues that could be nausea it could be cramping or it could be diarrhea and some people might find that taking caffeine before a run could give them heartburn as caffeine inhibits the work of

Adenosine it can be harder for your body to get into that drowsy mode which can lead to sleep problems or even insomnia there’s nothing worse than staying up all night before a race in fact if you have a cup of coffee at midday it’s likely you’ll still have the equivalent of half of that cups caffeine in your body at 6 pm and a quarter of that cups caffeine at

Midnight now more regular caffeine users might notice that it starts taking more and more caffeine until they really feel that kick this is because the brain adapts to the caffeine intake and responds by creating more receptors for adenosine and if that’s the case you need more caffeine in order to feel the effects because of that if someone uses a lot of caffeine

And stops suddenly they can start feeling withdrawal symptoms things like lower mood tiredness or headaches now most people think they know something about caffeine consumption but here are some of the common myths associated with it who needs training i can just drink coffee and i can run faster and stronger now while caffeine has some benefits this should never

Be used to replace smart training caffeine isn’t magic and using it isn’t going to suddenly give you a massive benefits if you’ve got a goal you’ve still got to go out and work for it so the more caffeine i drink the more i need to wee that must mean it dehydrates you right wrong in fact although caffeine is a diuretic studies have shown that it has little

Effect on your hydration during exercise in fact it may be around five cups of coffee before you start to see any effect on the hydration levels however it should be noted it is important always to hydrate properly when you’re doing a run i’m pretty sure that whatever my mates do as runners if i do exactly the same i’ll be good to go actually no for lots of

Reasons to start with it could depend how much caffeine you usually take or things like your weight in fact some studies have shown that your caffeine metabolism gene can affect how it affects you so it may improve your performance but it could actually hinder it so now you know the good the bad and the down right untrue but where can you find caffeine when’s

The best time to have it and how is it best served so my favorite place to find caffeine is in the cup of coffee and i like it served as a skinny flat white myself but of course everyone has their own tastes and caffeine comes in lots of different forms if you don’t like coffee what about a cup of tea or green tea and in fact if you don’t like hot drinks you can

Find it in dark chocolate or you can also go sort of more directly and try gels with caffeine in them or caffeine tablets caffeine strips or even caffeine chewing gum but how should you take your caffeine and how much should you take when it comes to caffeine before a run simple is best black coffee is where you’ll find the caffeine and all the additional things

You can add to that could end up playing havoc with your stomach as you run also bear in mind that energy drinks contain other things like sugar which could also affect your performance as well as the caffeine so how much caffeine should you take the recommended dosage based on research is around three to six milligrams per kilogram of body weight so for someone

Weighing around 150 pounds or 68 kilograms that’s around three cups of coffee but of course it does depend how your body reacts to it and how much you’re used to taking it so when can you have caffeine and when is it most effective well caffeine absorbs extremely quickly into the bloodstream it can be in there within 5 to 15 minutes after it’s ingested you get

The effects of caffeine for between three and five hours and the peak performance time is between 40 and 80 minutes after ingested this means you can have a cup of coffee an hour before a run and still reap the rewards some runners swear by abstaining from coffee right the way in the lead up to race day to maximize the benefits of having one on the day itself

The quick absorption time means that there can also be benefits to taking caffeine during a run one of the benefits of taking it with gels is that you never have to wait too long for that caffeine hit caffeine can also be useful in the recovery from your workouts especially when paired with carbohydrates this is because caffeine helps to rebuild glycogen stores

Especially following hard long vigorous workout sessions there’s even a study that suggests having a drink with the addition of caffeine can help rebuild glycogen stores 66 more than if you had a carb rich drink by itself but remember don’t try anything new on race day after hearing all this i’m sure you’ll be keen to try out the effects of caffeine on your run

But remember it’s really important to try it in training first no one wants to be halfway through a marathon and having to dash off to the loo everyone responds differently and it’s really important to find out what works for you in a low-key way not in a race so caffeine definitely gets a yes from me and after all that talk i’m thirsty i think i’ll go get a coffee

Ah don’t like coffee teal do you drink coffee before you run or have you tried it out in an energy gel maybe you’ve tried a caffeine refuel in recovery let us know in the comments below you

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