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Caffeine reduction to Boost muscle Recovery made easy -Via tasty Decaf+Coffee mixing protocol & Diet

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See my full course via link below and improve your sleep, recovery & well-being and reduce stress.

Hey guys i love coffee but as you may know since you clicked on this video there is always too much of something and if you drink too much coffee there can be disadvantages but of course there are also advantages to drinking some coffee so in this video i’m going to show you my routines and systems on how i have learned to balance my caffeine intake so i would

Say this is like caffeine reduction made easy and i will also mention why it makes sense to combine it with weight loss and dieting at the same time because that was actually the reason why i developed the system in the first place we’ll get into that later in the course itself and i actually use coffee mixing including mixing different roasts of coffee and

Also we’re gonna of course be talking about which types of decaf that means caffeine-free options that you can also mix into your own favorite coffee that has caffeine and then i’m gonna go through a schedule you can use to implement in your daily life so you can taper down your caffeine intake without having a cold turkey experience the coolest thing about my

Course i think is that you can continue drinking coffee that tastes good and we’re also going to talk about how you can improve the taste of coffee with the best decaf solutions that i have found so i think that’s pretty cool and that’s actually one of the main reasons i decided to make a course about this because i think it will help a lot of people the benefits

Of reducing caffeine intake is mainly that it improves your sleep and it also improves your well-being in the sense that too much caffeine will make you feel wired and kind of more busy than you actually need to be even though you’re productive you know there’s still a limit for how busy you want to feel when you’re working you know there’s the right amount

Of alertness that you can achieve so to speak by having the right amount of caffeine intake so that’s something i’ve been working on for me fitness and recovery in fitness when i train hard is super important and as you can see i have also done well in professional motorcycle racing racing at a high level and i’ve been into fitness and nutrition studying it for

Actually over 20 years now and i’ve also started nanoscience and that gives me more of a systematic and scientific approach to everything i do in basically all my courses i’m also the founder and ceo of a two-time trip advisor award-winning trading camp called fit camp five and that’s something i’m really proud of and the course is even going to help you wake

Up early and i’ll also explain that why that makes sense later in the course so now let’s talk a little bit about who this course is for specifically so of course if you just simply feel that you’re drinking too much coffee and you want to reduce it this would be something for you or if you have problems sleeping in the evening or having quality sleep it’s also

A course for you and and then if you like me if you’re a very driven person that easily becomes excited to work on projects so much that you don’t need the extra kick of caffeine then this is also something for you and what i’ve personally achieved through my caffeine intake reduction principles is i’ve gone from drinking around five or six cups of coffee per

Day down to drinking only one cup of coffee or should i say i drink the equivalent of one cup of caffeinated coffee mixed with about five cups of decaf coffee of my choice so i still drink the same amount of cups of coffee through the day which i really enjoy because i love coffee as i mentioned but i don’t have to completely stop drinking coffee i only get one

Cup of coffee per day which would like suck because i i really enjoy the flavor of coffee and i actually think a lot of people who love drinking coffee they can be absolutely fine by cutting down the caffeine and then just enjoying coffee for the flavor and the taste it gives you the nice experience it is with a perfectly hot cup of coffee it’s like it activates

Your senses and makes you focused with a little treat during the work day that tastes really good so now i’ll go through the structure of the course okay the first thing in the course when we get started is you are going to define your own goal where do you want to end up and find your favorite decaf product that you’re going to use to help mix with your regular

Coffee and also get ready having your accessories in place and a protocol to implement it into your daily life and the most important part start doing the routine and go through each step and do your first day of implementing these routines reach your goal and take notes on the way to reaching your goal if you have time um about how you feel so you can maybe

Notice improvements in how you feel like regarding stress level and well-being and the stuff we talked about earlier and then if you feel okay after reaching your goal you could try to stay at this lower level for for example 10 weeks and then evaluate how you feel and also like take notes through your process like in a journal or something and then you can

Evaluate if you want to up your caffeine intake again or or keep it there at the lower level or even stop completely who knows like it might be the right thing for some people some people that are dealing with anxiety or something like that or feeling really stressed it might be the right thing to completely cut out caffeine and just sticking with a substitute

That is caffeine free that might be something for you too but you will know best yourself so if you think this course sounds interesting i hope you will sign up and i hope i will help you feel better and feel more in control of your caffeine intake let’s get started foreign foreign huh hey foreign for another time foreign you

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Caffeine reduction to Boost muscle Recovery made easy -Via tasty Decaf+Coffee mixing protocol & Diet By Fast Coach Toby