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Calcium Magnesium & Zinc by Nature’s Bounty

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This is Calcium Magnesium & Zinc by Nature’s Bounty. I will show you what these look like and how much they contain of each vitamin and mineral.

Hi in this video i want to show you this supplement i got this is calcium magnesium and zinc with vitamin d3 it’s by nature’s bounty it comes in this plastic wrap let’s take that off and it’s probably sealed i’m going to go ahead and pan the camera down and we’re going to open it up and test that out so nature’s bounty is the brand it’s a pretty good brand i have

All kinds of supplements from nature’s bounty i have their fish oil and their b12 i’m pretty sure have some vitamin d by them usually they have some type of seal here let’s see yeah they have a safety seal take this off doesn’t really have much of a smell and that’s what they look like calcium magnesium wow they’re big pills these are these are some behemoths

That’s a big pill right so i’m definitely going to try one of these and let you know if it’s a hard pill to swallow as they say that’s the expression people always say uh vitamin d gives you 75 oh you’re supposed to take three so if you take three of these you get you’ve got 33 servings roughly because there’s a hundred so really you would have one left because

3 times 33 is 99 so if you were to take three of these for 33 days after 33 days you would only have one pill left so you when you take three of these you get 75 of your vitamin d 77 of your calcium so that’s cool that it has calcium uh 95 of your magnesium and 227 of your zinc interesting so you’ve got a lot of stuff here uh in this one pill that’s why they’re

So big that that totally explains it i mean they’re huge it’s because they have a lot of stuff in them in particular i think the the calcium in magnesium i think i just think that when you add that much stuff to a pill it’s going to get bigger i have some magnesium pills and they’re pretty big by themselves and i’ve seen calcium pills and they’re also pretty big

So it makes sense that when you have so many things in one pill like this you’re going to get a big pill i’m going to go ahead and just try it okay i was able to swallow it yeah but you know it is a bigger pill it is a bigger pill so um if you have a hard time swallowing bigger pills something to keep in mind i don’t have a hard time swallowing pills that are

This big so it’s not an issue but if you do realize how big these are so that could be a con another possible negative of this is that it doesn’t have a child safety lock so a lot of vitamins do for example here i have some multivitamins you can’t open them right you have to push down and open they have the child to have the child safety lock whereas this it’s

Simply a flip top which i don’t mind i’m okay with it wow some serious weight here so pros you’re getting a lot i mean you’re getting vitamin d calcium magnesium and zinc a lot in one pill again you’re supposed to take three to get all of that right so to me that makes sense i’ve seen magnesium pills i’ve seen calcium pills they’re really big so to get that much

Um that’s why they make you take three i guess they ask you to take three it’s pretty heavy like you can feel the weight like it feels significant like you’re getting a lot here um like it’s the bottle’s actually it’s got some weight to it which is kind of interesting you know if i compare this to like some b12 by the same brand i mean look at these look at the

Comparison between let me just show you let’s compare the pill size let’s compare a b12 so this is another product this is this one has twenty thousand this little red pill has twenty thousand eight hundred and thirty three percent of your b12 it’s nature’s bounty b12 and compared to this pill here we’re supposed to take three of these right so the size is very

Very different so they are definitely big pills so kind of interesting big heavy bottle i think if you’re looking for a supplement that has this you know combination of vitamins and minerals is definitely one to consider good luck

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Calcium Magnesium & Zinc by Nature's Bounty By That Internet Guy