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Calcium Needs for a Plant-Based Pregnancy

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Calcium needs for pregnancy! The dietitians behind Plant-Based Juniors address why calcium is so important for plant-based pregnancy, how to get enough from plant foods and calcium supplements.

Hi everyone alex here one half of the mama dietitian duo at plant-based juniors today we’re going to talk all about calcium needs during pregnancy as you can imagine the importance of many nutrients increases during pregnancy after all we’re growing another human one of these nutrients is calcium now we often hear about calcium in relation to milk and dairy

Products but i want you to rest assured that if you prefer to get your calcium from plant-based sources you totally can during pregnancy your body will actually remove calcium from your bones and teeth to give to your growing baby i mean talk about doing anything for your kids right from the start because of this it’s important to get enough calcium during this

Time of high demand women who don’t get enough calcium read an increased risk of bone loss during pregnancy technically anything under 500 milligrams per day we’d consider to be a sub optimal level now your calcium needs to technically remain the same during pregnancy but there is a catch during pregnancy your body provides about fifty to three hundred and thirty

Milligrams of calcium per day to help support your baby’s developing skeleton therefore it becomes even more essential to meet your needs while pregnant because of all the different ways which calcium is used for both your body and for babies thankfully many plant foods naturally contain calcium and many plant-based products are fortified with calcium certain plant

Foods do contain large amounts of compounds called oxalate and these can reduce the amount of calcium absorbed from a food plant foods with high levels of oxalate content and therefore lower calcium absorption include foods like spinach rhubarb and swiss chard now don’t get us wrong i love these foods meet them often but i don’t consider them to be good sources

Of calcium because of this oxalate me however you can reduce the oxalate content by roughly half by either boiling or steaming these vegetables but just know that you’re also gonna lose some water-soluble vitamins some of the best absorbed plant-based sources of calcium include fortified soy milk bok choy kale and broccoli let’s talk about calcium supplementation

That question is really likely up to you and your care team depending on what your diet looks like many prenatals do not contain high levels of calcium because of the iron levels that are also found in prenatals if you do decide to take an additional calcium supplement you’ll want to make sure then to take it away from your prenatal so you don’t compete with iron

Absorption it’s also important to note that 500 milligrams or less of calcium at one time is better absorbed so no need to waste your money on higher levels if you’re looking for more nutrition guidance for a plant-based pregnancy then make sure to check out our pregnancy guide it covers every single thing that you need to know to optimize your prenatal diet we

Address key nutrients like how to manage those pesky pregnancy symptoms with diet genetic factors that may affect your individual needs exercise ideas and so much more we also hook you up with over 50 delicious no-fuss recipes made just for mama in mind plus when you purchase the guide you also get access to our private facebook group and a bonus guide on vital

Feeding and a breastfeeding nutrition you can find more information on their guide on our website at plant-based juniors dot-com as always thanks so much for watching

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Calcium Needs for a Plant-Based Pregnancy By Plant-Based Juniors